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Gas deployed by police in Minneapolis.

5/30/2020 3:52:00 AM

Gas deployed by police in Minneapolis.

‪Gas deployed by police in Minneapolis. ‬

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TwitterNews just oppressing Mr. Floyd was criminal. hurting Mr. Floyd is criminal. murdering Mr. Floyd means the entire Minneapolis governing body must RESIGN ASAP ! I think they should have Al 'Satan' Sharpton in the streets as the referee. Put the pin stripes on devil man. It’s just not black people out there it’s White People as well

So disturbing but real, even though the police are so wrong so send more out where people don't trust them Haow about a positive political anyone else to speak, where is Nippsey, or Ice cube. T.I step up even Kim K has ... Remove Trump 2020\rWe are not thugs. Trump is thugs.fight for justice fight for George Floyd

These are white students ANTIFA .. paid by Soros.... don’t live here Good If it was white wanna-be soldiers with AR-15’s wearing MAGA hats then they’d probably be drinking a beer with the police. Give your reporter a better phone. Or get off dial up service . You all using 2 G RepSwalwell is there? Never mind video won't play

We live in two America's. Wow--- why now? We are supposed to stay home, stay safe!!

NBC News @NBCNewsLIVE: Minneapolis Mayor Frey holds news conference. 逮捕黑警,杀人偿命,巨额赔偿,下跪道歉,保障权利。五大诉求,缺一不可! NO WORD FROM THESE PEOPLE WHEN BLACKS KILL BLACKS BY THE THOUSANDS. But if a white person does it, that’s only when black lives matter. Until you “violently protest” for every murder, I won’t buy into your movement... because it’s misplaced outrage. BreakingNews

NBC News @NBCNewsLIVE: Minnesota Gov. Walz holds news conference. Gov Useless KatyTurNBC It begins when the murderer and his accomplices are arrested. That’s the only beginning you should be talking about. Until then... No justice, no peace. KatyTurNBC Bullshit. This guy is going to 'fix society?' LOL

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