Naya Rivera Seemed ''Really Happy'' and ''Excited'' for Her Future Prior to Boating Accident - E! Online

Naya Rivera Seemed ''Really Happy'' and ''Excited'' for Her Future Prior to Boating Accident

7/10/2020 3:08:00 AM

Naya Rivera Seemed ''Really Happy'' and ''Excited'' for Her Future Prior to Boating Accident

Sources share exclusive insight into Glee actress Naya Rivera's personal life and 'incredibly close' bond with her son as authorities continue their search.

Matt Baron/Shutterstock"They were always going on fun adventures together. She loved to take Josey places and explore with him," the source adds. "They were always doing something fun and loved to be outdoors."As for the star's relationship with her ex-husband, a separate source close to Dorsey says they were "really good about co-parenting" and stuck to a "routine." Despite Josey's close relationship with his father, the source says he was especially connected to Naya.

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"That child was her life," the source notes. "To say that he will be devastated if his mom never comes back is an understatement."Now, as the family comes face to face with their worst fear, the first source says Naya's loved ones are focused on caring for her son.

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She can't be dead. I I know Naya would never abandon her son. She loves him. I'm praying she is still alive. I do not understand why her body has not been found or located yet. Something seems odd in that to me. Jp Jhhh I’m praying she didn’t drown and is found safe and alive maybe on a small island somewhere or may drifting on a log or something I’m praying for family and friends

My mom says this is a odd disappearance, very odd to leave her son in the boat while she was in the water. Has the boy said anything helpful? I so hope she is not deceased 🥺 Keep searching! Washington Square Park squatting ‘Jesus’ strips for naked rain Y'all I can't... Everyone hides something, we never saw Robin Williams suicide or Anthony Bordain. We can come across as happy and be sad inside

😔😔 beccaa_R13 Damn you 2020😤 🥺💔🙏🏼 😢 Very sad story !! Heartbreaking! Too soon So sad😢 I know she's safe and alive! I hope she will be found soon! PrayForNaya 🙏❤️ Been thinking about her and her son ❤️ Where. Is. Her. Cell. Phone. Come home NayaRivera 🙏 Come home NayaRivera 🙏 Please just stop. You’re making it even worse than it already is 😒😒😭😭

❤🙏🏾❤🙏🏾❤🙏🏾❤ 💔 So heartbreaking 😔🙏🏽 Prayers for you my Darling I pray all is well please god don't take another parent from a child he needs his mother! prayersforNayaRivera 🥺😭💔 She can’t be dead! She can’t be! Presumed dead or drowned, doesn’t mean she dead. I’m still holding on to hope, praying she’s still alive. nayarivera, please come back to us, alive and well.

Please God help them find her 🙏🏽 Damn it 💔💔😭😔💔 STOP TALKING ABOUT HER LIKE SHE’S ALREADY DEAD!!! they haven’t found her yet so pray for her instead I don't understand why people think she killed herself? Did she have some type of suicidal history? Because it sounds like a horrible accident bc parents seem to believe that they are Olympic swimmers when they take their kids out on boats, like the Kennedys that just happened

I had a friend who bought stuff, who registered for courses, was exciting about a future etc. but if that acute suicidality hits..... they’ll end it. And all the exciting stuff doesn’t feel the same anymore. This broke my heart even more. Okay but what good does this do for anyone? Why would she want any differently? Come on now. This is shitty reporting and I don’t like it.

💔💔💔💔💔 Yall making us feel worse thanks We praying🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 😥😔☹️ 😩😩😩😢😢😢😢 Stop assuming it's a suicide ffs 😭😭 So sad 😞 I hope the find her mariane_oi RIP, a horrible accident, condolences and prayers for the family she left behind. Brutal. I hope she is found and okay please Of course she was. She had a bright future ahead of her.

Damn.. Damn the way my heart just skipped. Still hoping and praying🤞 Praying so hard Naya is found safe and alive. Please please please let Naya be found safe and alive ...I highly doubt it was suicide. She would NEVER bring her son out there with her is so. ❤🙏🏾❤🙏🏾❤🙏🏾❤ Guys we have to have hope Naya is going to be ok. It might be difficult but we have to hold on.

Naya Rivera 'seemed happy' before disappearance and 'always put son first'Glee star Naya Rivera was seemingly in a happy place before her disappearance at Lake Piru with sources saying that she was 'living life' with her son DailyMirror Something is missing in this picture. It raises the question: was foul play involved?

Naya Rivera Missing on SoCal Lake, Son Found Alive on BoatNaya Rivera is missing on a Southern California lake after her toddler son was found alive, but alone on a boat ... TMZ has confirmed. PLEASE BE OKAY Is it safe to say the entire cast of Glee is cursed? Seriously Glee is cursed.

'Glee' actress Naya Rivera missing after boating on California LakeA child was found sleeping and alone on a boat on Ventura County's Lake Piru hours after the actress rented the boat, authorities said. Horrible times for her fans and family! “Glee” is cursed Praying they find her. 🙏

Naya Rivera heartbreaking last Instagram post with son before he was found aloneThe actress has not been seen since her four-year-old son was found alone floating on a boat on Lake Piru, Southern California Another of Glee's original cast 😢 just started to watch the whole series with my youngest and Santana was her currently her favourite for being a feisty one. nayarivera

Fears for Glee star Naya Rivera after son, 4, found alone on boat in lakeGlee star Naya Rivera is missing after reportedly going swimming in a lake with her four-year-old son, who was found floating on a boat alone hours later