NASA: You Are Going

In this story, NASA invites you—a member of the Artemis Generation—to feel connected to each Artemis mission and discover all of the exciting possibilities of going to space.


12/3/2021 9:28:00 PM

Our Artemis I rocket launch is right around the corner. Parents & kids can join the adventure! We just released our newest children’s book, “You Are Going,” which takes the reader to the Moon with future NASA Artemis missions. Download a free copy here:

In this story, NASA invites you—a member of the Artemis Generation—to feel connected to each Artemis mission and discover all of the exciting possibilities of going to space.

You Are Going!—&nbspYOU ARE GOING —

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We Asked a NASA Expert: What’s it Like Landing on Mars?What’s it like landing on Mars? Tough! But every time we land, we learn more. When NASAPersevere landed on Mars, its temperature & pressure sensors collected critical data about entry & landing conditions. Engineer Alex Scammell explains: Persevere What can i Do, that u go follow me .? Im biggest Fan of the universe!!😍 Persevere Wow, interesting Persevere Interesting.

Artemis Crew 1 🤟 Artemis My generation so lucky because lives in apollo and Artemis new generations Artemis Very good step to NASA the book inspiration children and kids also guys to be astronauts in the future to go with explor astronauts when NASA colonization the Moon Artemis Nothing comes for free in this world 🌎, not even your breath you have to spend ATP for breathing We need to invest our time efforts internet and commitment to download this one and contribute to NASA publicity and making it truly GLOBAL

Artemis Need to act faster & more rigorously to develop effective method to extract oxygen from regolith on Moon. high time permanent research station set on Moon. Artemis Thank you for the copy. Indeed this will definitely kindle & help this gen kids. Lovely to hear it from those great Astronauts😊👩🏻‍🚀🧑🏻‍🚀

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NASA Spacewalk to Replace Space Station AntennaSet a reminder to watch NASA_Astronauts on a spacewalk! AstroMarshburn & Kayla Barron will venture outside the Space_Station starting at ~7:10am ET (12:10 UTC) to replace an antenna system. How to watch: _Astronauts AstroMarshburn Space_Station Floating in space I think is the most exciting experience ever. Of course they are working for all of us ... but Lucky them :) _Astronauts AstroMarshburn Space_Station Can you reschedule it? I don't wake up that early. Thanks in advance! _Astronauts AstroMarshburn Space_Station ✨

Artemis hi can you show me a pic of the moon? =) Artemis Get a better job Artemis James Cameron's Sunflower.... Artemis Sunflower with the Laser Trac. Total Sun Flower output can reach 260 kilowatt hours per day, or enough to satisfy 75% – 90% of the school’s total energy needs, Gizmodo reports. It can stay in space using a laser to relay electrical grid. Land the X-37-C Space Plane. Or My Shuttle

Artemis Crew 1 was the best Crew soichi noguchi and Kate rubins best austronauts 🤪 itsaciath Artemis I love that name. wish I could do something like that with mine. Artemis Chile 🌼The Last place in The World Artemis Thank you for the copy of the book. My kids are going to love it. ❤️ Artemis English : Dear Russians dear Arabs THANKS TO THE FRENCH YEAR 1970 WHICH PATENTED THE FIRST SOLAR PANEL IN ALGERIA YOU HAVE THE CHARITABLE ACT FROM THE ENTIRE GLOBAL WORLD PEOPLE ... ! DEAR GREETINGS from surveyor mauro stocovaz trieste 03.12.2021 trieste Planet earth


NASA Astronauts Replace Antenna System Ending Spacewalk“It was awesome!” Astronauts Kayla Barron and AstroMarshburn concluded today’s spacewalk at 12:47pm ET (17:47 UTC). The duo replaced a faulty antenna and did some get-ahead tasks for future spacewalks: AstroMarshburn 👍🙌 AstroMarshburn Good work 🙋‍♀️🇩🇪 AstroMarshburn

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NASA to Announce America’s Next Class of Astronaut Candidates🌟 The time has come. We're ready to introduce the 2021 class of astronaut candidates. On Dec. 6, meet the individuals who'll train to become NASA_Astronauts, bound for missions to space, possibly the Moon. What would you like to know? Tag askNASA: _Astronauts Can’t wait for NASA to go back to the closest planet, the moon! _Astronauts While we are going into the Future,please do not forget in the Past! _Astronauts Shoutout to all NFT artists’ KEEP on Going NASA! Great Job

Join Our Virtual NASA Social to Experience NASA’s IXPE MissionSocial media users are invited to register to take part in our global virtual NASA Social for the Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) mission, scheduled to launch Dec. 9, 2021. This will be NASA’s first satellite dedicated to measuring X-ray polarization from many sources in space. Social holy carp new observation methods uasdhjhjhjhjahjfshjdkjdajkjs Social $GHC to the moon Social Wow , magnificient view

NASA astronauts complete spacewalk which was postponed due to debris riskTwo NASA astronauts completed an hours-long spacewalk on Thursday morning that was earlier postponed due to a risk of space debris. I’m sorry, but anytime someone just does their job, it isn’t a news story….The president signs an executive order. The trash gets dumped by the trash company. The papers get filed by the secretary. It’s not news.