Neal Katyal: All of Trump’s criminal immunity expires in about 60 days

“Trump has been protected so far by a get out of jail free card,” @neal_katyal says. “But all of that expires in exactly 60 days.”

11/22/2020 1:03:00 PM

“Trump has been protected so far by a get out of jail free card,” neal_katyal says. “But all of that expires in exactly 60 days.”

Former U.S. acting solicitor general Neal Katyal explains the charges President Trump might face after he leaves office and the reason why his current legal efforts are incriminating him even more

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neal_katyal And fewer Secret Service Agents I hope. He’s infected enough of them already. neal_katyal At the state level, you’d still have to rely on a jury to convict, and with 70M people voting for Trump, odds are you’ll get at least one on a jury. neal_katyal Hope they come after him full force and that something sticks!

neal_katyal Ya think Trump is doing all this so he can later claim that the legal shit storm coming his way post-Presidency is retribution? neal_katyal I cannot wait for his first indictment the first time they slap those calves on that fat old orange man!!!!$ neal_katyal Not a day to soon. I wonder how many Trump will bring down with him once it all goes to trail? Who are all his enablers involved in his crimes?

neal_katyal neal_katyal No more Teflon Don. SD2usingmyvoice neal_katyal I cant wait for that day is coming, and imagine thst this is a thought of stranger ' me ' ! neal_katyal Msnbc is deliberately trying to effect the outcome of this election. FACT CHECKED BY THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS neal_katyal His whole family will be rocking orange jumpsuits!

neal_katyal Karma is a very vengeful Elephant! neal_katyal Kayak is under indictment for lying under oath neal_katyal As much as we think Trump is guilty of many things, he still deserves a fair trial. And it is possible there will not be enough evidence or an error in prosecution that fails to convict. Our legal system is significantly favorable to the white and rich.

neal_katyal 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞 neal_katyal at least…that’s the reason he does not want to step back… neal_katyal Donald Trump is making a mockery out of OUR JUDICIAL system. America cannot let him run rapid for 60 days. Is none of this against the LAW? neal_katyal This would be a hopeful statement if these were normal times but they're not. Talk to me when the Electoral College makes it official and I'll share your sentiment.

neal_katyal No one is above the law especially this misery spreading corrupt tax fraud neal_katyal Trump...after 60 days....Just lock him up.....period...and throw away the key....forever......we have seen enough of this racist old white billionaire......banish him from ever holding public office again....sanction his acitivity.

neal_katyal Unbelievable!! Smoking Gun: Dominion Transferring Vote Ratios between Precincts in PA. - By: Edward Solomon neal_katyal Lin Wood: Looks to me like they may be destroying election documents in Cobb County, GA StopTheSteaI book960 neal_katyal 67 indictments coming neal_katyal Trump has left the DOJ and SDNY with no choice but to charge him and his family IF they have proof of crimes. He has been undermining them since day 1. If they don’t stop him, it will send a terrible message potentially de-stabilizing all of society as we know it.

neal_katyal NO Pardons or special favors for the evil, unnecessary deaths and suffering 45 & CO. have caused our Country, Democracy and PEOPLE! neal_katyal We need him in jail soon.... neal_katyal Well that should be a priority, getting that mess straightened right out! Deceitful, Dishonest, Spiteful behavior won’t be tolerated! The Law pertains to all the people no matter who you may think you are!!

neal_katyal ? IF VOTING FRAUD IS PROVEN - CAN SCOTUS OVERTURN THE STATE-CERTIFIED ELECTION RESULT BY THEMSELVES, OR, THEY MUST ORDER THE STATE TO DO THE RIGHT THING, that is, APPLY THEIR LAW TRUTHFULLY, and if they do, the RESULT COULD BE REVERSED ONLY THEN ? neal_katyal My biggest fear is that D`s will just be ` content` to be in power and `look the other way` in order to try and `heal` the Country. I wonder how many people voted D ,in the hope that tools would be put in place to hold Rump FULLY accountable for any crimes he may have committed.

neal_katyal Well - We have a new Commander-In-Thief - Biden will be the next President who stole the election with the help of fraud ridden Mail-In-Ballots. The THIEF & his cohorts - Leftists, Socialists & Bolsheviks will LOOT & BANKRUPT this nation for next 4 years! neal_katyal Easy and Fast! Bon appétit 1 Minute Tasty Recipe 🥞 🍳

neal_katyal 👏 neal_katyal WOULD LOVE TO SEE RULE GO AWAY ! NO ONE IS ABOVE LAW ! neal_katyal So, Is this the 'OJ in the Bronco' stage of realDonaldTrump's presidency? neal_katyal Neal’s Pollyanna view of law and legal process is endearing. Unfortunately it rarely matches the reality of actual events. The Clown’s “immunity” is fictional and only exists because people find it convenient. If he believes the convenience goes away on a magic date...well...

neal_katyal 74 million voted for him. Biden will have to proceed cautiously - but NYS doesn't have to! neal_katyal I'd sleep better if you told me that he's not going to get states to assign electors. Please? neal_katyal I HOPE SO! Time for consequences!!! neal_katyal Trump love to do and to say negatives

neal_katyal USA you simply can’t give this hardened criminal a pass!! Nobody is above the law!!! neal_katyal neal_katyal realDonaldTrump never wanted 2b POTUS. 255,000+ Americans are DEAD because trump doesn’t care! trump needed POTUS immunity 2 avoid the SDNYnews. He should fear NY’s STATE attorney, Letitia James, a Black women w/every intention 2 hold trump accountable. Buckle up butter butt!

neal_katyal But why was he allowed to get away with so much when he was a private citizen before becoming president? neal_katyal I really hope your right, because it really seems he isn't going to leave and he's going to keep filing law suits, How long can this continue , No actual credible evidence of fraud ,

neal_katyal Best case scenario - in 59 days the tRump family moves to mother Russia. Even though they aren't from there. neal_katyal We can’t wait. I’ll be cheering for the FBI like never before. TrumpIsANationalDisgrace TrumpLied250KAmericansDied neal_katyal The DoJ I hope encourages the SDNY to continue w/ their ,Individual-1 case. If not he will run again in 2024! If you read the 'form letter' issued by the R traitor Congressman from Michigan, it's insinuated, they may change their laws by 2024!

neal_katyal Justice is coming soon neal_katyal I hope all petitions are filed January 20, 2021 at 12:01 pm ET! That would be my Christmas wish. neal_katyal neal_katyal neal_katyal Nope! He will be your president 4 more years. He has stayed 5 steps a head of you moronic liberals his entire life, you think this time is different. Wait until you realize 2020 was mainly a vote fraud sting. I man you should have got a clue when Dominion servers were seized...

neal_katyal I wonder if part of the goal in whipping up all of this anger and sowing doubt about the election is to make the Trump base so angry and crazy dangerous, that the Biden admin worries about prosecuting Trump in fear of violent reactions from his delusional and heavily armed base? neal_katyal Follow tRUMPS DIRTY MONEY to bring him down

neal_katyal neal_katyal Ah, yes! His game is almost up! neal_katyal The president loves the biggest status: Biggest AH Biggest liar Biggest sore loser There will be the biggest party on 1/20/21 neal_katyal Covid -19 = Mail-in-ballots = Tariffs dropped on China. “CHINA 2025” back on course. neal_katyal Yay! Can’t wait

neal_katyal neal_katyal neal_katyal President Trump 🤘 neal_katyal There’s something wrong that trump continues to have immunity for the next 60 says neal_katyal Maybe it will help him if he rolls doubles 🙃 neal_katyal He should just get our of dodge🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 neal_katyal A third Georgia recount? When will the waste of money ever stop bleeding over the obvious? And, how many times can one candidate lose the same election? Guess three strikes, and the third time’s the charm, really are true👍

neal_katyal In 2017, ordinary citizen and lawyer Kathy Boockvar tweeted that Trump was “dangerously unfit” to be president. In 2019 she was appointed to Secretary of State of Pennsylvania, head of elections. That seems like an unbiased person for the job. 🤮 neal_katyal Too trite to say, lock him up?

neal_katyal Not for long! He’s done! That’s why he won’t concede! neal_katyal thanks neal_katyal I fully believe NSA, FBI will b there at 12:01 on jan 20 to detain trump neal_katyal 60 days can't come soon enough. neal_katyal Trump campaigning for 2024 PART 2! 👏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😂. Top Trump impersonator bob dibuono in NYC🤩. Share! Follow bob here👈🏼

neal_katyal ❤️ neal_katyal I hear this all the time, but is there any actual proof that Trump will pay any price for anything? neal_katyal The conduct of Trump has ignited both authoritative action & public debate about whether, or moreover when to summon the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, which requires the methodical transfer of power when a president turns out to be briefly or for all time mentally crippled.

neal_katyal One of the reasons Trump is freaking out neal_katyal America's present need is not heroics but healing; not nostrums but normalcy; not revolution but restoration. —Warren G. Harding