Nearly 7 million San Francisco Bay area residents ordered to shelter in place

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Nearly 7 million San Francisco Bay area residents ordered to shelter in place starting at midnight

From CNN's Chris Isidore

"We’re assessing the safety of all of our sites and their alignment with local, state and national government guidance as we continuously monitor this evolving situation," said Boeing's statement.

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Fake San Francisco shelter in/lockdown. Plenty of people walking around. In groups, police patrol are not enforcing the 6 feet rule. A lot of people at the beach. People joke about 6 feet rule, push each other and huddle back together.

I went to a Bridgeport hospital yesterday to have coronavirus test but they say they don't have it for myself so what kind of government we got right now you know it can provide anything for the people .

Stay strong bay you'll get through this ChineseVirus

Please, stop harassing people for going out on walks and jogging in San Francisco. Get your definition of social distance right before you make anything breaking news

Live shot of San Fran residents hunkering down

I'm sure they will think of something to do....

What about homeless people living on street!

better than walking on shit covered sidewalks.

Homeless gonna be wilding committing crimes under $1,000 even more now

How’s that going to work with the homeless WuhanVirus

I want to know for every Chinavirus reported and death occurrence we should also get the number of regular flu reported and death so we can at least have some context?

Another smart move in Cali...

Freedom!!! Democracy!!!

تعالوا_ نصلى_ ركعتين_ بنية_ رفع البلاء _والوباء

Not because of the virus, someone ripped a gay fart and they’re concerned it might start an orgy, sorry to gay folks and Frisco folks, trying to at least keep our sense of humor 😃

I locked down on February 29th when it was clear things were spiraling out of control. I’m super excited that we are finally interested in taking action, even if late.

How can they all be ordered to shelter in place but places remain open and mass transit be in service. Use of those would literally not be sheltering in place.

This is a violation of the human rights and freedoms of the American people

Im high risk I am isolated at home but my wife is forced to go to work at a non essential business in Nashville.Thousands still gathering at bars,schools,restaurants still open. No mask&sanitizer anywhere.Many ppl r going 2 die thanks 2 GovBillLee JohnCooper4Nash mayorkenmoore

Crazy - and how do they survive financially?

4661 cases, 85 deaths 3 months in (h1n1 was 1million cases & 1000+ deaths 2 months in back in 2009) & a metropolitan area of 7 million instituting defacto martial law under penalty of arrest. This measure & ones like it clearly aren't about the virus...

The U.S. government is persecution of people's freedom

Id like to say wait and in 9 months you'll see a spike in childbirths but this is San Fran, who am I kidding!

BrandonSLC84 RachelG11 doing okay?

ShillGatez Can they order pizza?


Lol. So many haters here. The city is doing what is necessary to keep contact at zero. Maybe if u people stop sending your displaced to our city, we’d be in better shape. we will get them into rehab and help them. Not send them away w $100 bus pass. SF we got this. humanity

human rights?

Be cool people. Be calm. Help one another. We are in this together like never before

All of the US needs to do this for 14 days to stop this virus from continuing to grow

Just. Fucking. Do. It.


This should be national policy for 2 weeks as a start. Shelter in place is all we can do w/o testing to isolate folks w/ symptoms who are + and find their contacts.

San Francisvo taking the orders seriously. Rush hour and no one on the street.

So it seems that only rich/famous people are being tested in the US right now. And now an area containing a large subset of these people is going into a straight up lockdown. This should be setting of warning bells. 🚨 🚨

Dear realDonaldTrump us Californians need help ASAP we will get evicted!


It's coming here. Our governor said two weeks no bars, restaurants. Just the precursor to stay in your homes. Baby steps.

No human rights. No human rights. Freedom. Freedom.🔥🔥

Can’t believe that. Many people laughed at me for my advice of quarantine. Finally someone stands out to save people

That’s a BIG but necessary move!!! SanFranciscoLockdown CoronavirusOutbreak coronavirus COVID19 COVID2019 COVID

I hope there's some good surf tomorrow because it's on

Flu killed 17,000 in 2019 , 300,000 fell ill also where was the panic last year? This virus 🦠 is more contagious 😷 but 80% will never be affected and there is no cure also no cure for the flu 🤧 QuarantineLife CoronavirusOutbreak COVID19


What in the Corona is on his head? 😂😂😂

Great cost to people's livelihoods and personal liberities.

Can we quarantine CNN so they cannot mislead the public and try to cause greater panic?

They deserve it. Imagine, a people who accept crapping in public streets being susceptible to disease...who would have thought?

And where do your droves of homeless go

This is not prison. Life will go on for many. Well still buy groceries, mail letters, go to the doctor as normally. Biggest problem are people who whose jobs will be temporarily lost during these 3 weeks while there will be no public gathering of any number of people of any kind.

Where is human rights and freedom?

All 7 million head for Sonoma and Napa


what happened?

“Shelter in place?” Is that code for quarantine?

What about the homeless?


Stay in your boxes....

Serious...Homeless people are going to freak out. Is this how they are going to rescue and cleanup SF homeless population? Someone needs to watch and check on them.

How does the huge homeless population in San Francisco shelter in place?

Here is the order so you can read for yourself what this entails. Grocery shopping and walking the dog, okay. Going to bars, not okay.

Is a tent considered shelter or are you just going to start arresting the homeless....for being homeless. :/

How many couches will get ripped apart by doges? What are hoomans gonna do about them 💩?

They can’t do that. “Ordering” implies no exceptions - fuck that, people can & should go out

larsulrich you’re the hero San Fran needs right now. BlckBeard31

LeslieKritzer this is heartbreaking...

Does that mean the street people are confined to their tents?

NYCMayor NYGovCuomo Nyc needs to lockdown for three weeks as well!!

This needs to be NationWide. Certain cities doing it and other bordering cities not will just help keep this pandemic alive and breathing. AllOrNone bcpoli cdnpoli BritishColumbia Vancouver Covid19 SaveTheWorld Canada

Yep massive population with feces and other biohazards in the street they should have locked them down with the first cases.




Does anyone know if I’m able to leave SF to drive back down to LA after midnight tonight?

Thanks china

I can already see this movie being made 10 years later


fuckin hell NlGGAS

What about all the homeless taking shits on the sidewalks?

AND the homeless in leftyland do what , now toss in the 5 million illegals who will spread this and take up hospital beds......

Don't the hundreds of thousands of homeless in Pelosi's San Francisco already 'shelter-in-place' ?

When does the looting start?

Does this new order mean the homeless druggies and side walk shitters remains on the sidewalks? Asking for a friend....

Or what? It’s not like people get arrested for actual crimes in CA anymore.

And the homeless?

Binbin0324SH What about the homeless in San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi, will they shelter in place?

Because if you said “stay home”that would only cover like half...

I am wondering,🤔 where will all the homeless go?

SeanLamar12 I’m so glad you’re not there

Except for the homeless shitting on the streets.

What the ....


Well PoliticalOrgy time to see if your theories arw true. Liberal city under lockdown...I bet everyone quietly obeys.

even for work?

Come on CNN , go on laughing about Italy...

Necessary precaution and probably the first of many cities in California to have a more serious approach to lockdown to stop the spread. We could be Italy, where they are so overwhelmed they have to CHOOSE who to treat to prioritise limited care.


What for? I really can't figure out the reason for the order!

ThirteenCanuck Shelter in place?

Hiv gone mad ?

FakePresident Trump Is Doubling Down on Cuts to Life-Saving Programs He Once Vowed to Protect ThisIsAmerica DownTrump2020

Good luck enforcing this.

What if you are in the wrong place 12?

YIKES!!! 😳

What happens if they run out of food, water and prescriptions?

What are the consequences of not following orders?

This is because everyone is shitting on the streets...



At least someone is doing something during this thing. Although I wish we had done this weeks ago. We had plenty of warning.

Paging Mr. PatrickMcGee_. Do you copy?


Is this Marshal Law?

This is what happens when you let people shit in the street

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