Need a Covid nurse? That'll be $8,000 a week

A shortage of nurses means hospitals are paying high salaries to get the help they need. That threatens to shift the supply to more affluent areas.

11/24/2020 2:47:00 PM

Early in the pandemic, hospitals were competing for ventilators, Covid-19 tests and personal protective equipment. Now, sites across the US are competing for nurses.

A shortage of nurses means hospitals are paying high salaries to get the help they need. That threatens to shift the supply to more affluent areas.

01:44All four of Utah's major health care systems have seen nurses leave for traveling nurse positions, said Jordan Sorenson, a project manager for the Utah Hospital Association."Nurses quit, join traveling nursing companies and go work for a different hospital down the street, making two to three times the rate," he said."So it's really a kind of a rob-Peter-to-pay-Paul staffing situation."

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Hospitals not only pay the higher salaries offered to traveling nurses but also pay a commission to the traveling nurse agency, Sorenson said. Utah hospitals are trying to avoid hiring away nurses from other hospitals within the state. Hiring from a neighboring state like Colorado, however, could mean Colorado hospitals would poach from Utah.

"In the wake of the current spike in Covid hospitalizations, calling the labor market for registered nurses 'cutthroat' is an understatement," saidAdam Seth Litwin, an associate professor of industrial and labor relations at Cornell University."Even if the health care sector can somehow find more beds, it cannot just go out and buy more front-line caregivers."

Litwin said he's glad to see the labor market reward essential workers — disproportionately women and people of color — with higher wages. Under normal circumstances, allowing markets to determine where people will work and for what pay is ideal."On the other hand, we are not operating under normal circumstances," he said."In the midst of a severe public health crisis, I worry that the individual incentives facing hospitals on the one side and individual RNs on the other conflict sharply with the needs of society as whole."

Some hospitals are exploring ways to overcome staffing challenges without blowing the budget. That could include changing nurse-to-patient ratios, although that would likely affect patient care. In Utah, the hospital association has talked with the state Board of Nursing about allowing nursing students in their final year of training to be certified early.

Demand in Rocky Mountain statesMeanwhile, business is booming for companies centered on health care staffing, such as Wanderly and Krucial Staffing. Read more: NBC News »

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