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NATO is 'brain dead', France's Macron says

NATO is 'brain dead', France's Macron says


NATO is 'brain dead', France 's Macron says

France 's president warned fellow European countries on Thursday that NATO i...

FILE PHOTO: French President Emmanuel Macron addresses a press conference on the second day of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit in Brussels, Belgium, July 12, 2018. Ludovic Marin/Pool via REUTERS

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in Leipzig ahead of the 30th anniversary on Saturday of the fall of the Berlin Wall that is seen by many as NATO’s crowning achievement through its four-decade-long role blunting Soviet expansionism, said the alliance was perhaps one of the most important “in all recorded history.”

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and many allies want to project an image of unity at the summit at a time of rising Chinese military might and what NATO leaders see as Russian attempts to undermine Western democracies through cyber attacks, disinformation campaigns and covert operations.

Macron had earlier decried NATO’s inability to react to what he called Turkey’s “crazy” offensive and said it was time Europe stopped acting like a junior ally when it came to the Middle East.

“The French president has found rather drastic words to express his views. This is not how I see the state of cooperation at NATO,” she told a news conference alongside Stoltenberg in Berlin.

Macron lauded nascent European defense integration initiatives independent of the United States. His so-called European Intervention Initiative has so far brought together nine willing militaries ready to react to crises near Europe’s borders without NATO or the United States.

Since taking office in 2017, Trump has accused European NATO allies of not shouldering their fair share of the cost of defending Europe. He demanded they double NATO’s defense spending goal of 2% of economic output, set in 2014.

But with its military bases in Europe and nuclear warheads stored in five NATO countries, the United States remains the ultimate protector of European democracies against an increasingly assertive post-Soviet Russia.

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that's correct Yes indeed. We Europeans should take our advantage under dumb Trump and do it for ourselves. It’s the chance to become independent. Yes indeed. We Europeans should take our advantage under dumb Trump and do it for ourselves. It’s the chance to become independent. kurteichenwald He might have point.... the USA are a liability at this point in time.

needs a rebirth kurteichenwald Does Macron really mean Trump is brain dead? Also NATO seems crazy to me as its members are not supporting each other in the fight against terrorism. Turkey has launched an attack on internationally recognized terrorist organisations such as ISIS and PKK however there is no support. Especially France doesn’t support at all!

Comming from a man who doesn't pay his dues to NATO, this is rich. We don't help countries by bringing tanks and guns actually but establishing infrastructure and investment opportunities, it's a fallacy the way they handle this and their purpose/vision is non-existent, focus on growth, if you not working with the established, go away please.

Not true. So was Jerry Lewis but France supported him.

France's Macron says NATO suffering 'brain death', questions U.S. commitmentFrench President Emmanuel Macron, in an interview with British weekly The Economist, warned fellow European countries that they could no longer rely on the United States to defend North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO ) allies. "What we are currently experiencing is the brain death of NATO ," Just pay up!

Our mission at is to build the social news network that ends fake news. Follow us Overlooked_Inc Trump runs nato? So he didn’t have what he expects from NATO... selling cars or goods to iran its great, you embrace terror and nuclear risks. When in NATO, what exactly is France s role in maintaining peace ? France suffered the worst in terror atacks, and still feed the source. Talking about Brain Dead, look at the Mirror, Mr Mácron!

who needs FRA in the NATO? since 1939 we know their army is a joke Tired of this pompous fake. Trump’s effect ? His mommy or was it his wife taught him that phrase

Emmanuel Macron warns Europe: NATO is brain-deadIt is high time for Europe to 'wake up', according to Emmanuel Macron. Read an astonishingly candid interview with France 's president So melodramatic. The largest joint military exercises were just carried out across Europe by the NATO allies since WWII. Pay your bills, deadbeats. Micron Precipise... millions heading there to give you a push....

France ... you know back to back winner of every conflict ... always stands it’s ground. Thanks for Vietnam by the way 'We hasn't another brain yet', Angela say. kurteichenwald clickbait headline, shame on you The brain of a leader who can't stop the protesters wearing a yellow vest must be dead. Well, what this really says is we want the US military to support NATO because we don’t want to provide any military support.

Trump is absolutely correct... The EU wants the USA protection for free. France and Germany and rest of the parasites in EU won't pay their share of costs.. Macon is brain dead. NATO, ONU.. empty seats with high salaries. Why does this guy keep acting like his country didn’t completely collaborate with Nazi’s a couple generations ago? He sure has a short memory of who came and helped vs who didn’t.

France to Set Quotas for Immigrant Visas France plans to establish a system of quotas for immigrant workers arriving in the country from outside Europe, an unprecedented move that reflects President Emmanuel Macron’s efforts to address right-wing voter concerns. cchukudebelu French people are racist the recession effect

'France not serious about NATO shock'. macron is brain dead:)))) So is trump Macron is a Putin stooge.

AFM: 'The Great Green Wall' Doc Sells to France, Germany (Exclusive)The climate change documentary follows 'City of God' director Fernando Meirelles and Malian musician Inna Modja as they explore plans to build a 5,000-mile wall of trees stretching across all of Africa.

France, under pressure from right wing, toughens stance on immigration France is to clear out some migrant tent camps, impose quotas for migrant worker... Nice We need a Democracy movement not a right wing movement!

France Announces Tough New Measures on ImmigrationPresident Emmanuel Macron of France announced new, stricter measures on immigration, including tightening access to health services for new asylum seekers. The measures drew criticism from both the right and the left. Trouble in paradise... Cruelty will end the world!

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