Donald Trump, Neil Young

Donald Trump, Neil Young

Neil Young on His Music at Trump's Mount Rushmore Rally: 'This Is NOT OK With Me'

Neil Young on his music at Trump’s Mount Rushmore rally: 'This is NOT OK with me'

7/4/2020 6:15:00 PM

Neil Young on his music at Trump’s Mount Rushmore rally: 'This is NOT OK with me'

Five years after sparring over “Rockin’ in the Free World,” Freedom song is again played at president’s campaign event

.The use of Young’s music at Trump’s Mount Rushmore rally marks the latest chapter in a now-five-year battle between the rocker and Trump over “Rockin’ in the Free World”:, after Trump played theFreedomtrack immediately following announcing his intention to run for president, Young’s rep said that the singer did not authorize the song’s usage and also voiced Young’s support of then-Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

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At the time, Youngadmittedthat the Trump campaign had purchased the license to play “Rockin’ in the Free World” at rallies. “Once the music goes out, anyone can use it for anything,” Young said in May 2016.Trump’s then-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski pledged not to play the song again at Trump campaign events, but Young’s music has continued to appear at Trump rallies, despite the singer declaring “

” at a 2016 concert.Recently, Young, now an American citizen, penned— “You are a disgrace to my country. Your mindless destruction of our shared natural resources, our environment, and our relationships with friends around the world is unforgivable” — and staged a

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Come on Neil get over yourself You could go back to Canada if it’s a problem or speak to your record companies that are paying you money to play it anywhere in a China! Free Workd my ars! The pot calling the kettle black, you have lots of baggage from your past where do you want to start? Drugs, sex, and your music. Mr. Young you’re not the poster child you may think you are! You should be happy your music is being played.

Lol he just wants to be back in the spotlight! What a joke! Should be honored his music got played, instead starts whinnying like a Karen! trump2020 NeilIsAKaren Who needs your music anyway So Neil. Do you need to personally meet and accept everyone that plays your music. I have played it in the past but I’m sure you want to interview me. Please reach out to set up a time to see if I’m “accepted”.

Who cares. Your music is trash just like you Neil. Neil young is a jackass How could you have no respect for our president who is trying to bring us the freedom that you wrote in your songs that he happened to want to play. It is his right to play the music of his choice. We still have a few freedoms. Instead of being pissed, you should be honored

Simple man dont need him around no how! They didn’t listen to the verses! All of you anti-American dems should be grateful for him playing your music, else no one would even know who you were. You are sad. It’s a compliment to your music and it is a free country so get over it. All these artists with egos bigger than Trumps just don't get it. Not only is he playing your songs, he playing YOU! Everything Trump does or says has a message. Just like Melania's wardrobe. Try checking the playlists against friends of Hillary and Epstein guests. 🤔

Arguably , the only NeilYoung song Trump should be using is ' Why do I keep fucking up ? ' . USVotes Neil Young + Donald Trump + Mount Rushmore = some well needed levity And now your music is NOT OK with me. Are you a musician OR a politician? Pick a lane Who cares? Call 1800-Waah! Why did he become a citizen in a country he hates? Go back where you came from Mr. Young!

I’m pro I’d to a knellest. Because black people should get away with crimes Scott free. And idc about soligers who died for me to be free. but I’ll only stand up to rob stores or all statues besides mlk. But thank god for white people. Because they will pay the mess we made Either anyone can play it or no one can.

Makes public music, gets upset when played.😂 Isn't it the only way people will hear your music? It is for me. I'd rather listen to 'God bless the USA' by Lee Greenwood over & over again Jump on the bandwagon Neil, it seems like the thing to do Why don't they use Kanye West's music? He loves Trump. Or other artists that love Trump Why....because Trump or whomever chooses the music loves to shit in everyone's I can do whatever I want and you cannot do a thing about it. Trump owns the AG

Sucks you can't do anything about it. You made your music available to the public. ANYONE can use it! Another Puss Always disliked his music Not ok with me either Neil young is a bag of crap A southern man don’t need you around anymore. look forward to NeilYoung playing fundraiser for JoeBiden VoteOutHate VoteOutRacism VoteOutTheGOP Election2020 VoteJoe FlipTheSenateBlue Register Vote BlueWave Rockin

Fuck Neil , won't be buying any of his music anymore! Apparently only can be listened by a certain political party so he can go suck it! Then all musicians should let politicians know before they have rallies. Not after. idiots Neil Young: I’m OK With Donald Trump Using ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’ via

Awww cry me a River .... you’re washed up anyway... be thankful he’s giving you some recognition Give me a freaking break! Eat a big D Neil. Boo Hoo. as he cashes the royalty checks...... Sand your ground Mr.Young. Your music and your message are so important. Thank you. I just stopped being a fan. What do you want Neil? This:

____June___ Sue the Malignant MF. Well guess WE should just pull ALL of his music, when we Americans once liked your song.. yet its always when TRUMP does it, you turn! STFU!!! IF YOU AIN'T GOT NOTHING NICE TO SAY, DON'T SAY IT! STRAIGHT UP!! SICK OF THE HYPOCRISY! SICKOFTHEBULLSHIT2020 Niel, been out of his mind since the 60,s.

It might make a difference to someone that's not a criminals Good for Neil Young! Into the black:) JERK Neil has never been about money. He's been about writing and producing music and performing his songs for whoever wants to hear them. That's what the song This Note's For You is about. He's never been about selling out. He can decline his music to whoever he wants.

Saw this coming a mile away. What a drag! Why dont you sue him. Lucky someone still wants to hear that stuff Maybe we will all stop playing Neil Youngs music TeamTrump He's still alive? Sue him for America! I support that 100% if you need help...Invite every Anonymous on Twitter. You can find help with anything in the Anonymous world =) many are legal groups that would love to punish him for free!

What an honor for you! Mr.Young getting ripped off sucks, but y'all should really be asking more about why Garryowen was played during the fireworks.... Southern man don’t need him (Young) around anyhow... Having to listen to your crap for years is NOT OK with Me... Well I won't buy anymore of your music! Only 150 Sioux protested! Shows you, your Hollywood friend Russel Means isn't that popular! Trump has done more for the Indians than your Democrat Zionist buddies! The Mountain Sioux the Nakota didn't accept the forked tongue either!

So his music is only meant 4 some people. Not all. It's ok 4 ppl who do bad things like kill & steal But not 4 the president he doesn't like The pres who NEVER said NE thing racist, homophobic, etc. Good 2 know. My child saw this & sees the hypocrisy. I xplnd not all ppl R nice I hope he sues. Is he still alive ?

Uhh..Not the first time djt has done this. You may want to be more assertive in how you state this. fancaster He’s a loser. Putting his thumb in the eye of all the snowflakes. I love it. The nickname “Whiney Neil Young”, given time him by Weasal of WHFS-FM radio fame, is so appropriate. SHAME ON HIM, NO LONGER A NEIL YOUNG FAN!

fancaster The real crime is picking anything from Neil Young when there’s actually good music elsewhere. I assume Trump and the GOP always pay their public performance royalties. Performance Rights Organizations are supposed to negotiate licences and protect the artist. Hope Neil Young will remember. Fuck him then

HIS music, HIS right. 😊 angrywhiteprivilege neilyoungnotrelevant It’s only the aging or imbecilic rock stars who say things like this. They made money off of the country and then turn their back on half of their audience. Neilyoungtwofaced Shut up, your mouth is always running about everything. Just sing

Trump figures no one will care so he will use what ever he want. Because he doesn’t have to ask anyone, or apologize for anything. He’s the president, of course. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🤷‍♀️ The words “tough shit” come to mind you weathered old turd I’d be steaming mad. I guess he is more OK with rioters listening too his music while they destroy our history? Remember LS said .... “A Southern Man don’t need him around anyhow!“

Looks like the only music left for Trump covid gatherings will be kid rock & Kanye. Have fun with that. sounds like there is no doubt that Neil is in favour of his song been used to promote his mate Trump to me because the president of the USA would never break copyright rules!This is one of them music scams to promote his old songs so he can profit get more sales etc etc!

All my life I’ve been a fan but no more Have some pride Screw RS and Neil. He writes a great song about living in the free world, then cries like a baby when sung in the free world. Move to another country why don't you. Fan since CSN&Y and before, kiss the USA's ass, Hypocrite! He should just be happy that anyone is playing his garbage anymore. Even the best president in modern history!!!

Southern man don’t like him anyways wonder why they didn't play this one? President Stoopid Hair takes whatever he wants, maybe we should send him to Rich Kids Military School to teach him a lesson. Cry about it You can't discriminate and deny service based on someone's race, creed or religious beliefs. Oh, wait, maybe that just applies to Christian values.

Smoke another joint, and take it easy Neil. As a truly great artist said one time: I hope Neil Young will remember a Southern MAN don’t need him around anyhow! This sentiment goes for a lot of other parts of the USA also! your a liberal rag for the deep state performers and puppet masters. Q Nobody gives a hoot about Neil young, or his music. Old has-been musician trying to be relevant before he dies.

LMAO! Too late now snowflake! Should play Trump’s favorite Russian tunes. Good because his music is terrible and should not be played by anyone POTUS TeamTrump I think this guy would be proud for you to play his music at ur rally’s! RealBrysonGray Moira_Fiona When will he back it up with a law suit? The Rolling Stones are noted for this, and that's why they stopped playing thier music.

Get over yourself! Oh the irony of that song ‘keep on rockin’ in the free world’ being played at an event protested by native Americans. Trump should go back to third eye blind. Shameful of trump and his ‘campaign’ Sorry, Neil, you should not have sold the rights. By the way, as your catalog is rather old, playing your song at a rally is the most airplay you will get all year.

Please Neil Young SUE TRUMPS ASS and his PAC, I know it's not and would never be OK with you, to use your music for his Political Gain, and Bet they didn't even get your permission to use your music.. Trump fans: Blah, blah, blah, blah . . . KEEP ON ROCKIN' IN THE FREE WORLD! YOU are not ok with me. I thought he was dead. His career certainly was.

Go back to Canada Neil! LOL Trump speaks about Freedom and haters of free speech cry. America doesn’t care what you think. You want some cheez with your whine? LOL Doesn't matter what he thinks, if he sold the rights to a music library service, anyone who uses that subscription can play it on loop if they want

Trump's a lawsuit crazed goof, with total disregard for copy right or permissions! This continues to happen. He appropriates whaler he wants. Sue them. Who cares! Neil Young is a miserable old liberal crack pot. Liberals hate anything to do with being patriotic and loving our country. Get over it. Why write music uf it's not to ge enjoyed and shared. If a liberal was using your song it would be fine. Crybaby

Who cares he’s a has been he’s lucky any one even knows who he is Fuck Neil Young Thank you Neil Young! Niel Young is a dickhead No drama!!! Maybe they could use another Young song instead, Southern Man. So what you're saying Neil is the you don't really believe in the words of the lyrics of your song, I guess I won't be listening to your music anymore either I would hate to get sued for listening to your music while riding down the road in my truck, Typical whack job

JadaYoyo007 Why doesn’t tRump use Kid Rocks music, Kid Rock Should view that as an insult, a snub. I’m sure Kid Rock is waiting for tRump’s call him to perform. He won’t use Kid Rocks music because it won’t piss Kid Rock off. Then he should take it up with ASCAP. Yea, you take everything you can get and then your moral filters wake up!🙄

Love you Neil!!! Neil should not support the left that wants to suppress free speech!! Talk to the people of South Dakota about your complaints about Neal Young’s music being played at THEIR Independence Day celebration. You should feel honored they played your music at Mt Rushmore’s Independence Day celebration.

Then sue him. So Mr Young, does that mean you prefer the socialist/ Communist trying to take over the USA? Looks that way. You lost me & millions others as a fan for your unpatriotic comments regarding the POTUS. Thank you Neil 😘 Andy35955095 Lol. The Trump campaign secured the rights to play Neil Young’s song/music, which likely paid some $$$ to do so. Now he should pay back the campaign whatever money if he’s so opposed to Trump’s useage.

Noel young is still alive a one hit wonder who never gave up If Neil Young wants to make a difference, then he should sue Trump, and divert Trump campaign resources from advertising and propaganda to lawsuit defence and settlement. Go back to Canada !! Who give a rats ass! Here ya go big cry baby. Maybe you shouldn’t have sold your music?

shitty song ...young hasn't been any good since 69 or so...fuck him Please let us know how we can help. Already are registering voters, encouraging voting, fighting for redistricting & absentee voting...what else shall we do? Americans who truly love this Nation, and all it stands for, need leadership, guidance, and consolidation.

Well then why don’t you file a lawsuit. Now that we are all done yelling at the TV when hearing your music in such a divisive environment; can you (all) go after the venues for a portion of the profits under the copyright laws--as a starting point? I would think campaign funds raised would apply as well.This must stop.

Omg Neil Young stfu Who is this jerk It’s ok, Neil. They clap on 1 and 3 Me too! I just oppose his crappy music......back to the home, Neil. Who cares? He’s Canadian. Neil Young is a has been loser! Too bad. It’s cool, Neil. Music is made to be heard! Keep on rocking in the MAGA world! If it was bought legally old man you have no say!!!

Get over yourself This is WHAT THE ROLLING STONE has PREVIOUSLY PRINTED! Stop it then !!! Neil Young should be thankful that his music was played at Mount Rushmore. I will not, have not played Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. 🍁Percival be all... Fuck him. He's Canadian. Good , he’s a hasbeen Trump should only use nursery rhymes.

He should be proud cause he needs help now! Washed up? Get over it. Anyone can play your music at any get together or rally; and, there's not a thing you can do about it. Why? Because it a public record; and, can be bought at any store that sells it. That goes for Neil Young and the lateTom Petty family. Go Trump!!!

I'm sure 'he is okay' with the paycheck he gets. There are people dying to get into this country everyday. They busy their ass, save every penny to become a citizen. You get it 1 cause your rich 2 cause you wanna vote against a president in a country that wasn't even your? You robbed someone who needed that spot from them. Ass!

Thank you Neil. Fuk realDonaldTrump and all his people. Yup and you become a citizen to vote against Trump is not okay with me! Not because of the vote against Trump but the simpleness of you becoming a citizen and it not because you want to be an American. Wtf you get this cause your rich, but someone needed this and you took it.

Too bad! You're history! NYoung is Phuck tard. Another musician that disappoints. Thought you would need to request the right from Neil Young or whatever legal mumbo jumbo terms it is for his songs, or you can or will be sued Idiot!! I hope you disown the royalties from this event. I wonder if it has even occurred to you to do so

He should be glad his music is getting played anywhere. 🙄 👎🏼to Neil Young! Fuck the anti-American Neil Young. TheNakedParty No one wants to be associated with him and if he was a better man him & his team would respect that. But of course it's trump and he just takes what he wants. Neil - don’t compromise who you are for That narcissistic arrogant dictator who could care less about the people of our Already great country!

Neil Young - being a whiny-voiced Canadiabitch - doesn’t get a vote. Well I hope Neil Young remember a southern man don’t need him around anyhow NO ONE CARES. Really. TRUMP2020 Rolling Stone magazine's a liberal rag of information anyways I wouldn't even clean my dogs shit with their magazine Get over yourself!!!!

Sue Trump! Why isn't he content with using kid rock & ted nugent music ? Go smoke some more pot you drug addict we don't care what you think Dylan go back and take some LSD an may be you will overdose I hope Mr. Young will remember a southern man don’t need him around anyhow! Neil Young is a has been and nobody cares if his music wasn’t used!! He is the epitome of Un-American! There are plenty of great artists that love of our country and are not Godless hate-filled jerks for this president and would be honored to have their music played for the 4th🇺🇸

What a clown. This guy has been fired more than a civil war cannon. He left his ex band member in a room and let him overdose and die. He’s not liked in the industry by many and is irrelevant. I won’t mention that he’s from Canada and his music blows anyway You should be proud and honored, no one else would be playing it!

He was lucky for anyone to use his washed up old geezer! You people are so stupid to be against your own President and your own country. Pulling down statues and burning your flag, 'commies'. Prez TRUMP is the best thing to happen to your country in 100 years. Move to Cuba or Venezuela if the USA is so bad.

Disgusting Neil who?😄 pasi_sahlberg He is also a Canadian. Lol Really NeilYoung ? You really think it is right to go political? President Trump did not build the monument. We the people supported you all these years. This is how you repay us? disgraceful 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 How American of him! CantFixStupid or help those with TrumpDerangementSyndrome because LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

Ok, boomer Canadians don’t act like that...or do they.. Oh please.Go back to your catatonic state,stop pandering Neil Old is who he is now Ist not 1969 no one cares what Neil Young thinks !! NEIL YOUNG ROCK. POLOTICS DO NOT. GOT AT EM NEIL. SAW YOU IN MELB, SYD. X ALWAYS ON MY DAILY PLAY LISTS. Too bad👎 Neil Young is no longer relevant so why should he care?

thebuilddoctor Anyone making negative comments on here about Neil Young doesn’t have a frickin’ clue what good music is. Good on you Neil, for standing up for what you believe in! F Neil young and F Hollywood The only good celebrity is .... RealJamesWoods RobertJohnDavi There are still a few good ones around. There just harder to find.

👏🏽👏🏽 Creep! No longer a fan PointCounterpt Steve from Journey is complaining too. So, sue him now, what are you waiting for. Don't let the music be associated with traitors and racists. All musicians w/this problem should be together on this. Too bad, so sad. Not! Unacceptable unamerican!!! Good one Neil. I think Trump is more Barry Manilow or maybe Andy Williams or maybe Horst Wessel?

Too bad. Grow a pair & show gratitude to YOUR President. I'm opposed anyone using his crappy music for anything. Those that shout the loudest have the most to fear. All those elite Hollywood stars, involved with using the drug andrenchrome are very worried that Trump will expose them and have them arrested.

Yawn Artists need to start suing the president for copyright and use infringement otherwise he’s going to keep doing like he has been for the last four years. I oppose it too. This guy is a Canadian who just got his citizenship and yet hates America. POTUS made a mistake. Should not promote his enemies.

Your awful music is not okay anywhere at anytime would have made Trumps ears bleed and you should change your name to Neil Old as your older than the dinosaurs now Oh Neil. Stop complaining every time he uses your songs and do something more definite like legal injunctions. The fact they play the song at all shows the campaign does not understand

Bog of Neil....stop clutching your Pearl's. You'd think they'd pick American artists for a 4th July event. Its 2020 Neil Bro Did they do their version of All You Need Is Hate? Too bad for you realDonaldTrump bought and paid for the rights. Guess that's what capitalism is. You sold it he bought it. What an ass Canadian who wanted to be a citizen so bad and still talk crap about America 🇺🇸 guessthatsfreespeechevenforandickwadlikeyou

😂😂😂😂😂 Why don’t you remind Mr. Young that a lot of us were not OK with “4 Dead in Ohio.” He interfered for $, that’s all. That pathetic, staged apology years later, was worse. He wasn’t there & didn’t know anything. And that song he wrote became truth when it was nothing but a lie. So have the Rolling Stones as well as other musicians, but none of them doing anything about it, so he'll continue to use what he wants when he wants it seems.

Wha?!!! Now Neil Young gotta suck too? Good grief Neil Young should be excited his music was heard by more than a dozen people yesterday. The crowd size at Mount Rushmore matched over a dozen year's worth of listeners for ol Neil. Fuck Neil Young. He had the same complaint five years ago. FIVE YEARS! What did he DO about it? Or does he just talk to avoid bad press? Don't like it? Then quit talking and collecting the $$$, take control of how your own stuff is licensed, and DO something to stop it! Else STFU

C'mon Neil not you too!! :( Hahaha. Neil young probably just lost his base Neil, slap a restraining order on DONNY BLEACH !!! But Neil, do you side with the Satanists and political machine graft? Neil Young stands in solidarity with the Lakotas . He wants the Black Hills returned to the Lakotas . the land that Neil young lives on used to belong to the Blackfeet . so when will young be relinquishing his home to the Blackfeet? Or is he a damn hypocrite?

No one fucking cares Neil STFU Who cares what that drug-induced, sick has-been thinks? Trump2020Landslide PS Neil, Try calling the cops when you need help. Hahahaheehee I used to like you. NO more Your magazine has gone sooooo far downhill. Biased trash. Knowing Neil, he’s not the kind to just let this go

I wish Neil Young would run for present, instead of Kanye West As long as they have paid the licence, they can play what they want. NikkiHaley parscale PressSec KellyannePolls Not difficult to make sure an artist endorses 45 before their music is used at your entertainment events. Be better. The world is watching.

🎼 Four dead In Benghazi 🎶 Perhaps it would be better served if wrote a primer on BMI/ASCAP use licenses and royalty fees instead of spoon feeding bit and pieces. Thank you Neil. It kinda strange the artists that Trump like to play at his death rallies, don’t like him! Trump could always just use songs by Ted Nugent about rping teenaged girls instead ('Jailbit')

So what Young supposedly had a feud with Lynyrd Skynyrd, but they don't like Trump either! 🤣 Good for you Neil Young! Way to stand up for what is right!! Yes i too was disappointed that they used that leftist marxists traitors horrible music. Oh give me a break!! Seriously! 🙄🙄🙄 That song sucks anyway buddy! The president's taste in music sucks! David, Graham, and Stephen all have better songs to choose from than yours! Go back to Canada!

Hypocrite Lol AlcinaFaraday OMG I hope you can do something about it like sue his ass! AN OPEN LETTER TO NEIL YOUNG!!! Neil who? And I thought he was a good guy. I guess I thought wrong. He's a sell out. No more soul. 😥 Bye Felicia! NEIL Young who Considering Trump's event was actually a f'ing campaign event (meant only for his base & not all Americans), in which he intended PROFIT, he should be charged royalty fees. Preferably jacked up fees, like he does at his hotels. (Local merchandise sales, tickets to get in, etc).

Another racist. Your music sucked anyways. FUUUUUCK YOU!! It's okay I opposed his music Get him Neil!!! Who cares what is “okay with him?” You made music, that music is made public, you can’t pick and choose who can and can not play it! Typical damn “has been” & celebrities! They truly believe that what they want or thinks matters to us!

So Neil Young supports the Lakota Sioux and doesn't want his music played at a Trump event. LOL, well Neil, my guess is you will just need to get over it. But you supporting thieves is the big news. The Lakota STOLE the land they are whining about from the Arapaho and Cheyenne. We knew you didn't support this maniac!

That is his Problem! Neil Young is a Douchebag. We did not even notice his music was being Played!We listened To lee greenwood a True American! POTUS you’d better start getting permission for the songs you play at rallys. Neil Young should move back to Canada if he doesn't love the United States and its history!

If you don't want your music played why the fck did you record and sell it? Tough shit. Like anyone cares what is okay with you Aren't you dead yet? Young is being Petty Why can't Ted Nugent write Republican rock anthems? Seems like a money maker. Oh Neil...go smoke some more weed Who cares Go back to Canada then.

And I really, really, really don't care... Jus saw his biography a little while ago. Hrs a genius, but q real, real EGO JERK. If you really need to hear his music it is available as torrent files. Should have taken the paid royalties instead but hey it is your call. Good for Neil Young. I don't know where Trump gets off. He's a toddler who thinks all the good toys are all his for the taking.

Get over yourself Neil. Remember Southern man? I say sue him! lmao Just be happy anyone plays your music KeepAmericaGreat2020 Ain’t ok with me, either. NoLiberalMusic please Just get over it! People pay the fee to use the music and if you don’t like it contact BMI and pull our music. As a has-been you should be glad your music is getting so much exposure!!

MOMMY ...61 MILLION PLUS BABIES KILLED...THANK YOU MOMMY FOR LOVING ME! I don't like his music, so it wasn't okay with me, either. Hope Neil Young will remember a Southern Man don’t need him around anyhow The Best Fourth of July Ever! Because President Trump is an Office! TRUMP🇺🇸2020❤️🇺🇸💙 Neil Young. I remember him. Weird voice? Totally overrated? Yep. That guy

Just like Lynrd Skynrd said, “we don’t need you around”. Good riddance Neil Young! Ifs not OK with me that Kneel Young is a cry baby and cries about POTUS using his music at Mt Rushmore. Young should be happy that anybody uses his music now days. He should pay POTUS for using his music and introducing his very BLAH tunes to a new people

markfromhalsey I hope he sues the mother Thank you Mr. Young for making your opinion heard. I'd send that chubby cheeto in the white house a cease & desist letter. If he keeps using your music, I'd sue the buttons right off of his suit Weep He should have played it safe and used TedNugents CatScratchFever ..🤮

Capitalism is a great thing for Neil. Trump 'does not have my permission to use the song ‘Rockin’ In The Free World’ at his appearances,' but 'legally, he has the right to, however it goes against my wishes.' Neilyoung will be burning every I find with you name on it. Neil OLD washed up. Your a nobody 😂😂😂

Tough Sh*t! Who cares what you think! He's not dillusional he thinks he gets to select who listens to his music. Stop selling ur music. No CDs no pandora no iTunes. Too bad for you Neil. You will live to regret insulting Trump. Nobody wants to hear your worn tunes anyway. It was a kindness. Neil should be happy. It’s the most relevance he’s had in over a decade.

Been loving you since 1970. Lay off Trump. He thought enough of you to use your words. Shut the hell up. Old hippie😜🙄 Well Mr Young an American Man DONT need you around anyway A !! If that’s the way You want to be. And I’m a big fan and follower of you since the 70s. I use to where what I called my Neil Young HAT. I Love your Music ! I a Southern Man from ALABAMA TRUMP ROCKS AND CARES!

Neil young is un American Why are you recording music if one cannot play it? What do you call it when you only certain people are allowed to play your music and others can’t? What is that word? 🤔 Neilyoung Too bad. You have MADE MILLIONS OF 💰💰💰 off of America and Americans. DEAL WITH IT CANADIAN !!!!!!!

Boo cry fucking baby. But you take the money from license. Neil Young can GFH. SIGNED REAL AMERICANS WITH REAL JOBS. Nobody gives a damn about old stupid stoners. Who gives a shit with this old bag thinks. Thats a shame. I stand with all people including those who fill their hearts with hate in the hopes that one day we can all learn to love our differences rather than fear them.

Who cares. If he didn’t want it used he shouldn’t put it out there. He’s an asshole anyway. I'm disappointed! I used to like u, for years, not anymore. who gives a s**t Just shut up. Too damn bad. That pricks Canadian anyway. So he can most definitely FO🖕🏿 Well considering you sold the rights to your music you don't really have a say in the matter. And considering we have these things called fair use laws, once again you don't have a say in the matter. And frankly nobody gives a shit what you think.

Who? Boo. Wait for it. Hoo. Too late idiot He dismissed & broke the heart of his beautiful talented wife of 36 years by shocking her with divorce papers 6 yrs ago & taking up with Daryl Hannah whom he married two years ago. His 1st wife just suffered from cancer and died alone. That's what should be 'not OK,' d-bag.

I oppose his music at any event the old has been should be happy anyone will play his stuff. It’s fashionable to hate your president NeilYoung 💩 himself of the persecution of the leftist mob!! 😂 😆 Irrelevant for years! Screw him we don’t have to support his music. Neilyoung Sue him Neil,sue his orange ass.

Get over it... Snowflakes This was a very patriotic event, and listening to Neil Young song was awesome, but now that Neil Young has a problem with it, watch his fame get flushed down the toilet, I will not listen to another song from him. He is just like the rest of the haters.goodbyeNeilYoungkarma

No great loss. Neil Young! You’re awesome. Don’t let him use your music! Who.cares Why is this important? C’mon Don, put on some music that defines you... TrumpOut2020 TrumpIsANationalDisgrace Biden2020 RoArquette Kanye West is a close personal friend of Trump. Why wasn't his music featured at the Mt Rushmore Coronapalusa?

Your music sucks. Sue him! SUE HIS ASS!! Screw that old, over-the-hill prick. At this point in his decrepit life, he should be glad anyone remembers him. If the Trump 2020 crew pays the ASCAP fee, they can play anything they like. Grow up go sale your records to the Indians. Time for the minorities to quit crying their either Americans or their Indians or black men or what ever. Time to stand togather instead of look for reasons to complain

Fuck whoever this guy is. Awe poor baby.. you cant limit to only people you like listening to your music. realDonaldTrump steals Boo Frickin Hoo... Good on Neil. Lol that’s why he played it Oh look, a Canadian who came to America, used the System, and became a Capitalist is sheep's clothing to make $$. I guess killing babies, even if they are still alive is ok; And then selling their body parts? Selling America to foreign countries. Biden making his son rich and lying, while blacks are poor, blacks killing blacks etc.

You should be glad. It honored you. You aren’t exactly relevant these days. That's rapist-in-chief grabbing musicians by the you-know-what, without consent and against objections. Old habits die hard. Wow, Whocares what you think, Neil Young, Neil Young is irrelevant when he’s not playing the guitar!!!!!

45 only understands threats to his personal worth. Sue the fuck out of him for tarnishing your art, twice, Neil. No one cares abt Neilyoung Who cares about this Old Goat!! Poor baby. How much is the deep state paying you to trash our President? hypocrite NeilYoungNYA A celebrity making a statement for popularism? Never! 🤣

Sue his fat pants off! To bad he could of made a come back with our President Trump! realDonaldTrump is a thief and a liar. He is a rich entitled person who steals whatever he wants. Wouldn’t permission need to be required? Or does someone else own rights to the song? NeilYoungvs45 Injun101: When they take w/o paying...some ppl call it stealing...they call it entitlement...

Neilyoung sucks ass. Never could stand his voice. 'Well I heard Mister Young sing about her/ Well I heard old Neil put her down/ Well, I hope Neil Young will remember/ A Southern man don't need him around anyhow' If you ever had to have sex with this a——— would you? Sue!! Well done Sir! Neil, Kiss This!!

Who cares. He’s lucky anyone is playing his music. 🎶🎵Well I hope Neil Young will remember a southern man don’t need him around anyhow.🎶🎵 Hahahahaha ha GOOD I hope he gets real real mad about it can you blame him? Liberal cry baby he sucked then..and voice is like a whining engine.. 'Well I Hope NeilYoung Will Remember A Southern Man Don't Need Him Around Anyhow' 🤮☠ - Ronnie VanZant 🎤🎤

Screw him we all enjoy music 🎶 Changed your mind, Neil? BTW, Young should be more ashamed to have put his support behind pathetic commie sellout Sanders than Trump playing his overrated hit on an American Independence Day celebration. 🙄 CANADIAN🇨🇦 COMMIE NeilYoungNYA Deadbeat Doper Hippie needs 1-way ✈️back to JustinTrudeau eh?!?

Neil young has opposed everything his whole life. Nothing new. Glad he's healthy. Perhaps Green Day’s American Idiot is more appropriate. No one cares...! Get over it BluesdaddyD Give Trump hell Neil. Stones also sued Trump for playing their music at his rallies. Trump ignorant S.O.B, thinks he can use anyone's music at his rallies w/o permission. Sue hell out of him, his campaign. Here's a 'song' needs to play at his rallies!

Tuff shit Niel To friggin bad! You made plenty of money by putting it out there so people could use it, and now you want to be selective about WHO uses it? You are as bad as hypocrites get! Hey Neil, shut it. Was it Ok with you, when Obama, Sanders, Hillary and all the previous Presidents were there?!! I suspect that somebody is paying them. President Trump is trying to have jobs and fight for all Americans.SHAME ON YOU! Happy 4th.

Who cares what Neil Young thinks, he’s so irrelevant. He’s a canouck, if he doesn’t like it, he can go home anytime. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 realDonaldTrump is an American patriot🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 KAG2020 Trump2020 Trump should play another Neil Young song: Let's Impeach The President Bit too late to complain about it now 🙄

Don't sell your music then Suck it! So predictable. Take your trains and go back to Canada. I'm not surprised...the same man dropped 'southern man' 50 years legend who lives on his own terms POA, You can go fvck yourself. You’re irrelevant, so there’s that... Neil young although I like sum of his songs, has always carried his nuts in a separate travel bag. Just do another line dude, smoke another dube, get over it! You always been a lefty. Probably wears two left shoes

😭😢🤧 Who cares, Neil. You're just another celebrity hack Really! As a new American You should feel proud that President of the USA 🇺🇸 is using your music. realDonaldTrump WhiteHouse GOPLeader Heinessight DHSgov GOP SecPompeo 4thofJuly2020 AmericaFirst AmericaStrong AmericaWorksTogether BestPresidentEver

Don't care. His music is out there. He cannot pick and choose who uses it. If he has such an issue then he needs to stop making music Trump doesn’t care about copyright infringement. Because Trump doesn’t care about the law. And he doesn’t care about anyone darker than him. On Sioux sacred land he repeatedly praised Andrew Jackson who was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Native Americans.

Masky_Jay_Hoody If they made money out of that they should pay you, but when you are an international singer with lots of great songs many people will use your songs& some you may not like them personally, but it is ok. I hope Neil young will remember, a southern man don’t need him around anyhow Dont care.

Lol, he sold the rights to his music for money. tough luck, sweetie, sit in your mansion and bear the use of someone else’s intellectual property. You'll be fine Trump only complains when China steals intellectual property.... There must be some musician that wants Trump to use their music? Anyone? Buellar?

So NeilYoungNYA and MickJagger is it only liberal fans that bought your records and made you multi millionaires ? He should be happy that he is in some form of relevance... fuck you Neil Young a Southern Man don't need you around anyhow. Neilyoung Dont think this is up to him. The music belongs to the publisher.

Neil Young needs to chill the f*ck out ~ he’s looking a little ridiculous ❣️ Don't worry anyone under 55 is saying Neil Who? Neil, angry man, Young wants to now pick who listens to his music. Hypocrisy or loss of brain waves, 1 or the other is occuring with the guy best described by his band mates as self-centered. hypocrisy

Well, I heard Mister Young sing about Trump Supporters Well, I heard ol' Neil put us down Well, I hope Neil Young will remember Trump supporters don't need him around, anyhow… Neil. You're not that good...retire bro Another Pedo bought and paid for I guess. Come down ya old washed hasbeen you might sell a CD

Can record labels, producers, etc. preemptively send notice to Trump, his campaign, etc. to not use any of their music? This 'use it anyway, who cares about a cease and desist later' is bullshite. sonymusic warnermusic virginrecords IslandRecords UMG bmg ABCmusic Didn’t think so! Sue him Neal!!!!

Too late now! Everybody has to COMPLAIN about SOMETHING! From what I hear this whole darn country belonged to the Native Americans. Actually thought it was a poor choice as well. 'Southern Man don't want him around anyhow'. Me and many others are not OK with him.. Too bad! I saw him live in the UK. Open air gig in a farmer's field. Took place at sunset after some recent band. All the kids disappeared & all the old freaks took their place. As Neil played all the kids slowly returned agape. Beautiful! Neil Fu'ckin' hates trump! OnTheBeach 💜☮️

Get over it Neil Young is the LAST person who would be OK with this... Oh pipe down old man ... So sue him. Neil Young 💩 The way it works is the musician sells the rights to publish song to a publisher. There are two of them in the USA. A venue buys the rights from each of those publishers to use the entire catalog. Doesn't matter if Neil Young likes it

It should be OK with him. Lol what a crybaby. Give him a binky. Trump the buffoon uses patrioticez songs at his events when he is nothing more the a egomaniacal idiot trying to convince America he is leader which the average private in the military services is more of Neil Young is a better American than our president! Thank you, Mr. Young.

I'd never even think about your music. Best ad you ever received. Do it to him Neil ! You rock! Love you man! Neil Young is Canadian 🇨🇦. Good for you, Neil. Yawn Kneel Young And more than I stand with Neil I stand with the Lakota Sioux; which is what Neil is doing by protesting the use of this songs. Literally no one knows who he is so he should be thrilled.

What a nob whats the problem with these stars? its only fxxxing music and many fans who like your music may also vote for Trump....they seem to love the publicity when it suits! You are old and washed up. Nobody cares what you think!!!!! Who the hell is kneel young? He must be 90 years old. Now Rudy Valli i heard of. They shoul be the same age

CAllstadt Aside from the ratings on Donald Trump as a politician and Neil Young as a musician, the latter is an unkind person, say, an asshole Oh look, another tool of the entertainment industry. Imagine my shock. Ya think?!? RacistInChief TrumpIsARacist So do what the stones did. Ewwwwwww NY is not ok w me. And this coming from a 70's hippie

FU Neil, and take a shower once every month or so. good man neil. Why are artists waiting until he soils their souls? Forbid them proactively Oh Fuck that old man The only thing I can think of is a preemptive injunction, but ns if it's doable. I don’t even know any of his songs. 😂 Neil Young is an asshole..

Neil needs to get over himself, the old washed up has been! It’s not alright by me either. Why keep using all these hate America guys. The idiot. How does this keep happening? Is he required to get the artist’s (or copyright owner’s) permission or not? If so, he’s a serial offender. If not, his people should anticipate a backlash and try to find artists who support him to avoid bad publicity like this.

Oh my! Trump and his supporters have no music to plop up their bag of shite! Where’s Kid Rock! Neil Young 💜 MSRegiGirl Speaking of civil rights, do you ever wish Trump had more in common with Lincoln than he does? Bet more than u'd think do! 4thofJuly LincolnProject NeilYoung twitter theater booth_pm JWbooth

Thank you Neil!!! I'm sorry but I hate that fkn song. Horribly sang, horribly played... I hate it! I always have. Idgaf what the lyrics are about, the song was butchered from the time the first track was laid. Nobody can ever remake it and do it justice because I'll always hear this idiots version Lost all respect for NY when he hypocritically protested Canadian Oil and Gas business. worldneedsmorecanadianenergy

Neil young would never approve of this horse shit! then you are an old fool who doesn't love America and WE the people. He is the best and proudest President since Regan. He isn't a globalist like Obama, he's taking care of America while helping the rest of the countries Yeah blah blah blah...what is he doing about it? Song gets played, artist gets royalties. Make them pay then cease & desist.

Totally agree. Trump is the antithesis of America. Tough shit. Who cares? Besides, Young is a Canadian ! We don’t care ! Ok He’s a curmudgeon old man now. Who gives a fly F! Saw him in concert couple years ago and he was horrible to the audience. Should be glad his music is getting publicity. Screw you neil young, I used to like you, as old as your music and u are you should be glad it is playing anywhere! Your a has been

Who? Yeah who gives a crap what some 105 year old washed up musician thinks. Old man look at your life...who cares about your tunes anymore..rock on Trump! What changed? Who fucking cares. Fake Newz! Neil Young luvs Trump! In fact he just changed the lyrics to Marlon Brando, Senator Warren and me... Hashtag ItsaShitShow Happy4thofJuly

You all should him a bill for usurping the right of the others. But then you will have to wait in long line of debtors that crooked dRumpf has to pay to. Good luck realDonaldTrump Neil's early works are legend but these days he riffs way too Canadian, just like muskypopcornbutter as long as you.. and neilyoung say he is no longer an artist.. because his music is no longer up to interpretation.. Agreed? wheredidalltheartistsgo nofreespiritsallowed

Nobody friggin’ cares what you say! Is anti-White propaganda is not OK with me. Shut up now people have heard your music Like I give a flying eff what Neil Young thinks? He's Canadian...he's done too many drugs...and as long as you pay your ASCAP licensing fees, you can use his music pretty much any way you want...that's just the way it works. So Trump on baby!

Another American hating musicians opion ,that thinks we care!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Trump2Q2Q 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👊👊👊 A man needs a maid. Trump anthem Nothing he can do about it, the use of it was acquired the correct and legal way for President Trump rally, so all the fake news can spin it anyway they want, BOO HOO cry babies 😳

You mean all this time you have been 'benefitting' financially from US you were NOT a US citizen? You are the last person to speak up for freedom. America is a FREE country, founded by God to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ. Did you LEARN anything about US? So what was the worst song of the whole celebration tell him that he can take his song stick it

Neil Young, didn't you listen to Sweet home Alabama? Take a hike. So sad he feels that way! It’s our Country’s Birthday can’t you put your political views on hold. How many years have the American people supported your music!! Boo boo! Shut up and sing. Hey check out all these names on this list, what is it?

It’s not the first time Neil Young’s said this. Trump thinks he can do whatever he wants even with someone else’s work. Bet Trump doesn’t even know that Neil Young’s Canadian. Oh Neil Young get at grip! Be Thankful your music was played on a Independence Day Celebration that was one of the best we've had. At least your music was heard!! Try being Patriotic and not dividing! Doesn't look good on you being unpatriotic and UnAmerican

Good for him👏 Good man Neil! Don’t let the “stable genius” use your music at his rallies. Cease and desist please! No place for division and racism in the USA! Four more months and then an end to this nightmare! YES I AGREE THERES ALOT BETTER MUSIC OUT THERE THAT IS MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE IF USED IN THE RIGHT SITUATION!-TRUMP'S MUSICAL KNOWLEDGE SEEMS TO BE PRETTY LIMITED!!

Aww that’s too bad. Well we really rocked out to it just the same! Hey check this out Sue Him!!! So NeilYoungNYA opposes realDonaldTrump as do s for using their songs without permission at his rallies-Standard behaviour from the orange oaf ! -So ,class action? I’m sure they’ll be plenty of lawyers standing by ,Pro-bono to! TrumpOut2020

Too bad, you sold the license to use your shit in public.. Who’s Neil Young? Trump should use Ted Nugent’s two songs Stranglehold and Wang Dang Sweet Poontang because not only would Ted not care it’s very fitting for him! He has the country in a Stranglehold and he loves grabbing women by the Poontang! 😂🤣

Ridiculous!! Tell that Canadian to go home. Southern man dont need him. Surprise!! Surprise!! We don’t care what you think He is with the left , wants socialism !!! Well I see it!!! I’m sure Dave Grohl wasn’t too happy either. Ahhhhh, poor baby! oh boo hoo for you. His music is awful and should not be on a national stage..

Kate_Chase Does anyone listen to the lyrics ? He released all his music free im pretty sure. Idt he has a say anymore. I don't support trump. But still As much as I love Neil Young’s music, I saw him and Stephen Stills in concert in Columbia SC in like’76. They didn’t perform together and he screamed at the audience when we were asking for oldies. Told us to STFU and get with his newer unknown music. He was an a$$.

Si basically all you can play at your hate rallies is kid rock. TraitorTrump TreasonousTraitorTrump No one cares. Neil Young getting some publicity (getting it out there that he is still alive and not stinking up the place decomposing) Too bad, Neil. Snowflake. Does anyone know why President Trump is allowing old crappy music to be played?

See, Trump does not listen! What, too much liberal backlash Boo Hoo. Neil ‘the god of music’ Young ❤️✊ Tough titties Gramps I thought you played music for all to enjoy not just some people! You have alienated more than half of this country. You lose! NeilYoung is a loser!!! Neilyoung You Should Have Concider It A Honor That The President Of The USA Choose Your Music❣️I Know I Would❣️hope you don’t get boycotted But You Probably Will❣️

Lol. Neil young! What a pathetic human being! Liberals are a joke!😂 I guess Neil young forgot, a southern man don't need/want him around anyhow. Neil ain’t looking too Young...or healthy.... That drunk, drug addeled has been Needs to shut his pie hole! Who does he think he is?! It’s the most his music has ever been heard.

Why do they not understand they have to ask permission to use a song? Trump just plays it to trigger Neil Young....looks like it worked 😂😂😂😂😂 Trump and his administration have NO respect. TrumpTreason TrumpBountyGate Neil Young displays his ignorance. Fuck him , He has to sue Who’s Neil young? Blah blah blah.

Cant put the toothpaste back in the tube!! Too late fool!! I oppose the use of his music anywhere. Why does Trump get away with all this shit You are no longer a fan of millions if your songs can’t be used for a patriotic event. Neil Young who? Dude no one’s ever heard of you chill Don’t care... 🤷🏼‍♀️ On the flipside, nothing is OK with Neil Young.

You should be proud that he uses music come on now I'm boycotting your dog tail now. That happens to be free ad advertisement maybe somebody else when they hear it they'll go buy it or they'll listen to it but you know what y'all stink now I am not listening to your music anymore Cue trump supporters calling him a washed up has been 😂

Who cares. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 He's still alive? Good, show that orange man baby that he can't just do as he pleases. Neil Young should sue the Trump campaign for copyright infringement. All rock bands that don't like Trump need to have lawyers send cease and desist letters. And then sue. F-off Neil. You’ve enjoyed the Fruits of America your whole long life, and in return this shit from you. Why don’t you sell your mansions and buy a single wide, and place it on a Res?

Yeah...right! Only Millions of people watched that speech and odds are good, maybe some of that music might be sold. But, thanks for letting me know, you saved me some money from having to buy it. 👏👏👏 It doesn't really matter if it's 'OK' with him. That's not how music, language and culture work. Some company isn't going to dictate which customers are allowed to use their products, based on their political affiliation. Has Neil forgotten the lyrics to his own song or what?!

You really should be honored Neil!!! But you still live on there land, your just dumb! Waaaa! WaAaa! America's greatest Canadian. KevinMKruse Of all the photos of Neil Young and you choose this one? Ffs What a pussy 🤣 crying over a song! 😂😂😂 You should feel Honored 😉. Loser Join the Stones and SUE! Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha... suck it, Neil Young 😀😄😅😆🤣 Hahahahaha ! Trump2020

I’m not sure which song was Neil Young, but I thought the guy was a communist? Ya think C’mon Neal, everybody knows you just want your name in the press for old time’s sake. Oh poor baby🙄 KevinMKruse How many artists' songs has the Trump campaign used without permission? Apparently, the 'law and order' campaign doesn't care about people's property rights.

Sue him! Stop this from happening. It is not OK with me that I have to listen to Young’s song on presidents rallies. Mr. President just cut Him off. Find something else. YNB Trump hasn't used Heart of Gold yet. I wonder why? Oh, wait. Yeah, I hear it now. Makes me happy he never made a dime off of me. I have no time for 'woke' idiots.

Neil Young should sic BMI on Trump too like the Stones did. Neil I remember well.With that being said it's probably a good thing. We're a bit old to be playing politics good now. Anyway for business. I keep telling them to stick with Diamond and Silk! Really bad choice. Like playing SnoopDogg at a anti marijuana rally.

Music is the one thing that take me away from all this horse shit. Stop making every little thing about some political narrative. Neil nobody but us adults listen to your music. That's in a lot of cases Trump supporters. You think young people listen to your tunes? Neither is drug use, but that didn’t stop ole Neil.... did it!

If you notice at all these protests the people seem a little strange, like someone forgot to lock the door to the Asylum. A bunch of lonely people trying to be relevant. You know what that’s like Neil. Calm down. yes hes not ok with it now,,,,, after he gave the ok,,, please neil stfup.. Well, he doesn't have to listen.

Shame on you Neil Young!!! YOu should be honored & PROUD that it was showcased. You don't merit being chosen for such a patriotic event, but can't expect much from a Canadian 'hippie', who made millions in the U.S, and yet doesn't support the working man policies by our POTUS, Neal washed up hack who cares what you think

KevinMKruse So fucking what KevinMKruse Apparently Mr Law and Order broke the law again by infringing on Mr Young's copyright It’s fun watching liberals get triggered. He’s playing my song, that’s mine , Wah Wah Wah. Hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha Don’t care. I don’t listen to his music anyway. Always the social justice warrior. Serve it to him neil. Give him a big spoonful.

Go cry about it I'm with Neal. Wow want be leastening to you no more It called Cease and Desist Order Neil. Call your lawyer if you are not ok with Trump using your stuff. I remember when musicians would allow anyone to listen to their music who cares. Trump 2020 Watch 'Neil Young - Cinnamon Girl' on YouTube

Thank you and everyone's ears there thanks him. He’s still alive I agree could have picked a much better song and a real artist. Good for you He needs to get over it! These people making music should be happy their music is being heard. To many crybabies in this country lately. Grow up dude! SUE THE MOTHERFUCKER

If we can accept 'Trans', he can accept Mount Rushmore with Trump added to it. Legend 💫 Yea, ......too bad. go cry in your pot stash, you were paid for music you sold. get over yourself. Lynyrd Skynyrd had it right about you. Hey Niel young where ever you are LITERALLY... NO ONE CARES Neilyoung ! Why not? What do you have against him?

You can’t always get what you waaant.. If you only knew how not respected you’ve become yes you made some of the greatest music ever period my opinion one of the greatest musicians ever if not the greatest and now your so grumpy and just completely complain about everything you really don’t see it either

Trump loves to be a thorn in the side of musicians he exploits ... playing their music at his hate rallies ... without permission ...Stones NeilYoung have asked him to stop Complains about playing the one song anyone can remember this no talent idiot writing. It's a celebration of America not Trump.

Ummmm... 'this is NOT OK with me'? Neil... All these rock stars who say they are 'strongly opposed' to Trump using their work. Forget the initial cease and desist letter... Sue the FU&ER out of existence. Sure he can refuse to have his music played anywhere he chooses but then a cake baker or florist can also refuse to have their custom art be used anywhere they choose.

TOUGH TITTIES😸 Who the hell is Neil Young? Tin soldiers and Trump is comin'. We're finally on our own... Unless these useless idiots takes their music off the market before even one sound track is sold they’re just blowing hot air. Patents don’t matter once they start selling their music Neil should just be happy anyone is playing his songs.

PayDownTheDebt He must sue Trump. That's what Trump does all the time. It's actually the only thing he knows about. Well do something about it Neil Young can get bent. Since when is his permission needed ?! GTH tyrant. It’s not like trump even picked the music. The fireworks company plans it all. 👎 your Attitude stinks!

I can't imagine anyone, who is a true fan of Neil Young's music and creative process, IS ok with this shit. Like Reagan using Bruce Springsteen's music, it's fucking offensive that they don't understand how much the music DOESN'T go with their hateful, ignorant messages. Jeezus! Give back the money you got for it then

Meh. Let’s hope ol’ Neil gets over it. 😂 mikesmi40577931 NOT COOL Neil said I Bet What the Hell Let the POTUS use any of my songs Just like the Stones Trump a Big fan Are you serious? Unbelievable. I am so fed up with this. There are plenty of articles that may indicate that NeilYoung is having money problems. All publicity is good publicity when down on your luck. Is Neil punching up at .realDonaldTrump ?

That’s so sad, you can’t hear it but I’m playing the worlds smallest violin right now to mourn for you. Who is Neil Young? Neil, you are lucky we even want to listen to it. You wrote it for an audience. I am sure your country western audience is made up of at least 60% of trump supporters who love this country as I suppose you did when you wrote these sons. Dont ambarras yourself by showing your hate

So obviously the Trump campaign NEVER preapproved use of copyrights! Doesnt surprise me one bit! It’s not ok with me either...Neil is lame... Did his reps sell the rights for it to be used? If so, take it up with them. Same idiots who think 'Fortunate Son' by CCR and 'Born in the USA' by Springsteen are MAGA songs. Anyone wanna tell 'em about 'This Land Is Your Land'?

I didn't like it either. Your music sucks anyway. Trump 2020 Cry baby. 😂 And..... Neil Young is an asshole. Big baby!!! The (botox) needle and damage done (to Trump's brain).. Trump changed the estate taxes that were destroying family farms which Neil young wanted but could never get done with his progressive supporters. Neil should have the guts to thank Trump. Instead he worries about his brand

Is you music only for people who think like you? Cause if it is, you don't practice what you preach. Thank you! Grow a set Neil baby neilyoung washedupnobody trump2020 Listen Neil, nobody cares what you think... Nobody Trump and administration give the middle finger to congressional subpoenas, you think they give a sh$t about music copyrights?

Maybe some trump musicians can volunteer their tunes? Ted nugget perhaps? Pity has no hits I played a song of the Crosby, Stills,Nash ,and Young album and he never complained! And we are not ok with you Thats why there is a song about miss young and his bullshit! Haha. Eat it, Canadian kooter. Trump owns your music.

Who cares what he thinks “Not ok with me” by people who have a heck of a lot more money and power than rest of us and...nothing happens. Anyone starting to listen to “HE AINT GONNA LEAVE!” yet? This is a non story. He is only saying that to appease the handful of lefties who listen to his music. He benefited hugely by last night. Write about something real.

F these people! F Hollywood too!! Too bad. Stop whining and cash your royalty check. He’s on his last legs. Big deal. A new supergroup: All the musicians who have ordered the Trump campaign to cease and desist. “Ladies and gentlemen — please welcome... ... THE PLAINTIFFS.” We’re going to need a really big stage. NeilYoung musicians RollingStones TrumpIsALaughingStock VoteBlue

Blow me Too bad never again listen to you if that's all you have to bother u Hmmm ... which bucket does Neil Young belong in? Bucket 1 HIGHLY UNINFORMED Bucket 2 MORE INFORMED THAN SOMETIMES YOU WANNA BE Bucket 3 HIGHLY ON YOUR WAY TO PRISON 🖕🏻Neil Young! He’s been irrelevant for how long now? He’s an ex-hippie sellout that wrote a few decent lyrics back in the 60s-70s, but sucks as a performer!

I don’t remember anybody giving a shit what you think! I guess Neal felt left out from all the democrats non stop whining about everything that happens and has happened every day for 4 years. You know, Toby Keith's a real GOP shill, and he has a song about the 'good ol' days' when we used to lynch people. Would be more up Trump's alley. Don't know why Trump uses songs by people who don't like him.

Should probably have this headline instead 'At the time, Young admitted that the Trump campaign had purchased the license to play “Rockin’ in the Free World” at rallies.' Looked okay here didn’t it? Desperately seeking relevance in his old age. Light up another split Neil. Why does he use music from Rolling Stones and Neil Young when he has the incredible talents of Ted Nugent and Kid Rock at his disposal?

No longer a fan of Neil young Who cares? TOUGH. Next time tell your 'business people' not to sell the rights. LMAO. Too bad morgfair So on brand for Republicans. Steal other people’s intellectual property. “It’s all about me...” The thing that's so stupid in all of this is the notion that the President had anything to do with choosing the music. 🤦‍♀️ If people would only think and reason first and not just have an emotional reaction, but then they would be as easy to manipulate.

So Neil doesn't want to rock in the free world? You know I find it offensive he uses your music also. There's way better out there. You should be glad your getting airplay . Why doesnt he sue? Too late, bud. 😂 Diddums. It won't be the first or the last time music is enjoyed by anybody. Honestly I’m surprised Neil is still alive. I thought he dropped off the face of the earth in the 90s

If you live in the USA, you’re on native should appreciate your music being played for an Independence celebration.. why is it everyone cannot just LOVE instead of stir up contention. Hod meant for us to all share his creation. Stop the damn whining!!! Well, I heard Mister Young sing about her (southern man) Well, I heard ol' Neil put her down Well, I hope Neil Young will remember A southern man don't need him around, anyhow

Tough shit. Seems about right that Trump supporters would not like a musician like NeilYoung. He writes and plays with heart. His back catalog has aged quite beautifully. Listen to 'On the Beach' from '74. It's still mind blowing 45 years later. Peerless. Bet the Trumpiots will say he is a traitor for not allowing agent orange to use his music. Lo

Neil should be greatful someone remember or even likes his music enough to play it for a crowd. NeilYoungSucks Is that cos you were on Epstein island too neil MiaFarrow Someone should just tell Trump et al that Neil Young is an immigrant. Fu€k you both YOU TELL HIM NEIL!!! Neil Young isn't happy unless Harvey Weinstein is using his songs.

And just like that, Neil is dead to me. Dropped ya like a hot rock! Nothing and I mean nothing or no one will interfere in our 2020 battle for freedom. wah Tell him to use Ted Nugget‼️‼️ Did you even bother to check the ASCAP licensing? “Not ok w me,” does not mean “cannot use it.” You should be proud someone still wants to play your music Pappy saun

Oh of course he is not ok. Seems like everyone says they oppose trump using their music at his rallies but he keeps doing it and none of you have yet to do shit about it. Basically trump says fuck all you artists at every single rally, I mean, once its over, wtf you gonna do besides voice disapproval!

Neilyoung take this song I made 12 years ago. Make it better, and give the proceeds to these people if it sells. Sue them. Sounds perfectly acceptable. He can’t do 💩about it.Neil young’s publisher owns the rights to the song.He lost control of songs years ago. Soon as he had to sign over his publishing rights to “make it big” which he never really did.only reason his songs played on radio is cause of payola. Nice hair😃🥜chin

We oppose Neil young than He is so laughable 🤣🤣 Haha. Neil, you know you love Trump. I'd rather them not play it.. his music makes my ears bleed His music. There is a million other singers and songwriters that would love to be part of History. No one will even notice. Leave our Canadian music alone President Trump.

? CancelNeilYoung then, anti-american piece of crap flitedocnm I wish I knew what he actually said when he first found out. Your music isn’t that great anyhow!!! Oh brother. I would think it an honor for any musician under any president Neil sue the idiot. Who cares! I’m happy to celebrate the 4th of July with Predident Trump at Mt Rushmore🇺🇸 Happy Birthday America❤️ I’m sorry the Lakota Indians lost, but all nations of the earth have been defeated by other nations. I hope I’m not alive if America is defeated. Communists are trying

Haha it was Trump trolling yet another leftie singer. The moment I heard the song I knew it was a troll. Well it happened so move the fuck on. You either support Trump or you support a communist uprising. It’s clear at this point. Piss of Canadian MrjasoN_ Cry more. I thought he was dead. Oh..that’s his career that’s dead. is he even relevant? Did he not make his wealth from America? NeilYoungisAntiAmerican so maybe we reduce his wealth by not buying his music. No need -no one is buying it anyway.

What do you expect from a Bernie Sanders supporter? That song criticizes America more then anything! Go back to Canada Neil. It's called an ASCAP license (royalty license). The venue or in this case, the campaign pays for it & they can play any music from any artist. Venues that hire cover bands must have one & no, the artist can't 'make someone stop using their music' once they have the licence.

Trump never asks if he can use someones music.. he regularly doesn't ask. he plays by his own rules on everything. 🙄 Grow up Quit making everything political! My gosh When did we start acting like 2 yo & before you say”T”!does It Dont make it a tit for tat situation All you hear from artist is listen to my music ! You can’t choose who gets to hear it after you put it out manchildren

“I hope Neil young will remember , a southern man don’t need him around anyhow” LOL WHO WANT’’S TO EVEN LOOK AT NEIL YOUNG? ..HAHA HE IS SO OLD His chin has turned in to a LITERAL 🥜 SACK Too bad. In the words of Lynard Skynard “a southern man, don’t need him around, anyhow!” 🇺🇸MAGA 'This is NOT OK with me' © (2020) 🎸 is the 3rd track on Side 2 of Neil Young’s collaborative album Fedora © (2020) a homage to Roy Harper, and includes various duets with Jim Messina, Jerry Jeff Walker, Melissa Manchester, Pink, Todd Rundgren, and Blondie. Kokomoschmoe

persistentpengn SUE his ass! Sue the SOB! Trump after seeing this Neil's Reaction,' I didn't like his music anyway' When you get money for music rights, you no longer own the rights. Think about that before you sell your rights to a library. Neilyoung stands in solidarity with the Lakota Sioux ... The Lakota Sioux obtained the Black killing and raping the Comanche ? I guess indigenous peoples taking land by force is OK with Neil? ... Neil is either dumb as f**k or is a total hypocrite !!

Neil Young is a demonic socialist? Well, now I'll never listen to any of his old rerun songs. He's a phony. Dang Trump right...again. It never gets old. BTW Neil Young . You get royalties you have no control on who plays your songs. I thought his nickname Crybaby was because of the way he signs. That ship has sailed. It’s done. Now he’ll get his royalties, and has made his wishes known. Guess it should have been in his contract if he wants pre-approval.

❤️ Musician's need to band together and sue Trump for using their songs without their permission. Period. Twat - it'll make no difference at all and you know it - the President will be elected again in November - deal with it. Hey Mr. Young, Was the title of that Song 'Keep on rocking in a world okayed by my publicist'? What happened to the 'free World' part? Here we thought it would have been an integral part of the song's meaning. Guess it was just a word salad that had some rhymes and a decent beat

Now all the Trumpets will say that they have never heard of him🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ I love the fact Neil Young is Canadian 🇨🇦 Thank you Neilyoung 👍🏼 he needs to change his glasses... Neil, Trump didn’t use your music, America did in celebration of its independence. So think of it as giving something back to a nation that’s given you everything.

There r more with Trump than the old man young Who cares what Neil Young says a southern man doesn't need him around anyhow! Did like your music now that you’ve decided to be political or biased relevant I’ve discovered there’s so much better music out there🇺🇸💕 Oh stop it Neil. The ancient Lakota Sioux would have annihilated every other tribe if they had the opp.

Trump should use Skynyrd’s - I imagine they’d have no issues at all. Maybe Check your Liberal Privilege? I want every musician in every band, every singer and chorus who have had their music played at Trump rallies sue for copyright violations, not in one court, but in every court where his rally was in their jurisdiction. And publicize it on every platform that Trump has no guts.

Well it sucks to be you ..... Sorry, dude, you put it out there to sell and for others to hear. Start a group that only sells to members or something if you want to control it. Bet you wouldn't get rich that way. So stop your complaining. So it was ok with you when past Presidents visited Rushmore, just not the current President. hyprocrites Trump2020NowMoreThanEver

I don’t get how copyrighted material can continually be used by Trump & nobody is capable of taking him and any other politician to court on this. You should be happy your music was one else is playing it! Fuck him up, Neil. Neil needs to return royalties from BMI, ascap and sesac then. You cucks don’t know how licensing works in public places.

Define 'Virtue signalling' How freaking old is Neal Young? 80? So what? Thus is America get over yourself! Why don't they use the music from people who support their agenda? 😂😂😂The only time ol Neil gets any press is opposing the use of his music. Sorry- when you sell your music and put it out there, it’s there. You don’t get to pick and choose, you prissy immigrant.

I’m sure Trump will be devastated 🙄 Who give a fuck about what that dirty Canuck thinks. ♥️ Kick the anti American to Afghanistan, where he belongs iNews9K SourcesSay: Trump desperately wants to be hip- desperately protects his hip. We don’t need his music! There are far more singers with great music! It's okay if they use 'Southern Man,' though, right? 😃

realDonaldTrump will take that under advisement Is Kanye a singer maybe he would approve since there are likely only less than 2% of musicians that would allow them to play their music for free at a TrumpVirus MAGA rally. Trump is the most lawless leader in the world. Ranks up there with Bolsonaro & Kim Jung Un!

☮️♥️ This gives anti-Americans like Neilyoung attention they don't deserve. Please tell me why parscale hasn't solicited & procured music from patriotic, independent Trump supporters to play at events? All this old music makes Republicans look so out of touch anyway 🙄 🖕🖕🖕 you should THANK him for playing your shit!

Stop talking; no one cares. Did he not start a lawsuit last election season? They didn’t play Southern Man though😏 He’s a turn coat Neil Young is still alive? I always thought he sucked. Always whiny and still whining through that old cocaine nose. So what. Trump made it better for you. We all oppose it, but it was a nice dig!! 😂 Loser FameFag

Neil Young is just another BUTT HURT LIBERAL! I like NeilYoung and I like realDonaldTrump. I like Mount Rushmore too, would love to see it for real one day. Happy4thJuly Neil doesn't want any new listeners? Dang, Lefties make zero sense, once again. why can't these artists do something about it? he has done this to at least four artists that i know of.

“Well I hope Neil Young will remember, a southern man don’t need him around anyhow!” 🤣 skynyrd He;s just following orders from his jewish owned record label Anti-war Trump trolling the anti-war protester. ✔ Who cares neil He will be cancelled like Bon Jovi and Springsteen was. Trump should use music of unknown talents who love America and support him. Why stir this up. Let them keep their music rights. So many musicians could use a break in these hard times.

You should be lucky anyone would want to play your music. Who cares! No one cares! Only way people hear your music fckoff Who? TreasonousTraitor Who cares No one cares what musicians say or do This crew of brainiacs using 'Keep on Rockin' in the Free World' is the same think tank that thinks 'Born in the USA' by Bruce Springsteen is song of national pride, too. Cease and desist letter from Neil Young incoming.....

Can he sue? SUE HIS FAT ASS. VIOLATION OF COPYRIGHT WITHOUT PERMISSION! Get over yourself 🙏🏼🇺🇸 Tooooo F'ing BAD...LeeGreenwood has the HEART BEAT of AMERICA. GodBlessTheUSA Well never mind, eh! 🤷🏻‍♂️ He plays “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” He’s telling his base the truth. He’s going to screw them over in the end.

Cry about it I guess this is Trump campaign’s strategy. Steal whatever music they want until they get a cease and desist, then move on to the next artist. Shameful. Can’t he use songs from bands who like him? Oh yeah. He’s running out of artists to pirate music from. Maybe Chachi released an album he could use the music from. LoserTrump

GerberKawasaki Who cares? GerberKawasaki Canadians don't care much for Trump Me either Neil. Btw do you think he knows the Rolling Stones are British? I love them but....uh... patheticdunce We all knew he’d be pissed! Trump is everything Young hates and has stood against his type his entire career! I about died hearing Cowgirl in the Sand playing! LOL! No worries, Young will verbally reduce him, won’t take long!

GerberKawasaki Why aren't these artists suing the shit out of this criminal? DUMP TRUMP IN NOV... Yet again, no one actually listened to the lyrics. Geniuses. SUE THE SHIT OUT OF HIM NEIL!!! It’s best to never play his music - I never was a fan of l Neil anyways. Agree we should all stop playing his banter.

Sue the shit out of him F him..this old geezer should be kissing Trump’s feet..if it weren’t for Trump nobody would know who the hell he is Knew this article was coming. Politics aside... Neil is a living legend. Maybe a statue? Who cares? A Southern man don't need him around anyhow.

'This Is NOT OK With Me’: Neil Young Condemns Trump’s Use Of His MusicThe rock icon was not happy after his songs were played at Trump's Independence Day celebration at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. sue him neil he getting away with alot of crap sue him Morning minni Children who are disappointed cry and then keep going. Music is there to be played. If you don‘t want it to be played by people you don‘t like then don‘t put it out there in the first place.

How Run the World's young female influencers found hope in music and one anotherRun the World, a new pop group made up of young influencers, released their debut song, 'Rainbow,' to give children hope amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Neil Young Objects To Use Of 3 Of His Songs By Donald Trump At Mount Rushmore Event Neil Young objected to the use of his music in the prelude to President Donald Trump ’s event at the base of Mount Rushmore, siding with Lakota Sioux who have long claimed the land as their ow… Neil Young is so cool it’s mind boggling tbh... Did you do it with an exclamation point? You need to add a forceful punctuation to your objection if you want it to be legally binding.

How Young LGBTQ+ People Celebrated Pride During a PandemicYoung LGBTQ+ people from around the country to documented their Pride month via video diaries, journal entries, photos, and art.

Teen author shares tips for young activists: Don't have to wait to change the worldAuthor and activist Marley Dias, 15, founded the movement 1000BlackGirlBooks in 2015 after her teacher assigned three books to read during the school year—all featuring white boys and their dogs as main characters. Congratulations The books the teacher recommended had NOTHING to do with race until this misinformed girl decided to bring it up! This is the future the media and dummy-crats want!!....SMH

As Trump fails to curb COVID, young patients stress no one is immuneU.S. coronavirus cases are hitting all-time highs in July, with the pandemic drastically shifting towards younger Americans. In this MSNBC Special Zoom interview, MSNBC’s Ari Melber talks with two people in their 20s – Raven McGregor and Jonah Stillman - about contracting Covid, what they learned, and what their peers are doing and saying about the enduring threat, along with Dr. Uché Blackstock. McGregor opens up and concedes, 'I thought I was immune because I was young,' urging everyone to take the threat seriously. Time to wake up . 🛎🥮ready In my state in Australia the schools are being affected, 15 shut. So much for the theory young people are not spreaders, everyone is vulnerable to this most infectious disease. Young people are out at Bars, etc and bringing the virus home and exposing older people to infection LyingPress