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Netanyahu accuses Iran of attacking Israeli-owned cargo ship

BREAKING: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accuses Iran of attacking Israeli-owned cargo ship in Gulf of Oman last week.

3/1/2021 9:03:00 AM

BREAKING: Israel i Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accuses Iran of attacking Israel i-owned cargo ship in Gulf of Oman last week.

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel i Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday accused Iran of attacking an Israel i-owned ship in the Gulf of Oman last week, a mysterious explosion that further spiked...

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday accused Iran of attacking an Israeli-owned ship in the Gulf of Oman last week, a mysterious explosion that further spiked security concerns in the region.Without offering any evidence to his claim, Netanyahu told Israeli public broadcaster Kan that “it was indeed an act by Iran, that’s clear.”

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“Iran is the greatest enemy of Israel, I am determined to halt it. We are hitting it in the entire region,” Netanyahu said.The blast struck the Israeli-owned MV Helios Ray, a Bahamian-flagged roll-on, roll-off vehicle cargo ship, as it was sailing out of the Middle East on its way to Singapore on Friday. The crew was unharmed, but the vessel sustained two holes on its port side and two on its starboard side just above the waterline, according to American defense officials.

ADVERTISEMENTThe ship came to Dubai’s port for repairs on Sunday, days after the blast that revived security concerns in Mideast waterways amid heightened tensions with Iran. Iran has sought to pressure the U.S. to lift sanctions on Tehran as President Joe Biden’s administration considers option for returning to negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program. headtopics.com

It remains unclear what caused the blast. The Helios Ray had discharged cars at various ports in the Persian Gulf before the explosion forced it to reverse course.In recent days, Israel’s defense minister and army chief had both indicated they held Iran responsible for what they said was an attack on the vessel.

Overnight, Syrian state media reported a series of alleged Israeli airstrikes near Damascus, saying air defense systems had intercepted most of the missiles. Israeli media reports said the alleged airstrikes were on Iranian targets in response to the ship attack.

Israel has struck hundreds of Iranian targets in neighboring Syria in recent years, and Netanyahu has repeatedly said Israel will not accept a permanent Syrian military presence there. Iran and its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah have provided military support to Syrian President Bashar Assad in the more than decade-long Syrian civil war.

The Israeli military declined comment. There was no immediate response from Iran to the Israeli allegations.Iran also has blamed Israel for a recent series of attacks, including a mysterious explosion last summer that destroyed an advanced centrifuge assembly plant at its Natanz nuclear facility and the killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a top Iranian scientist who founded the Islamic Republic’s military nuclear program two decades ago. Iran has repeatedly vowed to avenge Fakhrizadeh’s killing. headtopics.com

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“It is most important that Iran doesn’t have nuclear weapons, with or without an agreement, this I also told to my friend Biden,” Netanyahu said, referring to the U.S. president.Iranian threats of retaliation have raised alarms in Israel since the signing of normalization deals with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in September.

___Associated Press writer Isabel DeBre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, contributed to this report. Read more: The Associated Press »

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We have more information about the situation around the tigray regions Don't believe a word from Netanyahu Cargo ships have gotten weird, in their evolution to fight piracy... pretty soon it’s just going to be a massive, sealed, steel capsule or something. Nobody believes anything he f* says. N It seems to me that the only threat left to isreal is iran and they know that the UAE will bow down to isreal anyways, so by 'supporting' the UAE against iran results in the UAE doing a favour for isreal; how is this allowed?

Did he announce this using one of his dodgy PowerPoint presentations? Only stupid people buy his crap. Like Trump. 🙄😒 ...everything owned by the State of Israel is owned by the U.S. Congress... Good job Iran 👍👍 Honestly isreal deserve everything bad happening to them.. it is called Karma. USA sacks a president that was all for rubber stamping the stealing of most of Palestine for one that wants to reengage with Iran and you expect us to believe Tehran's behind making holes in a ship sailing from the home Netanyahu's new journo murdering mates? InsideJob

Nice false flag op netanyahu you greasy oppressive mouth-breather. HonAdenDuale Bibi do what israelis know best False flag operation 1000000000000000 The boy who continue to cry wolf Netanyahu is looking for USA to start a war, and defuse his own personal problems at home. He is the most dangerous man out there. The entire Middle East needs Peace, not conflict. He should be in jail, but his own party and officials to scared to put him behind bars.

Not an explosive expert but if it was above the water line why is there no visible damage? Not a conspiracy theorist just don’t understand Fake. Netanyahu just needs to go away! Probably the same group that killed that iran scientist. Israel convict this man or acquit him but outside the fundamentalist Christian & Jewish communities that idolize him he has NO credibility & you are sacrificing yours as long as he remains untried. Reform your criminal justice system.

Didn’t Israel try this like two years ago Why is Israel always trying to get the USA to fight a war for them? That is how it looks from here Not gonna happen SethAbramson All these mfers have such a hardon for war. IDF must have a new weapons platform to test or demo . Attack anything Israeli owned then expect repercussions of a major kind. Israel is not noted for failure to take action against it’s enemies when provoked.

I don't believe the Israelis . FuckIsrael Sounds like a Pearl Harbour.. Mr Yahoo cries wolf yet again Here we go SethAbramson Total distraction. He was on trial for corruption a month or two ago but all of our politicians are on their payroll so they won't say a word 🙄 Bullshit they did it themselves. Netanyahu and his Israeli regime are a serious threat to peace in that region.

IsraeliPM Netanyahu Sure they did. Netanyahu has been trying to get the US to start a war with Iran for decades. How is he 'Prine Minister' when he should be in jail along with his wife? Another Trump...how to get away with... SethAbramson Israel is a terrorist state.. Free Palestine 🇵🇸 So it’s OK for Israel to attack humanitarian ship in International waters, but not OK for other nations to attack their cargo ship? WTF? You reap what you sow, brother.

How does he know it wasn't jihadist penguins linked to Greta Thunberg ? Genocidal dictators aren't exactly flavour of the month. SethAbramson i wish iran would actually go for it once and for all This was retaliation for the Biden Administration bombings in Syria Peacenicks chief Baidu gave lotsa confidence to Iran 😆

My limited understanding of Iran is that its a country of good people, being held 'hostage' by a bunch of pretend religious Taliban wannabe bootlickers trying to drag the country back into the stone age. Correct? Regime admitted they did it: khamenie main newspaper “ KAYHAN” Of course it’s about TIIIIIIIIIIIIIMME

Lol 😂 grifting Netanyahu is a joke Iran ONLY attacks unarmed ships..attacking ships that can fight back is too bloody dangerous.... Sure Jan 🤔 ....ApartheidIsrael and its IsraeliCrimes Many Israeli's want👹 Netanyahu out fgs! Lest we forget, and for those who don't know. 👇🏼34 America's killed, many more injured. Israeli's also bombed the King David Hotel, killing 91 British personnel & injuring many more!

Israeli regime terrorists murdered an Iranian scientist last November. Says one of the most corrupted Israeli Prime Minister. To protect his political image, this statement was expected. Why isn’t he in jail yet? That's rich, coming from the country that bombed Damascus last night. Israel is very vocal accusing Iran of the damage to the ship but very quite about their assassination in Iran of Iranian Scientist. Israel needs to be held accountable for their disregard of international norms.

This old man likes accusing others of things he does. SethAbramson Yawn SethAbramson Netanyahu looking for a distraction from his corruption case HarunMaruf They will pay. that terrorist Iran must be stopped WHAT, I thought BiBi was an INMATE now? im so tired Show the evidence !!! I really couldn't care less about Israel honestly. They're hypocritical when it comes to Palestine but expect the world to jump every time they want to look like a victim.

Here we go!! More of this? For God sake, people please respect our planet for giving you a space to live and breath! Greedy Dogs Iran needs a new Government Uh oh. Trying to distract the country from the investigation into his corruption... Well, Israel will do what Israel has to do for survival. SethAbramson Iran later admitted the nuclear scientist was killed by an insider attack, not by the Israelis. Your story omitted that detail, .

Trying to take away from his corruption charges. mfw illegitimate JaksMimi2 👀 no_itsmyturn There will probably be a follow-on revenge attack on Iran assets in Syria or Iraq in the near future. It is also possible the Israel|is smash an Iranian cargo/oil vessel in like form. 2021 summer is going to be hot in the Mideast.

I thought Benjamin had a bunch of Corruption charges against him?! Politicians are the same in every country lying, cheating, Corrupt & above the Law in all crimes they commit! SethAbramson It's on Really!! Last weeks news is suddenly worth reporting? Where have you been, heads buried in the sand? Wow, no one does real news anymore! Granted if they are actually trying to verify sources, that’s an improvement from their fake news reporting, Anonymous sources say...

Good maybe trump can do him a favor What a coincidence after Biden bombed Syria to get to Iran. Any evidence or is this just a Jewish conspiracy theory? Bibi is a pig. It never happened God he really wants us to go to war for him Liar Well, keep us out of it and don’t start anything serious Who is afraid of Virgina Woolf?

ELECTION IS COMING! PLEASE MAKE ME POPULAR AGAIN! - Bibi Is he actually going to do anything about it or is he just trying to get someone else so do something about it? Ahahahha! What a joke Bibi see tarantula cause he need new glasses 🤓 mystiquememoir Dear American Liberals this crisis on the Middle East is in Your Hands. Than you for being bank rolled by the great War Machine to elect an inept spineless leader.

of course he does. Oh God dammit. Is Biden gonna take us to war so he doesn't have to back up any of his campaign promises? Burn this fucking country down Evilish Iran is terrible. rather then going for development and modernization. they waste money on evilarmy and hate and spreading evil religious extermism.

Israel can handle itself countries are always attacking cargo ships. makes sense! Is it me or does everyone have an absolute hard-on to slam Iran? Can folks just back the F off of Iran? Netanyahu, go get laid or go F yourself...whatever works for ya to calm your lil hyper-arse down. No it was in the Gulf of Tonkin

BB is a corrupt prime minister who’s trying to divert attention from his criminal activities in Israel. it's the first day of March can't they chill Of course this happens once Biden is in charge HarunMaruf He wants a war to save his corrupted ass but guess who will fight for his war?......He wants the US to fight for him!

Bibi BS. He’s looking to create his own Gulf of Tonkin incident so he can bomb Iran. Weapons of mass distraction Israel attacks Lebanon,Syria and Gaza almost every day. The drums of war....have returned. 😕 Uh oh... Pot...meet Kettle Of course he would, how does he know it was them, they have a lot of enemies

Darn didnt even get to March without WW3 starting