NASA wants your ideas to reuse trash and waste on a Mars mission

You have until March 15 to submit your Red Planet innovations.

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1/20/2022 12:47:00 AM

NASA wants your ideas to reuse trash and waste on a Mars mission

You have until March 15 to submit your Red Planet innovations.

(Image credit: Pat Rawlings/NASA)NASA just opened a challenge seeking ways to go to Mars and back with a minimum of wasted materials.The agency's tournament lab, along with crowdsourcing platform HeroX, have launched a"Waste to Base" challenge

looking for ideas to recycle trash, waste, carbon dioxide and foam packaging materials during a two- to three-year crewed Red Planet mission.Competitors have until March 15 to enter the challenge, and several prizes of up to $1,000 each will be awarded for novel ideas, out of a total purse of $24,000. The winner should be announced by April 22, according to the challenge website. 


Absolutely not everything has to be biodegradable, even to survive we're going to have to probably use the boring company to dig underneath and Build sustainable underground living. We're going to have to use robotics to start digging. Send trash to the sun Is there a way to reduced plastic to it's based chemical compound? Or any other manufacturered material?

Store them on Mars. It might be helpful for MartianMovie Strong winds on the surface of Mars will blow the trash here and there and break it into tiny pieces. When will life be restored in mass Beyond. Laser inceniration hadn't thought about it. Make a replicator. You won't have trash. Maybe dogs eating their poop means something

You could use compacted trash to backfill when casting materials like concrete or resin, even insulation or to fill voids in 3D printed structures It's been in front of our face all along First start with the most recyclable material then reuse, repurpose, recycle. Worst case scenario build an incinerator, zero emissions.

Use robots, no Human?

NASA Crowdsources Solutions for Human Mission to MarsIf you have a winning idea about how to make the multi-year trip more self-sufficient, NASA wants to give you $1,000. DougieP2016 Birds202020 send rosie & make it a 1 way trip. boom 2 birds stoned at once your welcome. Sounds like fun 1,000? I’d rather get an NFT. 🤔

They could always send it back home. Earth has traditionally been humanity's toilet. Why upend hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary progress? Hows about not sending anything up there that doesn't have a planned second life? Why can't the bouncy balls you guys use to land be converted into shelters? Rocket housings converted to walls or beds, engines into heating elements ... more and more...

I've been pursuing that line of thinking in KerbalSpaceP, too. Would love to see more recycling in action, on all worlds. MoreRocketsFewerMissiles Ideas 👏 Simples Just Don't Go There! HOW ABOUT YOU FIX OUR EARTH BEFORE YOU GO AND TRASH OTHER PLANTS THAT DON'T BELONG TO US! 🤬 How you gonna use my EX Don’t worry once Waste Management gets to Mars they’ll make you an offer ya can’t refuse 😉

I got a great, dumb idea. Why don’t we dump all of our trash on Mars? It’s not anyone is going to all NIMBY on us 🤣 Figure out how to do that here. Then, do it there.

Ice Peeks out of a Cliffside on Mars - Universe TodayThe HiRISE camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter took a picture of water ice peeking out from under sediment in Milankovic Crater.

cut trash and waste down to all possible minimum, to begin with Mery kuch relatives ko bhi ly jao please 😂😂😂😁 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 all kinds of junks of plastic and rubber and all same substance and no way to recycle, when you burn it in MARS will produce a massive CO2 in thin air.CO2 is one of the essential in making oxygen and water.i think there is HYDROGEN also in there.

Send Me.... We can make Those parts( which is going to be trash) with fibers dat gets decomposed with time. Doing same mistakes of earth on mars can be stupidity. 👽💜😈 Stop mars expeditions from taking atmosphere to mars or stripping Earth of resources Open a recycling factory on mars maybe start with this planet…

Совсем мало времени.

Musk: There won't be enough people for Mars if birth rate keeps fallingElon Musk laments the declining birth rate: 'If there aren't enough people for Earth, then there definitely won't be enough for Mars ' I never thought of meeting a legit bitcoin trader after been scammed many times at my age but the heavens sent SamAndCoTradin guided me and help me make a living through bitcoin with my coinbase app, I recommend you to meet him now and also be a beneficiary of good work 😳 Is this TheOnion ?

Start here on planet Earth and then apply on Mars. I'm still baffled by with all the knowledge about physics and chemestry why we still don't recycle 100%. muhendisyenn Wall-e Don't waste time, money and energy going to a place that will never produce a damn thing and this question would need no answer. Spend the resource here on the only living planet Earth. NASA

How about taking Boris up that would be awesome way for keeping safe environment ☺️☺️ Stop sending trash there Define: 'trash'. Please be specific. Food packaging? worn out hardware? Plastic, metal, organic? Article size? Where to start.... Mars mission equip. should be mars degradeble materials which will creat fertility.

Just be human. If we cant save our inhabited earth, what good about non-inhabitable mars? Check pinterest

Elon Musk Is Upset That Falling Birth Rates Might Disrupt His Plans for MarsElon Musk is upset that the changing demographic in the global population will meddle with his colonization plans on Mars . Omg. Climate change is proof that humans have way, way overpopulated. A single species shouldn’t be able to stress a planetary system. Dude. There’s no breathable air on Mars. Maybe he should pay his fair share in taxes, push for universal health care, living wages, paid parental and sick leave. Or he could just whine to the media

why should you make that planet a garbage! IT BELONGS TO ME. 😁 As we create robots to efficiently accomplish work on Earth, we want to spend billions to send humans to Mars? Why? What can humans do robots cannot! NASA isn't going to Mars though, any mission they plan will be stripped of funding by Congress every time there's a new POTUS and/or the dominant party flips. This has been the dynamic since the Nixon Administration kneecapped the Apollo Program in favor of the Space Shuttle.

3Dprinters My advice to NASA is that much resources shouldn't be ventured into finding life or habitation in Mars. There's 99% of finding nothing close to life in Mars . Probably there's some other mission to Mars which you aren't sharing with us . Reusing of trash and waste to support Mars mission ? And these trashes that are still of useful importance to Humans will be taken to Mars? A planet were we can't live ? 🙄

I don't understand why we're still bothering ourselves on Mars mission . I personally think this is a personal project. Even if Mars is habitable though it's impossible. only the rich can afford to go live in Mars. Don't litter. All trash goes into strategically placed garbage cans. Ah why am I not 18 yet lol

Just throw it all around and do what people do on Earth.

Curiosity rover finds 'tantalizing' signs of ancient Mars lifeThere are three possible explanations for the new find, and one involves ancient Mars microbes.

Make Roads on Mars Make Anti Radiation Shields on Mars Grow Vegetation under controlled atmospheres.. Many more.. But don't bring it back to Mother Earth 🙏 Is there anyway that NASA can swing by Dallas from Houston on the way? Cause the Cowboys laid trash all over the field on Sunday, plus the fans threw garbage on it too. 🤣

Good luck with that Nasa, we can barely do it in a sensible manner on mother earth. Was this not asked prior to dumping the trash? sure just eat the dead bodies Or. We could wait a 100 years or so and then worry about it like we did on earth. would nasa also want to know from us how they build nazi into a space corner and what not have they found and built on other planets!!!!!!

every piece of trash is valuable on Mars. perhaps plastics and polymer products are recyble. 3D printing will be useful 1000 $ per idea ! No comment about the whole post !

Chilly, damp Mars may have hosted an ancient oceanThree billion years ago, the dusty planet we know today was a very different world. Sure seems like it did if you look at the topography: There's clear rivers, canyons, alluvial plains, and it looks like the impact craters are less numerous in the northern regions as a result of the ocean's erosive properties in comparison to the drier parts on land in south. Lubbock had a few trees once..don’t see them bragging about it. thats pretty much a given at this point. but much easier to float off into space as mars gravity is about 1/3 of earth, so vaporizing the oceans from comet impacts, it just floats away. and weak magnetic field, little to hold it down.

You can use bubble wrap for stress relief. Tough question yet simple answer, focus more on sustainability on Mars and everywhere 😇 Dig a big hole and put the trash in it , and then fill the hole in , and there you have it the first time capsule on mars 😀 I think a good idea would be, by creating a mars simulation game where users can come up with ideas for various issues that may arise on mars.

Don't go there. How about not having any trash and reuse everything? And I mean everything. De-engineering should be a discipline. I Think That NASA Should Direct This Question To Children. Especially The 9-10-11 yr olds..These Children's Minds Are Still So Pure And Fascinating. This Is The Generation Who Will Have The Opportunities To Live On Mars.. Plant That Hydroponic Seed Now..

Throw anyone who dies into the Recycler for mushroom food. eat Mars soil and rock could be dozed into place to shield against radiation. Start looking into the 5 or 6 warp driver theories by U.S. scientists, and realize that there are probably 50 more worldwide and classified.

Shouldn't they be paying consultants for that work? Space is going to be very profitable for a chosen few in the next decades. All good ideas offered freely will be used and exploited commercially. Practical ideas for reusing trash, waste on Mars could be extremely valuable. So we can fck that place up also ?

Don't give ideas to them. They will just take your ideas and become super-successful, and in return you get worthless stuff (or maybe nothing). Buy some `Green credits or Renewable Energy Certificates ` just plant some trees back here or stick up a wind turbine. That seems to be the way round dumping waste.

Send trash to the sun if it's not biodegradable. Gribd trash into dust, extract metals with magnets, plastics go and melt into re usable blocks, metal the same. Bio waste broken down into compost. I'm not an expert I think over recycled trash can be used as building materials. It's more useful if it's stubborn because stubborn means turf (I guess)

Build a giant golden M Google AI is working....

clone meat Burning bin that burn rubbish and generate energy or coins I have a lot of ideas. What is their refuse plan look like where can we find a mars packing manifest? Burn them simple Can we start with the space junk we keep complaining about? easy..just take me and left there Like everything, stripping it down to components then having organised specific storage is the key. So designing products that can be stripped, materials that can be parted, in the first place is paramount to reducing time and waste. Secondary use beats Recycling hands down!

Try not to cannibalize. If it’s not reused or recycled right away, it should be stored for later potential of applications. Material selection of most items should be chosen on its potential to be recycled. Most plastics should be able to be turned into 3d printer filament.

NASAMars NASA if you made everything out of organic material, you can then simply allow it to decompose in a chamber collecting the gas and using it for fuel. Water and waste filters First you land on the mars. Bored of VFX stuff. 🙂 Hi, I am a structural engineer from Iran who have many ideas. I have summarized some of my ideas on my twitter(I suggest look at the idea of generating electricity by gravity). I want to work with companies and investors. Do you want to cooperate?

Maggots to eat the poop. Venus fly traps to eat the maggots and flies. Don't pack anything PLASTIC and ship only recycble material. Humans and trash go hand in hand there's no beach in the world that doesn't have trash leftovers by humans, time to transfer this legacy to a new planet. Well ,if we haven't got the point here on EARTH ,then what makes you think we give a squash potato's on Mars.😂😼

Looks like it's a scene from a Lucas movie. But it will soon become a reality. Hi guys, I made an interesting YouTube video about a future Mars Base: what about the idea to clean the earth first?

Grow potatoes! Poop fertilizer Turn it into art maxine sparkfestivalau sallyannw MSeqVC WarrickCramer Send it to Mercury Space I know one who knows this stuff. Pergunakan tanganmu yang sangat sempurna itu untuk memilih semua sampah yang telah dibuang oleh tangan yang tidak memiliki rasa indahnya kebersihan alam semesta. 🤗

I thought you had solved that one BEFORE sending anything to Mars but I guess it would've been a miracle since it's still an unresolved issue ON EARTH 🌎 Only take biodegradable packaging, compost with human waste and grow potatoes!!

Plant potatoes with your poo Send robots How about the only products allowed on Mars being either biodegradable or incinerable.

Artist's illustration of a crewed Mars base. (Image credit: Pat Rawlings/NASA) NASA just opened a challenge seeking ways to go to Mars and back with a minimum of wasted materials. The agency's tournament lab, along with crowdsourcing platform HeroX, have launched a "Waste to Base" challenge looking for ideas to recycle trash, waste, carbon dioxide and foam packaging materials during a two- to three-year crewed Red Planet mission. Competitors have until March 15 to enter the challenge, and several prizes of up to $1,000 each will be awarded for novel ideas, out of a total purse of $24,000. The winner should be announced by April 22, according to the challenge website.  Related: Plastic recycler will turn space station trash into 3D printing stock "This challenge is all about finding ways to convert waste into base materials and other useful things, like propellant or feedstock for 3D printing," the website stated.  "The challenge is looking for your ideas for how to convert different waste streams into propellant, and into useful materials, that can then be made into needed things and cycled through multiple times. While a perfectly efficient cycle is unlikely, ideal solutions will result in little to no waste." Full eligibility requirements are available ; generally speaking, anyone in the world 18 years of age or older may participate individually or as a team, as long as their jurisdiction is not under United States federal sanctions, HeroX said. An artist's conception of an astronaut on Mars. (Image credit: dottedhippo via Getty Images) The winning ideas are expected to be put into a whitepaper as"part of the roadmap for future technology development work" for NASA's logistics reduction project, which is working on matters such as new spacecraft and future settlements, the challenge description noted. While NASA hasn't yet set a firm timeline for putting humans on