NBA Shot Clock Ejected From Game After Startling Referee With Buzzer

NBA Shot Clock Ejected From Game After Startling Referee With Buzzer

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12/8/2021 1:30:00 AM

NBA Shot Clock Ejected From Game After Startling Referee With Buzzer

NEW ORLEANS—In a controversial call that quickly drew widespread criticism, NBA referee Josh Tiven reportedly ejected the shot clock at the New Orleans Pelicans game Sunday after it startled the official with its buzzer. “The Pelicans’ shot clock was clearly trying to disrupt the game with its rude, loud buzzing,…

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Researchers achieve milestone on path toward nuclear fusion energy

U.S. government scientists said on Wednesday they have taken an important step in the long trek toward making nuclear fusion - the very process that powers stars - a viable energy source for humankind. Read more >>

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Fact Check: Has Israel announced a fourth COVID vaccine shot for all citizens?Scientists have stressed the importance of booster shots as the COVID vaccines become less effective over time.

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NBA warns unvaccinated players of updated travel restrictions for games in CanadaThe NBA has warned teams that due to Canadian laws, players who are unvaccinated against Covid-19 and do not have approved medical or religious exemptions will soon not be allowed to travel to games in Canada. Religious exemptions? What a joke, the idea that any claiming adherence to a superstitious ideology is allowed to trump medical need. Well, they should give a fu… toCanada Does it also apply to hockey?

Kal Penn to produce, star in biopic of beloved NBA Hall of Fame ‘superfan’Actor Kal Penn announces he’ll produce and star in a biopic about Toronto Raptors superfan Nav Bhatia, who went to every single Raptors home game from 1995 until the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. And no one will give a shit this is actually super dope. can't wait! jzaslav Your guy!