Nation prepares for more George Floyd protests this weekend

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From New York City to Seattle, protesters and police prepare for more George Floyd demonstrations this weekend.

Trump, who was in Maine while the street was being painted, lashed out at Bowser via Twitter. This came four days after the U.S. Park Police and National Guard were ordered to forcibly oust peaceful protesters outside the White House to make way forIn Minneapolis, where Floyd died May 25, city leaders agreed Friday toby police. They also mandated that police report and intervene any time they witness an unauthorized use of force by another officer.

While the Minneapolis City Council was meeting, protesters marched in the street for an 11th straight day.

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Well, it’s not like any of them have jobs to go too. Every day is a weekend for these ignorant rioters

The police did not get up and attack a black man.. The police responded to a 911 call because a crime was being committed. This is going too far and ridiculous. When you live a life of crime, it is dangerous. People who live honestly do not need to worry about the police.

On this day of D-Day remembrance, known as America’s greatest moment. When America’s greatest generation risked all in the fight against fascism, we must stand ashamed President Trump is now openly saluted as “Heil Trump”.


This is only going to strengthen POTUS for 2020. He will do more to mitigate future police police abuses in democratic cities than the current local pols and the the obama 8 years in a few short months.....

The DA prosecutor in Minnesota just made the conviction hard to prove and easier to get off the charges. He changed the charges from 3rd- degree manslaughter to 2nd degree. He will have to prove premeditated murder. He is guilty but not that charge.

It means China virus is over. 😃😊 👏👏👍 USA can now open.


Anyone Feelin Angry or bitterness towards the Trump Administration, Should Save it for November 4. Because of the pain and bitterness you will feel that day. Trump MAGA2020 November3rd

you mean riots


A better idea would be a BLM Soul Food Restaurant Chain

Today is a good day to say 'ENOUGH is ENOUGH' ... 🇺🇸BeColorBlind🇺🇸 Refuse2BBoxedInByCOLOR 🇺🇸BeColorBlind🇺🇸

According to the global firepower rankings, the countries in red had less military budget than LAPD and NYPD. So who backs police in US? GeorgeFloyd BlackLivesMatter NoJusticeNoPeace

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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