NCAA Tournament Cancellation Causes Chicken Wing Surplus, 'Millions Of Pounds'

Hope you've stalked up on vats of blue cheese and ranch ...

4/10/2020 4:32:00 PM

NCAA Tournament Cancellation Causes Chicken Wing Surplus, 'Millions Of Pounds'

Hope you've stalked up on vats of blue cheese and ranch ...

Hope you've stocked up on vats of blue cheese and ranch ...Experts say with the NCAA Tournament's cancellation last month ... there's now a massive, national surplus of chicken wings -- but sales of the delicious treats are nearing an all-time low!!

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ALERT: THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!Poultry experts toldThe Washington Postthis week that chicken wings are down to nearly $1 per pound after"millions of pounds" of the goods went uneaten due to March Madness' cancellation.This all comes just a few months after the price for the wings was nearly $2 per pound during the Super Bowl.

"The basketball, it’s for real," one expert told the WaPo."The basketball didn’t happen. People are not going to restaurants and there’s a lot of excess."According to the report, just before the annual NCAAlast month ... poultry farmers sold over 1.2 MILLION pounds of wings.

Last week, however, they say those sales dipped dramatically ... with only 433,000 pounds being sold. Read more: TMZ »

I’m in Florida! Where are the wings at?! I’d love some!! Why are you guys always posting the same stories twice? This is Stay_Cruel’s dream. Better call Newman from Seinfeld Finally some good news I’m here to help. A year ago my mouth would be watering, but today... 📣Don't nobody want no chicken wings that looks like it was a world champ weight lifter before it died.

tariqnasheed -Ain't this a bitch? Maaaaaaan, these m/fs are silly. JohnJTokar Get yer feed bag on son. 🍗 Donate it!! FeedTheHomeless FOX5Atlanta I like them! nola_creole Now if they can just go on sale 😂😂 Dont see any cheap chicken wings at local stores if that were true How many animals were killed needlessly?

nola_creole But have the nerve to still charge full price. 25 cents per wing, maybe? I'll be glad to help. They wont go to waste freeze them Sell them later Takeout OLD NEWS ! FOX5Atlanta And there’s none at the grocery store 🤦‍♂️ Just don't expect the price to drop. That ain't gonna happen. They need to donate them

I could put a dent in that. nola_creole I knew it would be you to RT this! Give them to the Chinese gov,they will stop eating bats. No offense to Chinese citizens. And yes,this is a Bad joke. bwwings bet I won’t eat 100 of your wings. BET ME!!!!! Relax, I'm hungry and I'm on it. Donate them!

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