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Naya Rivera's ET Moments: From Child Star to 'Glee' and Motherhood

ET takes a look back at some of our favorite moments with Naya Rivera over the years.

7/14/2020 2:12:00 AM

Take a look back at ET's very first interview with Naya Rivera when she was just 4-years-old. 💕

ET takes a look back at some of our favorite moments with Naya Rivera over the years.

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Trump signs coronavirus relief orders after talks with Congress break down

President Donald Trump signed executive orders on Saturday partly restoring enhanced unemployment payments to the tens of millions of Americans who lost jobs in the coronavirus pandemic, as the United States marked a grim milestone of 5 million cases.

Tonisha_ she could not be cuter w that “i’m learning” She was so precious ☹️💔 Oshensyde MackRosmanNet She definitely played. Ritchies onscreen characters boyfriend really good. Back in those days. RIPNaya 😢😢😢 jewelwickershow Oh goodness. All of these beautiful memories being shared are bringing me to tears 💔

tweetsbytati 'ik how to read bitch come correct😌.' MatthewACherry RIP I've been looking for where I can find this show ever since Naya mentioned it in her book. 🥺 😍😢 So sweet 💔 Beylordce NayaRivera was soo adorable. I remember this interview. What's SAD is her baby Josey is the same age&he looks like Naya.. RIPNayaRivera

She knew how to read at 4? 😯 I'm amazed Veevian_ 💔💔💔 😭😭😭💔 ”i’m leeearrrning” 🥺 Wow, her son looks just like her at that age! ❤️ This is even more heartbreaking! Josey looks just like her at the same age! i really didn't want to cry rn I literally can’t right now 😭 y’all just want me to cry don’t y’all?

😭😭💜 lavaHawaiiohana Adorable and wise beyond her years 🙏🏽🕊 so precious 3 GayPrettyBoi1 So wise at 4 When I heard about Naya, this is who I saw missing... my first memory of her. The cutest little girl ever... 💔💔💔 My heart She's so freaking adorable. A little queen. 💙 ❤️💜😭 ashlee_quick ❤️😭 prdsbey 💔💔💔

Melts my heart. Rest in peace beautiful Josey looks so much like her 🥺💕 😢😢😢😢😢 I’m abt to fcking cry dornanjohnsonn Heartbreaking...😞 badgalrivers ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I can't handle this 😭😭😭🖤🖤 The sad part is if you watch the intro of Royal Family It starts off with Redd Foxx then Della Reese walks in the room then Naya Rivera walks in and that’s the order that they died in. RIP to all 3 ❤️❤️❤️

😔😔💔 Patharveynews I remember little Naya on The Royal Family. 😢 Lord Thank you for blessing her to follow her dreams at such a young age... the world will miss her so so much!! Thank you for all the fun memories Naya!! 🥺😢💔🙏🏾 So very very sad 😢 cuItjoy :( my heart 😊❤😥 Aww she was so smart and cute 😢 this hurts even more now. I truly hope that they find her

This breaks my heart omg 😳 I can’t take this 💔 LuxxeRich The fact she was the same age as her son here ❤ Aww bless Josey is his mother twin 😭❤ RIP NAYA RIVERA Dicexmanoban This really has me in tears 🥺 🥺🥺🥺 Rest in peace Tragic GoldCrucifix 🥺🥺❤️ :( I just realized her son looks like her and he’s the same age she is in this vid 🙏🏼 😔

She’s so sweet bless her soul ;( Josey definitely has his mother’s face I remember her on 'Family Matters'. RIP. ☺😔🙏💖💗 😭😭😭😭😭 So so cute ❤❤❤ RIP 💐💐😔 😭😭😭 santbritst Joseys double! I love you forever and always 👼🤍 Awww 🥰 rip 💐😭😭 It’s so heartbreaking that In this video she is the same age as her son now, that she has so tragically left behind 60 years too early!! 😭

Sooo cute. Sad now OMG, THE CUTEST THING EVER... SHE WAS SO SMART EVEN BEING A LITTLE BABY. MY HEART HURTS que coisa mais liiindaaa...tão esperta desde pequenininha Awww Oh my gosh, her son is the splitting image of her at age 4 (the eyes)💔😥 Sweet sweet baby

Naya Rivera: Watch 11 of Her Best 'Glee' MomentsThe actress died after her body was recovered Monday afternoon after she went missing at Lake Piru last Wednesday. Santana was a lesbian... I loved valerie and die young LanceBass

The Search For Missing Naya Rivera Is Now A Recovery MissionThe search for former Glee star and mom Naya Rivera has changed from a search-and-rescue mission to recovery, officials say.

Tahj Mowry Pens Emotional Tribute to Naya Rivera: 'I Have Never Stopped Loving You'Taking to his Instagram account, the 'Smart Guy' actor posted an emotional tribute to the ' Glee ' star, revealing the two used to date. TooFab TooFab And 😏 TooFab 🤦🏾‍♂️

'Glee' Star Heather Morris Asks to Join Search Efforts for Naya RiveraRivera's former ' Glee ' co-star and friend Heather Morris tweeted to Ventura County Sheriff's Office that she's hoping to 'conduct an on foot search and rescue mission': 'We are feeling helpless, powerless and want to help in any way' It wont produce anything why not contact them directly? looksm like cheap publicity stunt doing it via twitter. just like they bashed Lea for attention. you'd shoud be grateful you didnt push her to drown in a river. Sorry to say it looks hopeless and next is for body to be discovered. Very, very tragic.

Tahj Mowry Says He's 'Never Stopped Loving' Naya Rivera in Moving Instagram TributeTahj Mowry revealed that he's 'never stopped loving' his first love, Naya Rivera , in a touching Instagram tribute post.

Heather Morris Asked to Join the Search for Naya Rivera'I understand your team is doing EVERYTHING in their power, but we are feeling helpless, powerless, and want to help in any way.' ❤️ 😟😟😟