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Sustainability, Technology

Nativa, Quantis Partner for Responsibly Sourced Wool Farming Initiative

The Nativa Regenerative Agriculture program is focused on responsibly sourced Merino wool.

7/25/2021 5:44:00 AM

The Nativa Regenerative Agriculture program is focused on responsibly sourced Merino wool.

The Nativa Regenerative Agriculture program is focused on responsibly sourced Merino wool.

Over the coming years, Nativa will tap Quantis’ carbon footprinting expertise within the wool sector to help identify and reduce CO2 emissions related to farming, the companies said.Nativa offers nature-focused sustainable solutions to brands and supply chain partners with a focus on blockchain-integrated traceable and ethical wool manufacturing. It follows that its Regenerative Agriculture program is an integrated system based on scientific data, and backed by blockchain technology: Its initiative will account for soil quality and carbon sequestration (or capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere), support biodiversity and responsible management of water use, all of which are key drivers for agricultural sustainability, the company said.

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In its partnership with Quantis, a global environmental sustainability consulting organization known for its science-based approach and extensive experience in apparel and textiles, Nativa will continue to expand its efforts in alignment with guidance from the firm’s environmental experts. Its collaboration will allow all partner brands to reduce their carbon footprint and empower them to efficiently create a positive environmental impact, the companies said.

View Gallery Related Gallery A Look at Olympic Style Over the YearsA bundle of Merino wool. Nativa takes a local approach, working closely with each farmer to ensure best practices. “Each step of the supply chain is accounted for, starting at the farm, to the Nativa certified combing mill renowned for its circular economy practices, all the way to the final brand and end-consumer,” the brand said. Nativa’s presence already spans as far south as Patagonia and as far east as Tasmania, they added.

Sarah Beaubien, director, Quantis U.S., said that the company is “thrilled to share our expertise with Nativa and support the development of a robust regenerative agriculture program. Their program’s focus on soils and biodiversity, based on the scientific foundations of a farm-level footprint, will allow Nativa to make a positive impact on our collective ecosystem.”

And Federico Paullier, managing director at Chargeurs Luxury Materials, added that “This system will prove how real collaboration and full transparency in metrics can play a role in a more sustainable future, and we are very excited to partner with Quantis for this purpose.”

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