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The search for Naya Rivera continues, and authorities have stated that at this stage, they believe Rivera's disappearance was purely accidental.

7/11/2020 3:30:00 AM

The search for Naya Rivera continues, and authorities have stated that at this stage, they believe Rivera's disappearance was purely accidental.

The Ventura County Sheriff's Department discuss the ongoing search for Glee star Naya Rivera, which began when she and her son went swimming in a lake

.In a press conference held on Friday, July 10, the Ventura County Sheriff's Department stated that they're still in the process of searching for the actress' remains, with dive teams using specialized equipment to scan the man-made reservoir. They said they began using sonar to search the bottom of the lake on Thursday evening and will continue to use that technology, as visibility in the water is limited to about one to two feet.

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Additionally, cadaver dogs are being taken out onto the water to assist the dive team with their search, which is concentrated in the north and east side of the lake.As of Friday, the Rivera family had no statement on the star's disappearance, but Capt.

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Mxm, no new details🤥🤨 🙏🏽🙏🏽 Stop feeding on our desperation Come home NayaRivera 🙏 😔😔 I hope the child remembers what happened she’s in my prayers She's gone sadly. I only find it unusual she would rent a pontoon just her and her young son... those are usually meant for large groups. I definitely wouldn't feel confident taking one on my own.

I’m sorry but non of this looks or sounds “accidental”. It just doesn't add up!! I hope the fanily can get some answers xx I’m confused what’s the “new” details While I’m expecting the worst, a part of me is hopeful but this constant not knowing is driving me insane. I could only imagine how her family is feeling. Let’s just keep praying for Naya to be found.

Perhaps the “riptide” warning would have saved her life. Oop! Wait! There wasn’t one. 😢😢😢 Not sure I believe that. It’s just weird that her child was asleep and she is gone babztaylor 😭 💔

Naya Rivera missing - 10,000 fans sign petition forcing police to resume searchThe former Glee star went missing on Wednesday during a boating trip with her young son Josey Dorsey, and no sign of her was found before the search was called off as night fell limelchert

California Police Are Searching For Missing 'Glee' Actress Naya RiveraFellow boaters found Naya Rivera's son sleeping alone onboard the boat yesterday afternoon. That poor child...That will traumatize him forever. All we can do is hope for a miracle.

Naya Rivera body 'may never be found' as police admit search 'could take weeks'Glee actress Naya Rivera may never be recovered from Lake Piru as police have detailed the difficulties of trying to locate a body in the depths of the water DailyMirror It will take weeks because no one knows who she is or what they are looking for DailyMirror Check the dam. Wherever the water flows to. DailyMirror Talk about giving up hope from the outset, I'd be pretty pissed if it was my family member and they said this

Police Say Naya Rivera Likely Drowned in a Boating Accident on a Southern California LakeAuthorities think Rivera's death was a tragic accident. My prayers are with her young son and her family..So sad he witnessed this tragedy 😥💔 💔🙏🏽

Naya Rivera 'May Never' Be Found in Lake Piru, Police SaySgt. Kevin Donoghue said the lake's 'terrible' visibility makes the search for Naya Rivera 'complicated.' How is that something you can say? 🤧🤧😫😫 Find her. Period.

Naya Rivera Search Continues, Police Trying to Give Closure to FamilyThe search for the former 'Glee' star continues, as Ventura County Sheriff's Office spokesperson gives an update on Rivera. I certainly hope they recover her body so her family can have a true celebration of her short life and not always wonder what happened.