Health, Nearly 226, 000 Covid-19 Cases Were Reported İn Children Last Week, Pediatrician Group Says - Cnn

Health, Nearly 226

Nearly 226,000 Covid-19 cases were reported in children last week, pediatrician group says

Covid-19 infections have continued to increase 'exponentially' among children across the US, and now account for nearly 26% of all cases reported nationwide, according to new data

9/21/2021 3:35:00 AM

Covid-19 infections have continued to increase 'exponentially' among children across the US, and now account for nearly 26% of all cases reported nationwide, according to new data

Covid-19 infections have continued to increase 'exponentially' among children across the US, and now account for nearly 26% of all cases reported nationwide, according to data published Monday.

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This number is completely inflated because RSV and Strep are being misdiagnosed as covid because it turns into Pneumonia in same way. 46 parents this week already who I told to get second test came back saying this so the tests are still very inaccurate. Alot still have covid but So? Their immune system has no problems with Covid.

Maybe the vax’d parents are spreading it to them living relaxed lives with no fear of death due to the wuhan biological injection? “Casedemic” - children used to fit the political narrative! so sick of reading your tweets on Covid. Maybe time for me to unfollow NUREMBURG 2.0 COMING SOON Immune-ing the herd !! No mask or vax required

Why are y’all talking about the infection riddled people crossing the border? They have a 40% covid positive rate. They don’t need to get vaccines and are being released into the USA. 【2015 Nobel Prize Award Speech: Why Ivermectin and Artemisinin could save hundreds of millions of people every year. The internet rumor that ivermectin is for animals used only can be silenced now.】

Recoverable cases… You realize that Fauci and the other scientists are learning as they go. That’s why various recommendations can and do change. One recommendation that hasn’t changed, however, is that people need to get vaccinated to be protected against this virus. That is clear.

Covid-19: NI records five Covid-linked deaths, 889 casesThe total number of deaths linked to coronavirus in NI since the start of the pandemic is 2,504

The children were immune until you started vaccinating them Every time an apple fell from the tree, we were wrong about the number of apples🧑👧 Who gives a fuck about cases if they're getting the sniffles. You guys should be ashamed of your panic porn bullshit. How easily we forget that the tests ran are 40x meaning you can find any trace of any virus, now they start again pushing fear using kids SCAM

Long Covid Affecting One Third Of People After Covid-19 Coronavirus Infection, CDC MMWR Study FindsSymptom rates were higher among females, Black people, and those 40 years and older or with pre-existing conditions. good

COVID-19 Has Killed About As Many Americans As The 1918-19 Spanish Flu PandemicThe pandemic still has the United States and other parts of the world firmly in its jaws. Lies no . the gop has got America firmly in its jaws as the gop promotes covid 24/7. and not once do they ever wash the blood off of their hands. Yes it has. But not as quickly......

Covid-19 Deaths in Delta Surge Trend Younger in U.S.At Tampa General Hospital, about 90% of recent Covid-19 patients were unvaccinated, and those in intensive care were 46 years old on average. “These are working people, they’re people with families and children they’re still raising.” wow Orphaning your children by listening to Trump Republicans and Fokkks “News” - there fixed it. The pandemic of denial and political resentment was as bad as the Covid pandemic. Public health must now include education, and messaging as components to fight future medical challenges.

U.S. and EU struggle with the same question: How to maximize COVID-19 vaccinationsDespite apparently divergent strategies, officials in both the U.S. and the EU are struggling with the same question: how to boost vaccination rates to the max and end a pandemic that has repeatedly thwarted efforts to control it. If you subscribe to LAT and are not from Northern California or Bakersfield, then LAT thinks you’re not a real American So why pay money to a newspaper who thinks you’re garbage? It’s time to return to regular life. You can’t help those that won’t help themselves. Never happen !! Even if you vaccinated you can get it! So you need to put back masks mandate everywhere to lower the risk of infection and have everyone vaccinated at the same time to lower mortality That’s how u do it ! Mistake was thinking that once vaccinated , you immune !

Key data on U.S. J&J, Moderna COVID-19 boosters 'weeks away,' Fauci saysData needed to determine the advisability of booster shots of the Moderna Inc and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines is just weeks away, President Joe Biden's chief medical adviser said on Sunday, as officials signaled they expected boosters would be recommended for a broad swath of Americans. U.S. health regulators already have begun to consider a third dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. A U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory panel on Friday recommended a third shot of the two-dose Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for people age 65 and older or at high risk of severe COVID-19, but declined to endorse boosters for the wider population. Yahoo