Navy SEALs seeking religious exemptions to vaccine mandate facing intimidation and harassment, sources say

Navy SEALs seeking religious exemptions to vaccine mandate facing intimidation and harassment, sources say

10/17/2021 8:30:00 AM

Navy SEALs seeking religious exemptions to vaccine mandate facing intimidation and harassment, sources say

EXCLUSIVE: A growing number of U.S. Navy SEALs who are seeking a religious exemption to the Defense Department's COVID-19 vaccine mandate are being threatened and, in some cases, harassed into submission, Fox News has learned.

"Purging our military of its elite servicemembers is detrimental to national security. Doing so because the Commander in Chief refuses to accommodate their religious convictions is abhorrent to the Constitution. Their years of experience and leadership in service to our nation is immeasurable and irreplaceable," Berry told Fox News.

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Berry continued,"Remove a SEAL from special warfare, reduce his salary, and force him to repay his training is purely vindictive and punitive. And it’s illegal. They have nothing to do with a virus." Berry's clients have a combined more than 350 years of military service and more than 100 combat deployments. 

A new directive by the Navy's COVID Consolidated Disposition Authority (CCDA) issued Thursday states that if SEALs decline the vaccine, the Navy may seek to recover from each individual SEAL the money the government has spent on training them. For an individual SEAL, the training costs alone is estimated to amounting to several million dollars.

"The CCDA may seek recoupment of applicable bonuses, special and incentive pays, and the cost of training and education for service members refusing the vaccine," reads the document.On Oct. 6, the Navy issued a directive banning all official and non-official travel for non-vaccinated service members and their spouses and dependents. 

Another internal document reviewed by Fox News states that SEALs, as special operations (SO) duty personnel, who refuse to get vaccinated based only on religious or personal beliefs, will be"disqualified" from SO duty. That would mean a SEAL seeking a religious objection would lose his or her"special warfare" pay due to SO status. However, this does not apply to SEALs who are seeing medical objections to the vaccine.

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Maybe because religious exemptions are typically bogus. It’s like avoiding the draft over bone Spurs Good. They are misusing Christianity. That’s something you should be harassed for. And I’m an atheist, so I’m not even trying to be pious about this. It’s just disrespectful. They take like 11 vaccines in the military that he has no clue what they are. And this isn’t political 🤦🏻‍♂️

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Idiots ! So they're being trained you're saying

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