NBA's Jonathan Isaac Stands For National Anthem, Didn't Wear BLM Shirt

NBA's Jonathan Isaac Stands For National Anthem, Didn't Wear BLM Shirt

7/31/2020 11:17:00 PM

NBA's Jonathan Isaac Stands For National Anthem, Didn't Wear BLM Shirt

Orlando Magic power forward Jonathan Isaac became the first NBA player to stand during the national anthem following the season restart ... deciding against kneeling or wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt.

.Isaac became the first player to choose to stand as the anthem was played before the Magic's match-up with the Brooklyn Nets on Friday ... while the rest of the team's players and staffers took a knee.It's worth noting -- Silver says everyone will have the option to kneel during the anthem

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without consequence... despite a league rule requiring players to stand.The same goes for anyone who wishes to stand -- no one is saying the players HAVE to kneel, either.GettySo far, Jonathan hasn't commented on his decision to stand publicly -- because the game is currently being played. But, when he does, we'll update here.

Charles Barkleyspoke about the demonstrations on Thursday during TNT's"Inside The NBA," saying,"The national anthem means different things to different people.""I’m glad these guys are unified. If people don’t kneel, they’re not a bad person. I want to make that perfectly clear. I’m glad they had unity, but if we have a guy who doesn’t want to kneel because the anthem means something to him, he should not be vilified."

The Magic released a statement in support of the demonstration, saying,"The DeVos Family and the Orlando Magic organization fully supports Magic players who have chosen to leverage their professional platform to send a peaceful and powerful message condemning bigotry, racial injustice and the unwarranted use of violence by police, especially against people of color."

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He doesn't have to! Freedom of the INDIVIDUAL right? Good for him!! I am not religious, but he has every right🇺🇸. His life matters too!! Nobody in the media will ask the question or push the issue as to why the slogan cannot be changed to 'ALL' Black Lives Matter. (We all know why). Everyone knows the issues w/ the official org., the hate & division it pushes. Why not shirts that say 'All' Black Lives Matter?

PROSTITUTING IS. ILLEGAL. BUT. AT. THE HIGHEST. LEVEL. OF. GOVERNANCE UD. FIND. A. PIMP. AND. HIS. TRICK SOOOOOOOOOO,! FREEDOM. OF. CHOICE ✨Ew ✨ 😐😐😐 I don’t get why ppl make it such a big deal if they stand or not. Mfs is grown and should be able to do as they please. Liberty remember, so why judge how much a person loves there country based on weather or not they stand for a song. O it’s patriotic, says who, somebody else.

He's misguided, but he's entitled to his opinion. Why is this news? He's my new favorite player. The only one with balls. his team sucks anyway Who cares? You people that are putting him down and believe he should be cut from the team are what’s wrong with America. Ya’all a bunch of Kens and Karen’s. So lol.

That's his choice. Good on him 👍👍👍 Thank you Jonathan Isaac!!! There is a man among pansies. Yep, yep and yep!!!! Oh well we see one player who will be getting dunked on by lebron and be on every espn bleacher report highlight trash 🤢 NBA are rich spoiled babies. We the people are nothing like these cowards BAN nba American PRIDE MATTERS. GeorgeFloyd GOT kneeled on. Thats Blklivesmatter proud of... lol idiots

So. Why is it news? 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Hopefully the person who said 'cut him he is not on the team' was joking, otherwise congrats you just won the award for the most moronic comment of the year. Good grief TMZ report about the Missing Kids that good missing every day! Undercover racist r loving this guy rite nw,a black man created a scapegoat or narrative to ignore the nations most pressing issue an did it in the name of Christ the first true oppresser of black and native ppl!hes ok tho like the cops they take care of their own even the coons

TMZ-I think all these people who are wearing the Black Live Matter tshirts don’t realize bad cops come in many colors even black,many sizes,many religions,etc...This has gone from bad cops to slavery days To destroying statues. 1st amendment respectpersonalopinion This is what courage looks like Be strong and independent, proud of you.

Bravo Sir! Bravo 👏 👏👏 If people kneel and articulate their reasons for doing so, I’m all ‘cool, my dude.’ If people stand and articulate their reasons for doing so, I’m all ‘cool, my dude.’ That’s fine , he can do as he chooses. Black Lives Still and ALWAYS WILL MATTER He who Stands Out- New favorite player

Good for him to stand for what he believes 👏👏👏👏👏👏 .. awesome!! Thank you JJudahIsaac A t-shirt with BLM on it doesn't mean anything. It's your actions where are the nba kingjames MarkCubansTeam while shootings are skyrocketing in inner cities? Don't those lives matter too? What about the slaves in China?

Kneeling for the flag is NOT DISRESPECTING THE COUNTRY, for the millionth time....... President Chump says it and his followers jump on it. However, 🚔 officers murdering African-Americans, systematic racism, and thats ok? Come on man!!!! Wake up!!! This guy is amazing. He is part of the solution. Probably raised by 2 good parents.

SO WHAT..!!!! Every African American doesn't have to kneel, just like every white person doesn't have to stand. Personal choice. This is a non-story.! Its his right to stand, its others right to kneel, it's people in this country that dont salute the flag at all because its contradicts their religious beliefs to not worship idols . Thats. What. Freedom. Is. Supposed. To.Mean.

There is a saying, that God helps those who help themselves. No one has gotten social injustice removed through the gospel, it took deeds that might have been inspired through the gospel. This young man is no Student of scripture ! See Johnathan imagine your in 3rd grade. Singing... singing with a black girl and others. Non of this shit was out. Just ppl Singing. Ppl didn't have to try so hard in the 90's

Good for him. Brave and is my hero. Good. Makes a change. BLM terrorists haven't got everyone fooled. Only the fools are fooled. So...I guess he doesn't kneel down when he prays either. 🙄 Smh. In a herd of sheep be a wolf. He has every right as do the people who choose to kneel!! 'Progressives' are unreal. Not only can they not handle different opinions, they actively make an effort to single you out and try to tar and feather you.

He’ll be kneeling once racism comes front and center in his immediate day to day life. They always get one of us to coon, then more join along cutitcutit It's time to walkaway from the Democratic Plantation because all they do is use blacks and neglect their neighborhoods. New York Sanitation Department was recently cut by $106M. TrashPickUpMatters

Just like people have a right to knee, they have a right to stand. Good for him! He doesn’t feel the need to be a follower! Good for him to be his own man. Now 3-2-1 tear him down, go to his house and cause all kinds of trouble. Idiot Wokes! Yay! We need to stick together and this was sad to watch. This is a major form of protest to a system that needs to be changed and this young African American brother doesn't want to be a part of that. Very sad 😪

Good shit Now the maggots are going to use him against the whole black lives matter narrative. A day ago they didn’t even knew he existed. Now they are going to use him. I just don’t know where these poc come from. Real one. Thank you Jonathan. Good for him!!! Not jumping on the bandwagon. NBA can go suck ass, no one really cares about sports right now. Just not the same without fans in the stands. It’s weird!!!!

Respect the flag. Respect the National Anthem. Do the kneeling somewhere else. I’m suppressed he was fined for disobeying the NBA’s new personal conduct policy. Wow this guy just humbled us all. We all need to do better, not because of a shirt but because we are all Gods children. Bench his ass smdh.....just sad

If the NBA players really want to make a difference why don’t they donate money to build better schools in the inner city, and after school programs to keep kids off the streets instead of disrespecting the United States service men and women NBA You people are just mad because a black man chose not to kneel to anyone or anything but Jesus. He can stand or kneel if he wants. Just like Colin Krappernick can kneel. Doesn’t mean he’s not a good human or doesn’t care for his own people. God Bless him and all of you.

watch the media label Isaac as the black Colin Krappernick. He can stand if he wants too. Just like all those players can kneel. I don’t have a problem with it. He said absolutely black lives matter. He just doesn’t want to kneel before anyone but Jesus. AthleticSwagg1 What a man. Will be showing my sons this. Good lesson on how to stand for what you believe in and not follow the crowd. Good on you Jonathan.

His decision should be respected just as we are asked to respect the decision of those who kneel. Each arrived at their choice in a personal way. Trying to stand out and be noticed! Really hope he can play! He’s standing out alright! Christianity is a cornerstone of equal rights, don’t put it on that!

Trying to make a point, lol... hope he can play! I’m Sure his teammates are like “this dude...” What about them no protest or concerns Jonathan Isaac: American! Good for him! Every one take notice that this Man stands to give respect to the “FLAG” ! That same”FLAG “ represents FREEDOM, it gives you the freedon of expressing how you feel without the worry of punishment! All of you should at lest Respect that.

American Hero Good for him. A man who isn’t a follower 👍🏼 Why is this newsworthy? You know what, I’m Black & understand why we kneel but I don’t shame the people who don’t kneel. When he is ready to be educated he will be or he won’t 🤷🏽‍♀️ So proud of this young man! if he wants to stand, let him stand. tolerance is not tolerance unless you show it all the time. he said he cares abt black lives, but his convictions wanted him to stand and not wear the shirt. does he not deserve his own beliefs as well?

Thank you! Now, how do we get everyone else to ‘gratitude’? Cornball sellout. He is supposed to be kneeling against white supremacist oppression, period. EVERYONE should! This Uncle Tom wants attention, plain & simple. He wanted the attention that he’s getting now. If he breaks from what the rest of the team is doing then the press will be asking him all the questions

This man is a hero! Just because he isnt sitting doesnt mean hea racist. Same if he was white. Maybe he just wants to live his life and not have to deal with this shit. He has his right to do what he wants. He may not understand the historical significance. Another black athlete (more famous) decided not to stand with other black athletes protesting injustice. His name, OJ Simpson. In times of trouble OJ sought solace in the black community.

He just lost 1. Hopefully the other players will tap in with him I really don’t understand why people feel like that have to be forced to stand or kneel He is a hero! You say all that about not kneeling- But didn't even Don a BLM tee shirt- Kudos to him. Let’s not criminalize him for standing up for what he believes

Trade It’s always one Does homeboy know that 'faith' was used to keep us in chains ? Faith can get you through things . But it shouldn't be used to insure indorsements . . . Love it, a true American Thinking freely and critically are assets. Everyone needs to stop focusing on what everybody else does and mind their own. Grown people make grown decisions.

Good for him.. that's his way of saying 'All Lives Matter' without getting crucified for it to get SO much right wing ass behind this coonery Finally one of the coloreds that isn’t a complete idiot The media is DESPERATELY trying to start a race war. NO ONE has ever asked anyone to kneel. Now those who don’t kneel are being praised as heroes when LITERALLY NO ONE CARES. Go arrest the cops that killed Breonna. DISTRACTIONS stopinstigating

Dude is BASED. Please share, please help me find my daughter Sooo if COVID wasn’t a thing, and fans were in the stands, would they be sitting during national anthem or standing while the players kneel? Good for him standing to our nation. Here y’all go again,,WHY 👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Jonathan Issac has his own views and believes and should be respected the same as anyone else.

Comn man Standing or kneeling is a personal choice. Neither should be demonized. He's a Hero! Congratulations handsome young smart man !🎊🎉 He is from Puerto Rico quite few claim their black heritage so I highly doubt his stance is about what would jesus do 👏👏👏👏👏 I hope while those guys are on their knees they are saying some prayers.

Isaac the GOAT! props young man! This takes courage! JesusMatters🙏🏽 WHAT!!! He’s a grown man ... allowed to make his own decisions. I guess if you don’t believe it it doesn’t exist correct?🇺🇸💯 So, Issac is a Trump supporter folks. That's why he didnt kneel. Hes just being a coward and not wanting to answer the question

Good for him. Wishing him nothing but success. It takes strength of character & belief to go against these psychos. Proud of you man. JJudahIsaac 'Issac just gained a fan.' So he should kneel and wear a shirt bc he’s black? That’s racist. An amazing answer! God Bless JonathanIsaac for saying what he believes in and placing GOD FIRST and explaining how all of us matter because in the eyes of JesusChrist we are all the same. ✝️

Respect that man he is looking at the gospel and we need god these day give him a max contract People need to do their research about him. He is a class act and very religious. He made his decision and his team supports him. He has that right to kneel or stand. I applaud him either way. Hero. Yall kill me with kneeling is disrespectful put want a man down on one knee when he proposes. Kneeling is a sign of respect in many cultures get a passport and learn ppl.

Good for him . Don’t let terrorist tell you how to behave !! RESPECT for this young man. coonery Well done Jonathan. It's his right to do that and shouldn't be vilified, JUST like the guys that do decide to do shouldn't be vilified either. How's that? Imagine a world where someone is questioned because they support the least racist and the most free country in the history of the world

Very respectful Very Rare these days I love how all these white people are judging what black men do during the anthem. When u are a black man or woman I will listen. Not to the people who don't know what it's like to be black in this world. Isaac didn't kneel his choice just like it's their choice. NBA BLM

Guy is a stud in a field of many dud’s. Bravo!!! New favorite player!!!! Someone that has a mind of his own Finally one with balls. True American. Others have rights to wear BLM shirts or hold the signs. He also has right not to. Leave the guy alone. That’s why America is still the best! A man who thinks for himself.

The same people ripping him apart are the same morons saying you have to support colin Kaepernick for being “courageous” & claim to support free speech liberallogic Thank G-D there are a few good men left… 💪 Yes! Standing alone is always difficult. I applaud his courage! Lmao GOD don’t mean shit when it comes to a cop about to kill you

Ese es un hombre inteligente, que sabe de lo que realmente se trata blm. Una agenda política nada más. Good man. God bless him Dont buy his gear trash it BLM is for the LGBT community Patriot!👏🏻 Awesome!! Good for him. I’m glad he didn’t. At least not one sheep He did not grow up with foundational Black American parents. Doesn't surprise me.

Just as the players have a right to kneel, he has a right to stay standing. Good. Stand or Kneel, it’s your choice. People shouldn’t be bashed for making their own decisions. Just because you stand and don’t wear a BLM shirt doesn’t mean your against the cause. So many puppets in these comments you can’t even prove Floyd’s death was race related. Keep doing the work for the democrats.

Love someone with some balls He has the right to stand just as he has the right to kneel. JONATHAN ISAAC! Man of character.🇺🇸💪🏿 Funny it’s all white women defending him . Sure he can have his own opinion but some of you guys crazy Black card snatched Is standing for the anthem a problem now? Seriously TMZ? Get the fuck outta here with this 'news'

Go Magic. So proud of my home team Proud of him. I’m sick of these millionaires athletes protesting. Why didn’t they do that when their president was black? What the heck did Obama do for any of them. Go Kanye. The land of the free. free not to kneel, and the home of the brave, brave enough not to be forced into kneeling by media and peer pressure.

He’s entitled to his opinion, just like everyone else standing or kneeling. Just let the atheletes play. If we condemn someone for not doing what we think is right, then aren’t we becoming the thing we fear and hate the most? I’d kneel at every possible opportunity, but to condem or cancel someone else that doesn’t is not the right way to go I think.

Well done! Not all heroes wear capes Thoughts if he was white. Sellout he did this for attention lol He was the only leader on the court. Good for him! He respects the country! What a crazy concept. 2020 Dissent is truly American I have been told a million times in the last 2 months. Good for him. In a world of wimps he has the strength not to follow the scum down the drain. Only kneel for Jesus!

I’m proud of Issac. He cares about his country, and he probably knows things are not entirely perfect, but the BlackLivesMatter movement is really not about saving black lives. Brave young man. Good for him King Who cares people kneel people stand different beliefs.. why is this a story He’s a toothpick he’ll get another knee injury soon and then he can practice standing all he wants at home

The self hate 🤦🏽‍♀️ Good for him. It takes way more balls to stand alone for something you believe in, than to do what everyone else is doing just because... I think needed to respect BLM & his colleagues. No BLM t-shirt. Imagine if he's white guy, he just disrespected everybody. K3yflo Will Nike start an ad campaign for him because he’s standing for what he believes in? Or does this not fit the victim narrative

Smh So bc this man doesn’t agree with y’all he’s all the sudden this bad person. Thank you Jonathan Issac. I don't know who you, or your past. But I still thank you. Save Pro-sports from politics and 'special interest groups' I'm tired of seeing pregame-hate speech and won't come back to watch even a single game until I see it stop. Your first.

ALM stand proud for each and every national anthem... Taking a knee.. Only shows your obedience to become a follower (slave 🤔) ALL LIVES MATTER 👏👏👏 good for him glad he has the courage to do that. Hopefully more will follow I want that jersey!! 🇺🇸 Best country in the world. That’s the problem with virtue signaling with hollow acts. It simply divides. The story becomes, who did and who didn’t. It does nothing to address the issues. It took true courage to spurn the group think of the ideologues and be his own man. Kudos.

Good for him!!! Lol I love how the white people praise him for exercising his rights, but dug Kaepernick's grave and pulled him in it when he did. Lol shit is hilarious Someone who stands on his own morals and doesnt cave to the pressures of those around him. You can support blm and not kneel Stand, Kneel, Sit, Dance, Clap, Shout - you do you & simply respect others doing them how they choose and 💥 we got ☮️ ItsReallyThatSimple

And LeBron and other celebs won't go after him or Tuitt like they did Brees. Too scared to actually discuss why they should be pretty happy to be American! Holy shit that takes ball of steel. I don’t even care.... I care more about people trashing those that kneel. Idgaf who stands White folks are loving this guy , a black man created a scapegoat or narrative to ignore the nations most pressing issue and did it in the name of Christ the first true oppresser of black and native ppl ! he’s ok tho cuz like the cops they take care of their own even the coons 🤷🏾‍♂️

That's his right! Future senator It’s awesome to know there are still leaders in the NBA. I’m no longer a fan. Disrespect to our nations flag is not acceptable. But I’m a fan of Isaac. It’s his right to stand or kneel. So what! Not every black person has the same beliefs & that’s okay! Love his respect!! Leave him alone

Fucking balls man. Idc what color he is. It takes balls to not do what everyone is doing. I applaud that. He can find other ways to make change. Does anyone know if he had family in the military ? Or any police ? He knew he’d get killed on social media for it and he did it. 🤝 Give that man a raise! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

This is an odd world . . .. . we say we love individuality, but act shocked one a person manifests it. . . . humans. an independent man capable of making his own decisions and not following the social media herd of hystericals Good for him. Standing up for what he believes. The people who kneel and place their hand on their heart are low life fence riders. Make a choice and live with it.

Good for him! Proud of you! He should have worn a shirt 'attention seeking contrarian' Who? So? People can’t have a mind of their own? People aren’t entitled to act as individuals for fear of retribution from the mob? Regardless of you agree with his stance, you have to respect his ability for self thought and courage.

Oh He is 22 years old. He have not a clue abt wht’s goin on in the world. Until it happens to him 🤷🏾‍♀️ I love all of this! Good for him! 🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻 Someone loves the USA and knows he would not nothing without the USA and its people. Oh god How dare he. Fuck you tmz thank you. The truth TMZ troublemakers. Nobody cares if he stands.

Emmitt Till, bro. Get a clue sell out. Why did he bother to show up. There’s always one. Trump gonna now be talking about how that’s his guy. His African-American friend. 😂😂😂 So what? It's a fucking free country! Good ! BLM is a Marxist orginization He don’t even understand protesters are being beaten to protect him. To give him to the right wear that melanin he standing up there in and not BE KILLED.

Good for him. I’ll buy his stuff to support him! as he should. Just here to see all the idiots trash him The only one who has any common sense! Real Patriot! Cool, and if a cop guns him down or chokes him to death I won't give a damn. He aint for us so we ain't for him. He has his right as an American He’s cancelled

A very brave move. I gotta commend him for doing what he thinks is right. Just like Kap. But I’m afraid he will get a lot of negativity Savage, this dude is going places. Fuck BLM And? It’s his choice I could care less about him. Hopefully he stay rich, Thank you NBA for doing your social justice garbage before the games so that I can just change the channel until the game starts. Keep preaching to the choir...

I dont see anything wrong here 🤷‍♂️ shouldn't even be a story tbh So the rule is to stand during anthem and to wear the issued uniform but they just don't have to follow the rules?! No one wants to follow rules anymore! What a joke! Whether you agree or not you have the right to stand or kneel cuz this is a free country men and women fought hard for our freedom so people can stand or kneel

Bravo! Awwww shit.. this dude is done for Geez Imagine living in such a fucked out world where Standing for a National anthem is News worthy... wtf If you can kneel, than you can stand.... so, why is that a problem? BLM is a great civil movement, don’t ruin it with this stupid article. He's officially my favorite basketball player.

Give this man a raise! High five man!!!! BlacksForTrump! EAT IT!!!! Yes a black man that KNOWS that BLM is a Marxist organization funded by George Soros to destroy the black man! God Bless him...ask them why isn't any of those billions of dollars going to the hood? B/c it's going straight to the DemoKKK party!

Ahh so I am ok with him not kneeling as I don’t see it as an anti black thing. However I’m not getting bringing religion into it. Hopefully he doesn't get the attention that he is trying to get. Must be trying to be the opposite of Kaepernick. It won't work. Who Tf is Johnathan Isaac anyways? Don’t understand why he had to explain himself. It was his decision. Respect it, it took guts. Because of MEN like him, there’s hope.

The new symbol of bravery. God bless him 🇺🇸 89 Police Officers died last year putting their Lives On The Line, Answering The Call To Duty and Leaving Their Homes Every Time They Put On The Uniform Risking They’re Family’s Happiness. That is a lot to be grateful for Sorry Satan. You haven’t fooled everyone 😂😂😂

tariqnasheed I've done research on him and he's not a foundational black American. Is Puerto Rican Smh FBA It's the *intent* behind the action, not the action itself.... so I hope everyone is respectful... I will say this tho, I find it odd that people always bring Jesus Christ into their reasoning...if he was around now he would be kneeling/protesting...

Good job!!!!!!! Thanks for not making your job a political statement. Takes balls to stand these days When did the narrative change from you’re free to kneil to if you don’t kneil you’re racist Who? The smartest man in the NBA. Any Christian or Muslim that kneels for this civic religion is going against his God.

Bravo way not to be sheep. Jonathan Isaac is a hero!!! The smartest man in the NBA. Any Christian or Muslim that kneels is going against his God. I respect him Trying get on Fox News Look at those sheep all around him ..... Every racist here: he’s a good little n*gger Good man. He suck so he gotta get attention a different way lol

Johnathan Isaac is a hero amongst sheep at NBA. Good for him. It his choice to stand or kneel Hey I’m open minded and not upset he didn’t kneel he has his reasons and I respect that🤷🏾‍♂️ BLM 💯 Much respect. He’s the bravest one on that team. Smh.. Finally someone with a backbone It's his choice to protest or not. 1 person don't stop no show! Keep applying pressure! BLM

It is his right and people should respect it. Someone else to do it for you 🤔🙄🤷‍♀️😐 Goof for him it’s kind of telling how quickly he isn’t black enough for not following the leader One of the good guys ☝️ You’re setting him up to be vilified by posting this. It’s very scary that in today’s world, we can no longer have different opinions without being chastised in some way.

Freedom of speech people, respect to the ones kneeling and the ones standing respect ✊🏽 A true American and that's ok...stop trying to start crap... So either you don't have a clue or don't respect reasons behind this type of protest. I don't think he is excercising his rights, I think he is a sellout and a coward. I wonder if he can spell solidarity.

Good for him!! Verräter I don’t understand why it’s such a Big Deal when people make independent - individual choices. JJudahIsaac 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿. BoycottNBA Everyone has his or her way to fight for justice. Some love doing their standing while others on their kneels. What matters is the message is pass.

To each their own ! smfh we cant even unite as one 🤦🏾‍♂️ Hope he never gets pulled over, racially profiled, beatened, pepper spray, or worse... have his air blocked to where he can’t breathe. Good for him as much as I hate Basketball he did the right thing. Smartest man in the room A man of honor! Uh oh My new favorite professional athlete... well done!!!

Must be nice. Freedom ❤🙌 He has the right to stand. It’s okay. Clutches pearls..what about the children?! Issac is no special player anyways. He's the perfect one to stand. Didnt even know he was still in league. Everyone has their own choice of free speech and that’s what we are fighting for.... Good for him!

We all have our choice how to show and honor respect our troops and what they stand for and our own way to salute the USA flag and for what it’s stands for. Freedom of speech..... Good for him, and I don’t mean bad for the others at all. We need to except each other‘s differences, embrace the individuals that we all are. Everyone does not think the same or feel the same and there should be no judgment or bullying at all! Live and let live! Together we win!

I guess his life does not matter. 👏 A real man. Thinks for himself. Meanwhile, the flag gets 'disrespected' routinely and no one ever mentions it! They think being hyperactive Patriots makes them more important than the rest🤷🏾‍♂️ He’s an American, I am an American we have our opinion and respect. We live in America that’s what make this country great.

Bless him That guy literally had nothing to loose or gain if he had just support his teammates at that moment..well his choice 🤷‍♂️ Wow! Breaking news: Man has his own opinion Ummm ok...freedom of choice! This is what we were trying to get thru to the 'good ol boys' who resisted kneeling! Allow freedom of choice!

Jonathan Isaac the goat bruh I wouldn’t have kneeled or wore the shirt either. He came to play a game not make a political statement. I respect his decision to do so! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Much respect for this man!! Why are you publicly shaming him for his personal stance on this? This is no different than Kaepernick7 kneeling. It’s HIS choice and no ones business but his. Stop trying to publicly shame people.

So glad he stood up , I respect him a lot Somebody is looking for attention Balls the size of an aircraft carrier! 🏀🏀 His choice Good for him!!!!! TrueAmerican That's his right. Everyone has a right to support those who want to destroy them. Refs will have him fouled out in 10 mins Respect Protesting the Protesters. You have 99.9% Black Players & you need Black Lives Matter on the Floor? Maybe Wall Street should put White Lives Matter on the Floor of the NY Stock Exchange.

My new favorite player... And, that’s OK. Everyone can observe in their own way. And that’s his business. I’d like to shake his hand. Good for him. His right to do so. Not sure of the point here. Dude is lost in the sauce... sad I’m buying his jersey If this what he wanted to do that's fine....but when you get pulled over in your Benz and beat tf up don't look for us to help

He has every right to stand just like the other players have every right to kneel. And that's fine. Onward... He has the right to stand as well, but you know there's going to be people put there that are going to vilify him for it because they themselves arent about unity, they want people to do what they 'think' or want them to do is right.

There’s nothing wrong with this brothas decision to stand, just like there’s nothing wrong with the others decisions to kneel! This is all of their rights as Free Americans, under the constitution!!! As if one ass going stop BLM from getting their shine on 😂 This dude will be crucified by the woke mob...

Watch all the actual racists come out of the woodwork bashing him for not following their agenda . Good Yep, there goes his career. Because he can. Everyone needs to get over taking a knee/ standing BS. People can do as they please. Clown Good for him I just want to say Where was the NBA/MLB & Big Businesses 4 months ago Or Last Year Or 5 Years ago Where please tell me where U all know it’s a game being played with an agenda We are ALL ONE But If U say that the truth Youre an Outsider

Ok let him stand let them kneel let’s just do what we feel we need to and enjoy sports or entertainment. Proud of him. Stand for what you believes in... HesOverParty Independent thinker. Brave man. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️🇺🇸 who cares ? Wolf amongst sheep. Just like y'all want people who take a knee to be respected, y'all must respect those who opt to stand. Freedom is about respecting other’s rights even if y'all don’t agree with their actions! Being upset with this man for exercising his rights is an attack on freedom itself!

Good for him! 👏👏👏 Leader not Follower!!! Dude has some huge balls. Impressive Good for him. Someone has the balls to do it. That's how you stand my man. Amazing! YFan914 He doesn’t like scum losers like the BLM rioters burning cities down GoodPeopleLivesMatter Good for him. Not because what he stands for but for the courage to go against the crowd

Patriot ❤️🇺🇸 you can also fight while standing You people are so far woke that standing for the national anthem is now so shocking. Congratulations to you brave sir Barkley has it right. He shouldn't be vilified for doing what he believes in. Amazing we now report on who stands for the anthem. Not all heroes wear capes

Good job! Finally someone who doesn’t follow this bullshit! brave boy! Respect And they will crucify him for having his own opinion having his own beliefs you're not allowed to do that anymore I guess somebody didn't give him the memo Good for him Clap, Clap, Clap! It’s ok, he’s black. No white player would date stand, out of fear of backlash.

Probably didn't get the memo. This made me cry. It’s so easy to follow the crowd, what courage he showed. He knows he’ll be called horrible things, be “cancelled”. I pray God continues to show himself through this person. I wish I could thank him personally. Someone needs to go to summer re-education camp!

The headline is SO Wrong. They were playing musical chairs and he lost. Stop making everything a race issue. The whites love this 🤣🤣 these comments are hilarious lol isn’t it his choice. I don’t give a fuck if they burn the flag myself. I’m just here to watch them play. They can protest or stand burn or fuck on the flag for all I care

Guess what: Mr. Isaac we salute and respect you for standing up for what you believe in and not bowing down to the MOB its the apple commercial 1984. look at the big talking head and the flocks of sheep I have nothing against anyone and any race. But I only kneel in front of GOD. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Harriet Tubman couldn’t save them all😂😂

Good for him. He loves his country. TMZ is unamerican slime! Shaming this guy for doing it the right thing! One great man standing in a crowded room full of liberal idiots! Snake. 🐍 🐍 Hero 'Finally a win!' trumplicans magats republicans and all others easily hurt. Amazing that it takes more courage to stand than kneel.

Stand or kneel. Why are people being publicly shamed for EITHER? Sorry, I don't get it. He must be a racist the king And is now my favorite NBA player. Brave man!!! PATRIOTISM MATTERS Courage That's fine, Nobody's heard of him and probably will not again. Congrats Jonathan Isaac on be a free thinker A free thinker? no way

Let me guess how long before hes cancelled 3...2...1...

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