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Netanyahu Pledges to Annex Part of West Bank

Israel’s prime minister, who faces an election in a week, said he wants to annex the strategic Jordan Valley.


Breaking News: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel pledged to annex parts of the occupied West Bank if he wins re-election, citing U.S. support.

Israel’s prime minister, who faces an election in a week, said he wants to annex the strategic Jordan Valley.

JERUSALEM — A week before an election in which he is battling for survival, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel on Tuesday asked voters to return him to power with a mandate to annex the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank, a move that could dramatically reshape the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Mr. Netanyahu said he was seizing a “unique, one-off opportunity” afforded him by the Trump administration, which has expressed openness to Israeli annexation of at least parts of the West Bank.

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The US. support of Israeli tactics will ultimately bring us into a World War. 2 rockets launched from Gaza while Netanyahu makes speach, useful theatrics... Does anyone else think that either Israel launches these rockets themselves or Israel just makes it up as an excuse to genocide Palestinians? He’s luck is about to run out. He wants war in that region sooner or later he will get it but won’t love it at the end. It’s absolutely disgusting !!

Tell them also that Israel is an apartheid state and it has no right to annex parts of the West Bank. Israel has no right to annex parts of the West Bank because annexation is illegal and constitutes a war crime under international law. Annex a portion of land they already own? Didn’t Israel win that land from the Jordanians? It isn’t “occupied.” It belongs to Israel. There’s no apartheid there. There is no “two state” solution.

*Judea and Samaria 😡 That land belongs to the Jews anyway, so he can do as he pleases. God bless Israel and God bless Bibi! He doesn’t stop occupying and no one dare to do anything. Why UN no sanctions on them? Why only inhrise whose against America. Israel's intentions are clear and a two state solution has never been it. They want a one state, complete innihilation of Palestine. Netanyahu and his party should be jailed.

Israeli PM Netanyahu announced plans to annex part of the West Bank—claiming he will have Trump's supportNetanyahu also promised to annex the West Bank , home to controversial Israeli settlements, just prior to his last election in April. 'I'm going to extend sovereignty,' he said in an interview with Israeli Channel 12 at the time. Have ya ever wondered who really runs America? Stop. Stop this madness NOW!!! It’s gone on for too long. The UN should get involved at this point. humanitariancrisis Julesofthwood A terrorist nation doing what terroristic nations do best

What belongs to the Kingdom of Israel should be rendered to the Kingdom! 🇺🇸🇮🇱 About time Perfect...well it would be perfect if some people would leave Israel alone. That's what dictators do, annex territory. Surely there are Israelis who think it's wrong just as there are Americans who see Trump for what he is. They both answer to opportunistic, immoral financial interests.

Netanyahu n Modi,the two World Devils r working on the same agenda with the coutesy of USA.Fascist regimes r flourishing fanning hatred n violence in the world. Tens of thousands of miles of land in that region, and moslems greatly want a piece of land no bigger than Rhode Island. In truth, this isn't about land acquisition as it is about destroying Israel, and driving them into the sea! Evil doers, you'll never succeed against Israel!!!

Good. Another wacko Good for him.

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Highly condemn this heinous statement. This is a threat to peace in the region No. I'm American and I do not support this. The insatiable drive for greater territory that propels Zionism. Solidarity with Palestine Putinesque. Has been hankering to do this since the summer of 2014 when they tag teamed between Crimea & Gaza attacks.

Is Mr Netanyahu aware that his plan is illegal? Why hasn't anyone every questioned as to why it's up to the US to dictate such annexation to take place? Is it really up to the USA, or is there a more powerful controller here? Neither Israel nor the USA really have the power to do anything until... Netanyahu's speech is not consistent with being a peace partner but consistent with being a war criminal.

Israeli prime minister vows to blatantly violate international law. Fixed it. He’s desperate before his election, he’ll promise anything.

Watch Kanye West Part the Human Sea at His Sunday Service in ChicagoKanye West's Sunday Service in Chicago was truly next-level. This song is truly next level God bless you, Kanye Wouldn’t want this guy leading any kind of religious service, just weird.

Israel is an apartheid state and it absoluetly has no right to annex parts of the West Bank. Someone needs to reel in Twitter....like google, ASAP No surprises. Karma taking too long I wholeheartedly support this, matter of fact annex all of it and push the Palestians out! Hey! Mr. Trump! Tell us again how easy it is to broker peace in the Middle East!

Still believing the terrorist Zionist colonists ever wanted a 2-state-solution? Stop occupation! Stop apartheid! MemoirProject,Ch9(Future)JEWS: HolocaustByChristiansNotMuslims JewishHolocaustOfMuslims AmericaWithJewsAgainstMuslims ... But, KoranPower MuslimsPride MuslimsPropagation. .. Otherwise, Blablablablabla

Netanyahu: Iran had secret nuclear weapons development site in AbadehIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday that Iran had been deve... Israel does too. So does America. Which power doesn’t have a secret site? Does he never get fed up with his lies, war and killing of innocent

Good! Just like modi As long as foreigners reign over said land. It will never be right! Where in the hell is the melanin? Off with his head! smh Boycott apartheid israel He’s a criminal and should be in jail along with the Russian Tool that supports him. Lying again? Your American president really wants to remain president ... always returning his jacket!

Cri me a river....... We cant criticise them without being labelled anti semitic

Iran's Zarif rejects Netanyahu's nuclear claim, says he 'cries wolf'Iran on Monday rejected a claim by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tha... Like we should believe anything he has to say Any thinking person would believe Iran over Netanyahu or Trump any day Until they stop stoning women for such crimes as crossing the street or going outside without a male escort? I don't give a rat's ass what they say

We didn’t elect him he just took over.... oh you mean if he gets re-elected in Israel my bad This is why he....and by extension....Israel is so disliked by so many. Evil, but he can do this knowing that all Arab countries are in his pocket. Good for him. The Palestinians rejected the two state solution years ago because it allowed Israel to survive. They had their chance and now it's no longer on the table. They gambled and lost.

This is the danger with a despot in the White House, it emboldens other despots who were being kept almost in check How disgusting. The large scale theft of Palestinian land continues unabated. When will US msm show some courage and report honestly about the brutal occupation of Palestine? You are all cowards.

Don't believe a single word he says.. all he cares for is saving his own skin from overdue jail time! GroupPalestine Palestine FreePalestine🇵🇸🇵🇸 NeverForget IsraeliCrimes It looks like his concerns are about security as that area borders Jordan. Also, it could be he wants to make that area part of Area C which is controlled by Israel. It's possible that he will swap land in Area C now with Area B and A which are controlled by the PA.

A famous Russian proverb,'the jews will say they killed us but will never tell you why.'

Bank of America expects higher investment banking fees for third quarterBank of America Corp said on Monday the bank expects third quarter investment ba...

Evil yahu Fake news Once again the use of the word annex rather than invade. Trying to normalize this action. Israel is a terrorist state, an aggressor in the region. It’s exactly what needs to happen to protect Israel. Deny Hamas. If the World Wants Peace Bibi had Better Loose Jared's peace plan? Now is it an occupation? Those peace talks have not been serious since Netanyahu has been in office. He will eventually occupy all Palestinian territory. 'Apartheid Forever.'

Hitler was no fool! Another fascist. Welcome to 2019. An absolute shame on the face of US and the world.

Israelis can Bring stability in those areas. Water, electricity, Medicare, roads, social engagement and Education is what Israel could Bring to the Westbank instead of Radical Islam and brainwashing. The USA,half dumb half corrupt has this syco dictating American foreign policy Sounds like war crimes Evangelicals will love this, they already think the Rapture is near 🙄

Apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and brutality in full effect and the US not only sits back, it actively pours billions of tax payers money to facilitate it. Shame on you. South Africa invented Apartheid but Israel has perfected it with America's help and outright support. freepalestine Apartheid state.

the 'chosen' people huh We get it, you all hate Israel If you do a short history lesson you will find the numerous times Israel offered a two state deal & the Palestinians turned them down Ask Super Democrat Bill Clinton about the deal he was a part of and how disappointed he was... Israel is a terrorist state

Awesome Good Similar to the action taken on Kashmir. Where is the world heading? They never really wanted peace or with them The Americans and Israelis really don’t help themselves. Bibi Netanyahu is one of the most aggressive PMs Israel ever had. He and his illegal friend Moodi in India, both working on same ideology in Kashmir and Palestine against Muslims ,, It happens when Zionism and hindutva ideology match ,

So illegal. Netanyahu needs to be sanctioned now! This is 6 days only away from election day! It is called campaigning! Fascist gonna fascist trumpeffect 'Never again. Unless we're the ones doing then it's ok' Israel has a chance to show that it is not defined by this lying crook...just as the US has next year.

This 14 year old is the latest victim of Israel’s oppression last week. So the Palestinians are expected to continue to pay the price for Zionist colonialism as the world watches in silence. lit 🔥 fulfilling what Oslo already said lol Ilhan is Palestinian..that's what her critics Will say but let them say

The 2 state solution was never going to happen. The Palestinians want to destroy Israel, Netanyahu is doing what’s best for Israel Where is Kushner the Mid East peace ✌️ maker?

If you read any history on the peace process, you’d know that the part being annexed (Jordan Valley) would always be an Israeli security necessity in any resolution 🤷🏽‍♂️ but what the hell, let’s just get people salty and flailing their arms 😂😂 Didn't Hitler do that to Europe? This PM is nothing but a criminal and a liar.

Whoooray . Go ISREAL US BACKING YOU NOW It's not anti-semetic to criticise this, for anyone confused about that Should be ALL, not just part of. It’s all Israel’s land. and I don't understand how NYT can post an article like this when it's already a fact that the Blue and White party is beaten and there is practically no LEFT party remaining in Israel Does no one in this thread READ any independent middle east news? at all? ShameTheLeft

WESTANDWITHISRAEL Good Great job israel. 💙 from india

Jared Kushner approved Israel will be crossing the line then and should be condemned for taking what it not Israel’s land. Just like Russia taking Crimea; it was illegal & Russia was rightly sanctioned 4 doing it. That tells what makes the people of “ Israel “ happy. This felon knows what works that made him the longest ruler of the Apartheid system. He’s telling them that he’ll commit bigger crimes if elected and he’ll win on that.

Well. Fuxk. Why u got to make us all look bad For few lust of power is far sacred then blood and agonies of innocent Good Citing trump support not US Good. Palestine is not a country. It’s time to evict all Palestinians from the state of Israel. Move them all to Eqypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, or Lebanon. Israel is a Jewish State, and Muslims cannot live peacefully with Jews.

Is America supporting apartheid again? realDonaldTrump IlhanMN AOC RashidaTlaib

Israel is illegitimate child of the west, world is facing its evils since its formation. Well that will take a big dump on the Mid East Peace process. Moving further and further away from even the possibility of Peace.... So Israel attacked/ing Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Gaza, annexed Jerusalem, Golan and now the West Bank, is threatening to strike Iran. But yea right, we need to ensure Israel's security.

Maybe this is why people criticize Israel...... Please study up on your history snowflakes! Palestinians are the terrorists and aggressors! The U.S. should rethink its support of Israel, it's time. About time. this is a crime!! Good!

Continual land grabs need to stop What kept Israel from doing it before? Good man I thought he just won re-election...🤔 israelicrimes You're a terrorist. America doesn't care what you say. Excellent 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱❤️❤️❤️❤️ I think he means trump’s support AIPAC - Your organization must love this story, the annihilation of the Palestinians. I wonder where we heard something similar in recorded history?

Israel has tried to annex Syria's Golan Heights too. Isn't this blatant violation of international law?

Unbelievable! How far dangerous this dictator/autocrat Netanyahu can go That man is evil. Palestinians are tantamount to the Philistines, Canaanites, and all other groups that inhabited the Holy Land prior to the Hebrews being give the land by God. In short they do not belong there. God gave Israel to the Jewish people..His Will be done. IsraelForTheJewsForever 🙏

Desperate move for a feckless leader. It better not work. I'm not crazy about Gantz, but at least he's sensible. Netanyahu's been Prime Minister for too long, and he's showing it. He's bad for Palestinians, and he's bad for Israelis. The people do not support this... this will make a 2 state solution nearly impossible! Enough

He did not like Obama right? Things that make you go hmmmm. “[A]ll this was caused by the stupidity of this man, who has only one idea in mind, to win the elections at all costs in order to escape justice for the many corruption cases in which he is involved.” —Hassan Nasrallah It has been obvious trend for anyone who cares, even to those who were denying it while waiting out until all of Palestine is occupied by the apartheid state.

വോട്ടു കിട്ടാൻ വേണ്ടി എന്ത് തെണ്ടിത്തരവും ചെയ്യാം. this might change after Hamas bombed inside of Israel this morning

Tell me again, why do we send billions in aid to this country? I thought the US were peacemakers? Annexation is sort of the opposite. Why does PresidentPAB have dual loyalty? Good. Bibi saw all the fun they’re having in Westminster and thought to himself, “how can I beat this?” Legend All lies Just made up

I don't support it. What you mean is a handful of religious American zealots influencing foreign policy support it. Next year, he pledges to annex the US Worldwide every right wing party's only aganda they don't want to give peace a chance only winning election by fooling people with nastyaganda Is Netanyahu going to stay in office until I die or what?

Abhorrent are the euro trash genocidal maniacs who currently occupy Palestine !!! Sick. War criminal I don’t support this Annex🙄 How is that different from now? And our government supports this shit!! Then has the nerve to call out other countries for the same thing IsraeliCrimes BDS We don’t support it.

This is Ethnic Cleansing to the rest of the world but to the current US Administration it’s simply a logical extension of current policy. carmenlopezmar7 The man is a warmonger and also a 'war criminal'.

Wouldn't that mean making citizens of all of the Arab inhabitants of those parts? “citing U.S. support” should be in bold. Americans don’t support apartheid. Yeah!! Weird how when Russia did this with Crimea it was bad, and when China did it with the Spratly Islands it was bad, and when Iraq did this with Kuwait it was bad, and when India did this with Kashmir it was bad, but when Israel does it with Palestine it's good actually

Why parts? Take all of it. When people rebel, fight for freedom, yeah call them terrorists. What a pos. Pure evil. 👇🏻 Great. Piss on Israel STOP GENOCIDE IN PALESTINE!

Apparently he’s just as dumb with regards to law as Trump is. American should stop playing politics.... Israel is never occupying any territory. It's rightfully belong to them. Stop deceiving the world. UNITEDNATION. Is it US support, or Trump / Republican support? Israel must be held accountable for this new war crime and that sanctions are now needed more than ever.

Annexation is illegal and constitutes a war crime under international law. This is yet another proof that Netanyahu is no peace partner and a war Israel=occupation Israel is not but an apartheid state ao it has no right to annex parts of the West Bank. FreePalestine JFC There should be a call for No US Support without BehaviorStandards Palestine Gaza WestBank UN UNHumanRights The United States is Israel’s partner/financial backer in CrimesAgainstHumanity

Hamas is already shooting rockets wait until the rest of the Palestinians find out. I think there will be another Intifada. I pray for the residents of Israel/Palestine.

That *would* end the occupation... That is beyond fucked up. Does anyone wonder why there’s no peace in the Middle East? Israel must be held to account for the crimes it commits against humanity! Zionists are shameless creatures ever happened on the surface of globe in the history of Mankind. Annexation is illegal and constitutes a war crime under international law. This is yet another proof that Netanyahu is no peace partner and a war criminal.

This is the kind of aggression and war crimes the Israeli forces have been doing since 1948 Israelcrimes Israel is a criminal and racist state with no right to the Palestinian territories You don't have rights to do this Apartheid_Israel Time for Pelosi TeamPelosi stop Netanyahu + trump using War Crimes to appeal to their base inorder to get re-elected . Golan , EastJerusalem + now the WestBank. Failing to stop them means death + destruction for years to come. You will be held responsible if you allow this .

Great! As Putin fills the vacuum left behind by Trump withdrawing the United States as the world's superpower, we get this. How many more country's will begin to 'annex' their neighbors? Fascist occupier, racist ideology always shows the dirt . Surprise. OMG The current cohort of despots loves to annex territory. Putin took Crimea, Modi Kashmir, Trump tried for Greenland. Bibi already annexed the Golan & much of Jerusalem. This has been in the works for a long time.

natsecHeather What could possibly go wrong Benny the Bully. Palestine needs a homeland. 'Netanyahu pledges another invasion of a sovereign nation to steal more land.' There, fixed it for you. IsraelIsATerroristState Terrorist Confession of part of plans that extend way beyond current Israel.

Wow. Outrageous behavior FASCIST, IMPERIALIST EVIL MONSTER!!!!! Loose lips sink democracies... 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐 Trump is a national security threat🤦🤦 Like Trump, his freedom depends upon his being re-elected. They will say anything at this point to get re-elected Not good. Please keep the US out of your decisions.....you have your country, we have ours.

Those new swimming pools on the West Bank are unlikely to be peacefully enjoyed. media_auntie I hate that murderer. Not an anti Semite, I’m anti .netanyahu ✅ CrimesAgainstHumanity

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