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Nationals GM Introduces Players To New Stepmanager

Nationals GM Introduces Players To New Stepmanager


Nationals GM Introduces Players To New Stepmanager

WASHINGTON—Hoping to ease the team into a new period of transition, Washington Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo took a moment Wednesday to introduce his players to their new stepmanager. “Everyone, this is Dale. You’re going to be seeing a lot more of him from now on, and I want you make him feel nice and welcome,” said Rizzo of the new addition to the National League East club, explaining that the team may have noticed him hanging around recently and joining in on team dinners in the past weeks, and that he would now officially be a permanent fixture of the dugout. “We want to make him a part of the Nationals family. Just give him a chance, and you’ll see that he cares about you just as much as any other manager would—so I want you to give him all your attention and respect. We know you love your normal manager, but Dale cares about you, too. That means no sass and no pranks, got it?” At press time, the Nationals’ new stepmanager had been overheard referring to several outfielders as “a bunch of little shits,” after they forgot to clean up their helmets after batting practice.

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I'm not calling him manager, even if there's a fire federalbaseball Even the Onion knows it is beyond absurd that the dingleberry Martinez still has a job lol The way this team has been malfunctioning lately, I'm not convinced this is fake news. The stepmanager will have to buy them better gifts then their former manager for them to like him. Or take them out to get drunk.

I wish I were never drafted! I’m calling my agent *sob* You're not my real coach! Bad lighting. Too obvious. Dude added in should have had light coming from the back. Notice the highlight on bald dude's head. HMU. I can help. For $$$ of course. :)

Coach Adam Gase named New York Jets GM, and Twitter reacts with villainous memesOn Wednesday, the New York Jets fired their vice president of player personnel Brian Heimerdinger, and the team’s longtime General Manager, Mike Maccagnan. Adam Gase will take over as interim general manager while the Jets’ Chairman and CEO Christopher Johnson.

New ‘Call Of Duty’ Career Mode Lets Player Join Raytheon’s Board Of Directors After Military ServiceSANTA MONICA, CA—Introducing an update aimed at heightening the realism of the game, Activision announced Wednesday that a new career mode for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 allows playable characters who retire from the military to continue the fight by joining Raytheon’s board of directors. “Players who rack up enough confirmed kills in combat will now be able to take their adventure to the next level as they join a $50 billion company with the mission of building lethal weapons systems and maximizing profits for shareholders,” said Activision spokesperson Adam Bera, acknowledging this version of career mode tested better with gamers than a beta version in which the player is a discharged soldier who returns to his hometown, discovers there are few jobs available, and struggles to make ends meet. “Points are earned in career mode by attending meetings, securing hundreds of millions of dollars in Defense Department contracts, and appearing on cable news programs to fend off bad public relations for the military-industrial complex. Our award-winning developers even worked closely with current and former Raytheon executives to make sure all the golfing side quests in the game are as true to life as possible.” Bera went on to reveal that if Call Of Duty players beat career mode with 100% of achievements, they will be able to unlock Erik Prince as a playable character. it is sad that this is satire, because I would finally play a COD game if this was actually a thing LMAO TVsJonLee

Senator to introduce legislation banning video game 'loot boxes,' 'pay to win' featuresU.S. Senator Josh Hawley said he will introduce legislation calling for the ban of 'pay to win' and 'loot box' features in video games. They should. It's basically gambling for all ages. Ban? Interesting that this is how we seem to be tackling all our issues these days. Weak. Lazy. Let's be real here, EA and other AAA video game companies really are engaging in child gambling. I'm glad a senator is calling them out on it (although I don't know if this is the federal gov't's responsibility.

Paytm has introduced its first credit cardBI PRIME: Paytm, the biggest mobile wallet in India, introduced the Paytm First Credit Card, its first-ever proprietary credit card.

Ingenico has introduced a business solution for phone paymentsBI PRIME: Leading point-of-sale (POS) terminal provider Ingenico introduced LinkPlus, a solution for businesses that accept phone payments. Need funding for inventory, advertising and employees payroll Google or email psmith.urgentcashadvancenowyahoo.com

Doris Day helped introduce America to AIDS with empathy and love for Rock HudsonThe two helped forge America’s understanding of AIDS and the beginning of a long battle against discrimination and intolerance of the disease. THIS is what I remember most vividly. The courageous action of DorisDay to embrace her life long friend & help him showed her amazing depth of compassion. Quite the lady she was! I will miss her.

Graham introduces bill that would change asylum process and to try slow flow of migrantsSen. Lindsey Graham introduced legislation that would, in part, change the current asylum process in an attempt to stem the flow of migrants arriving at the southern border. BuildTheWallNow I try not to hate people. But I hate him. someone take the shot

Church's Chicken CEO reveals his turnaround game plan to win back customers and introduce the world to a new version of the iconic chainChurch's Chicken launched its three-year turnaround in 2017, under the fresh leadership of CEO Joe Christina. A new version of what? Let's all say it together now! A new version of death. Fried chicken should be eaten on holidays...only! The caloric density of one thigh is too high! Chicken quality varies, had some really good and some really bad. They gave me some busiquets that were small and hard as a rock. Have not been back since. Popeye's for me.

Rep. Adam Schiff introduces constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens UnitedThe California Democract on Wednesday introduced an amendment to overturn the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, which helped usher in a new era of big money in American elections. Are they really safe? Republirussians won't be able to get Russian Oligarchs money if it passes. . ThusSpakeZaRussianCash PUTINtrump2020 MAGA = ManipulatingAmericasGullibleAspirants GOP = GuzzlingOrangePiss .

Senator Lindsey Graham to introduce bill increasing detention of migrant children from 20 to 100 days'We got a perfect storm now because of broken laws,' the Republican senator said. What a fucking monster. Gop_Complicit So we can kee them locked up longer! What a hatful little man

Murkowski, Manchin Introduce Bill to Strengthen U.S. Electric Vehicle Supply ChainThe rapid growth of the EV market has nudged virtually every automaker to embrace electrification, but upending more than a century of oil addiction will not happen overnight. The supply chain for the critical minerals that are needed to produce EV batteries is almost entirely overseas. Those who solve problems with inefficient technology are known as progressives. They call them 'rare earth's' for a reason…it's the duh factor

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