Native American State Senator says spread of COVID is ‘a matter of life and death on a reservation’

South Dakota State Sen. Red Dawn Foster says spread of Covid-19 is 'a matter of life and death on a reservation.'

11/30/2020 7:33:00 AM

South Dakota State Sen. Red Dawn Foster says spread of Covid-19 is 'a matter of life and death on a reservation.'

South Dakota State Senator Red Dawn Foster discusses the pandemic’s devastating effects on Native American populations and their fight to keep COVID-19 checkpoints running despite resistance from the governor. She tells Ali Velshi, “Our sovereignty supersedes the state’s existence… We have the right to have these checkpoints.”

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Yes everywhere Try this! South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem does not care about the Deaths and suffering of the people of South Dakota! Keeping faith and loyalty to Cult leader Trump is more important for her and, Deaths and suffering of Americans are nothing but the deaths of the animals! Shame on her!

Kristi Noem should be charged with negligent homicide and hate crimes. The US vaccine has been successfully developed and will soon be delivered. What horror do you want to spread? All because of China. ltgrusselhonore I find this so disturbing. Donate-that’s what we can do. Follow or go to FriendsPineRidgeRes FoPRR 🇺🇸

Where was she when sexualabuse and alcohol were their main issue. She cares now QuinnLeone4 Is the resistance to following simple public health guidelines that could reduce Covid-19 infections another example of systemic racism and ageism? A passive-aggressive means of reducing the population of those most susceptible, people of color and the elderly?

spread of a disease is a matter of life or death for everyone. not just indians looking for talking points of raycuss motives of the governor I'm so very sorry. The problem is multiple generations living in one home? So the new thing is it's a bad thing to live with family.. You lack not just basic infrastructure but also intelligence.

You can make Reservations for life or death now?