National Foundation for Gun Rights raises $50K to 'support' Kenosha shooting suspect Kyle Rittenhouse

The National Foundation for Gun Rights believes Kyle Rittenhouse was defending 'himself and business owners' when he fatally shot two people.

9/18/2020 12:28:00 PM

The conservative organization based in Loveland, Colorado, announced Thursday it sent $50,000 to Kyle Rittenhouse for 'defending himself and business owners' amid protests following the fatal police shooting of Jacob Blake.

The National Foundation for Gun Rights believes Kyle Rittenhouse was defending 'himself and business owners' when he fatally shot two people.

USA TODAYA conservative gun rights group has raised $50,000 for the Illinois teenager charged with shooting three people, two fatally, during protests last month in Kenosha, Wisconsin.The conservative National Foundation for Gun Rights, based in Loveland, Colorado, announced Thursday it has sent $50,000 to Kyle Rittenhouse for"defending himself and business owners" amid protests following the fatal police shooting of Jacob Blake.

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"I spoke with Kyle's mother this morning to let her know NFGR received over a thousand donations amounting to over $50,000 from folks who support her son," NFGR Executive Director Dudley Brown said in a news release.'Unapproved assignment':

Dallas school district investigating after teacher listed Kenosha shooter as 'hero'According to the news release, Rittenhouse's mother responded:"No words can describe what we're going through. Thank you so much — and I know Kyle and the rest of the family would say thank you too."

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What’s the big deal? Celebs are paying to get rioters and looters out. Why not report on that? All these people in this thread taking news at face value and don't even bother to fact check. Ya'll know Jacob Blake wasn't fatally shot right? It’s obviously none of the commenters in this thread have seen all of the video where this kid was being chased by people with guns and knives, hit on the head while avoiding those people and defended himself. They just see the final seconds and “know” he’s a murderer. Typical.

Great news. Guilty as charged. Lawyers will love the money while he goes to prison where he belongs. Disgusting How can others donate? Please leave a post JFC...supporting a murderer. Douchebag money for a douchebag murderer... I see no issues here And the POS Jacob Blake is a millionaire because of donations. He’s a felon who sexually assaulted a woman and then went for a weapon to harm the police. But KamalaHarrris told him she’s proud of him. Kyle was defending himself.

Love how u guys only use quotation marks to denote your sarcasm and prejudice towards a belief or opinion you want ppl to dismiss. If u had any integrity you’d present a counter argument and let ppl decide for themselves. Objectivity—google it. Are you NEW to FOREX? Minimize your losses with my expert strategy with an investment capital of $300, i can guarantee $3,500 as profits after 5days of investment without sending money to anyone . Inbox me if interested.

What a waste of money. Give it to food banks and or put it in an account to stave off evictions due to COVID. It could also have been used to pay off felon fines in FL so they can vote. Maybe one of Chump’s criminal lawyer friends can defend him. Life sentence without parole is the only answer ! TWICE=TWO Victims ! He MUST be made an example of ! Or every American idiot with a gun will be out murdering whoever THEY want ! There R NO businesses or anything being destroyed anywhere in THIS video !

Good, there are still sane, moral people! Get assault weapons off U.S. streets for Christ Sakes! Your obsession with guns is pathetic and will never protect you against a military take over, so get your asinine priorities straight! The kid needs to be MADE an example of ! ! Put him in jail for LIFE ! ! TWICE ! ! Two lifetime sentences with NO parole, is the ONLY answer !

I hope his lawyers charge him a grip and then lose the case Another group who believe guns have more rights than people. watch this video about people ...thank me later, have peace and stay blessed

The Violent Fantasy of Kyle RittenhouseKyle Rittenhouse, the Illinois teen charged with shooting three protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, gets the fanmail congratulating him on his heroic exploits in juvenile detention, because he is 17 years old. Most stories coming from the Right, which render the kid as a righteous arbiter of justice, bury this fact. There’s less valor in juvie, after all.

Texas school assignment lists Kyle Rittenhouse among 'modern heroes'Students at the school in Dallas were invited to write a half-page biography of one of six men including Kyle Rittenhouse. People are so sick and many people in Texas amongst top of that list! World, we're in BIG trouble. We should have seen it coming when they made a hero out of the American Sniper! ANYBODY that craves blood and DESIRES to kill others CANNOT be of God! Praying for the world!🙏 Not one woman on their ‘modern heroes’ list, but this radicalized teen killer makes the cut. Texas!!! Guy defending himself against a pedophile trying to cause him harm or more.... after weeks of seeing people beat half to death and left lifeless in the street Kyle knew it wouldn't be him.

Dallas school district apologizes for assignment describing Kenosha shooter as 'hero'A Dallas school district apologizes after a teacher suggests the 17-year-old charged with killing 2 during the Kenosha, Wisconsin, protests was a possible “modern hero” alongside Gandhi and Malcolm X in an essay assignment. That teacher should be FIRED. Ok but what’s her name we just wanna talk 🙈🙈 he is a hero. he defended himself against a mob. pure self defense, there’s video. this isn’t difficult.

Dallas school district apologizes for assignment describing Kenosha shooter as 'hero'A high school teacher suggested Kyle Rittenhouse — charged with killing two during Wisconsin protests — was a possible hero alongside Gandhi and Malcolm X. America out there wilding each and every minute. Those are acts of blasphemy,and in some neighboring areas acts of blasphemy has same charges as murder

A Dallas school assignment asked students to write about a modern-day hero. The Kenosha shooter was among the choicesA class assignment at a Dallas high school asking students to potentially defend the suspected Kenosha, Wisconsin, shooter as a hero is drawing complaints from students and parents. While he’s not a hero, he’s not a villain. He helped clean up graffiti and when attacked by armed BLM-ANTIFA , he was able to escape and killed assailants ,that all had violent criminal history. If he had not shot the last assailant in the arm, that scumbag would have shot Kyle White supremacists always stick together He is a hero.

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