Neal Katyal says John Lewis calmed him before defending Voting Rights Act in Supreme Court

He told me: 'Neal, you got this.'” @neal_katyal recalls how John Lewis called him before he had to defend the Voting Rights Act in front of the Supreme Court.

8/2/2020 5:02:00 AM

He told me: 'Neal, you got this.'” neal_katyal recalls how John Lewis called him before he had to defend the Voting Rights Act in front of the Supreme Court.

Neal Katyal recalls how John Lewis called him before he had to defend the Voting Rights Act in front of the Supreme Court. When he told the story to President Obama and how the late congressman calmed him, the president said, “That’s John for you.”

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neal_katyal Neal! You made me cry. neal_katyal Thank you for sharing. neal_katyal I loved hearing neal_katyal tell that story. Big throat lump. neal_katyal Inspired by Obama's eulogy our family is launching a campaign in support of mail-in voting we are calling 'LET CHERYL VOTE'. Cheryl got Covid19 twice and almost died. Her husband died from Covid19. We want everyone to stay safe during this election season and beyond. More to come

neal_katyal Thank you 🙏❤️🇺🇸 neal_katyal It’s all about Neal.....😆 neal_katyal You are AWESOME! ❤👊

John Lewis' 12-year-old friend pays tribute to the late congressman12-year-old Tybre Faw, who befriended John Lewis two years ago, read the late congressman’s favorite poem “Invictus” at his service. “He was an honorable man,” Faw tells CNN’s donlemon. donlemon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ donlemon Where’s the coverage of the epstein documents? Clinton News Network real quick to help hide a pedo’s past donlemon It’s a shame Obama didn’t do a eulogy, he did a Democrat campaign, condemned law enforcement, bashed Trump, and divided the country even more. With the exception of fake news like CNN and other left wing biased propaganda groups, no one has divided America more than Obama

The Legacy of John LewisObama eulogizes one of the men who made him possible.

Former presidents, lawmakers remember civil rights hero Rep. John LewisFormer Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton along with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, delivered remarks at a funeral service for Rep. John Lewis in. Atlanta and honored the impact the congressman and civil rights icon had on them. Now God I am tired of hearing about this racist corrupt politician. Now He left us a good legacy for us to love and justice

Read: Barack Obama's full eulogy of John LewisFormer President Barack Obama eulogized civil rights icon John Lewis on Thursday before the late congressman's body was laid to rest in Atlanta, drawing a comparison between the battles Lewis participated in during the civil rights movement and the current protests for racial justice happening across America. Good god, what planet are you on? Or drugs. What drugs are you on? Spare me the campaign speech If this is what you got from Obama's speech and the words of a few others then we're just grateful CNN published it. Be quiet. Go home.

Former Presidents Honor Rep. John Lewis at Atlanta FuneralThree former U.S. presidents were among those paying tribute to the late Rep. John Lewis at a funeral service in Atlanta on Thursday. Photo: Alyssa Pointer/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP VOTE Trump had his head up his ass like normal Well world order guys stick together

Obama Makes Sweeping Call To Action On Voting Rights In John Lewis Eulogy“I’ve come here today because I, like so many Americans, owe a great debt to John Lewis and his forceful vision of freedom,” the former president said. Listen with your heart to this brilliant man. Thank you President Obama. Vote! What a DISGRACE to allow this person to speak on behalf of this wonderful man. President Obama gave a wonderful and uplifting eulogy today at John Lewis’ service. So many people I spoke with after that service said they would welcome any of those 3 Presidents back in office over the disastrous Donald Trump.