NASA to study the Moon's mysterious Gruithuisen Domes for the first time

6/6/2022 1:30:00 AM

The agency has two new tools to explore these mysterious features. 🧐

The agency has two new tools to explore these mysterious features. 🧐

NASA will send the Lunar Vulkan Imaging and Spectroscopy Explorer and the Lunar Explorer Instrument for space biology Applications to the Moon in order to explore the mysterious Gruithuisen Domes.

has the chief goals of sending astronauts to establish the first long-term presence on the Moon and learning what is necessary to send the first astronauts to Mars.An artistic rendering of SpaceX’s Starship on the Moon, adorned with a NASA logo.For Artemis moon missions, science will reign supreme Upgrades were also made to the vehicle's exterior instrumentation covers to better protect against the heat and potential storms during the rocket's two weeks awaiting testing at the pad.Draper Laboratory While originally brought in to Draper as a programmer, Hamilton quickly moved up in the lab until she was eventually put in charge of all of the software development for the Apollo command module's guidance computer, and later on, for the Apollo lunar lander guidance computer as well.

But it’s also planning to do so much more than that.One of its many scientific mission will see the agency send the Lunar Vulkan Imaging and Spectroscopy Explorer (Lunar-VISE) and the Lunar Explorer Instrument for space biology Applications (LEIA) to the Moon in order to explore the mysterious Gruithuisen Domes, geological features that have puzzled scientists for years.” It’s a funny aside — but there’s one tiny hitch.Addressing important scientific questions according to a statement published by the agency on Thursday.NASA has published a list of launch windows for Artemis 1 , and agency officials have voiced cautious optimism for an August liftoff, but an official target won't be finalized until the data from the dress rehearsal has been fully analyzed.“The two selected studies will address important scientific questions related to the Moon” Joel Kearns, the deputy associate administrator for exploration in NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, said in the press release.Biden was asked about Musk’s opinions today during a press conference at the White House.“The first will study geologic processes of early planetary bodies that are preserved on the Moon by investigating a rare form of lunar volcanism.Source: MIT Museum "We began to analyze all of the errors that had taken place on the flight software when we were actually in Validation & Verification mode," Hamilton said.

The second will study the effects of the Moon’s low gravity and radiation environment on yeast, a model organism used to understand DNA damage response and repair.” The question was in reference to a recent report that and cutting its workforce by 10 percent because of Musk’s “super bad feeling” about the economy, according to an email he wrote to Tesla executives.6, in case you were thinking of making any plans for Labor Day weekend.” Lunar-VISE will explore the summit of one of the Gruithuisen Domes over the course of 10 days to uncover how these domes, suspected to have been formed by a sticky magma rich in silica similar in composition to granite, were formed without the presence of liquid water or plate tectonics.This has been a long-standing mystery for space scientists.But here’s the thing: SpaceX’s “trip to the Moon” is a key part of NASA’s Artemis mission, the space agency’s initiative to send the first woman and the first person of color to the lunar surface.Meanwhile, LEIA, a small CubeSat-based device, will provide biological research on the Moon by delivering the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, an important model of human biology, to the lunar surface and studying its response to radiation and lunar gravity.The data this mission collects will complement previously existing information from other biological studies to help scientists figure out how partial gravity and actual deep-space radiation influence biological systems.Another category, if you took certain steps, it would have been eliminated.


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I don’t understand why impact physics is left out of geological formation theories? Earth & Moon have been smashed by Impact-phase Comets💫 &/or Active-Asteroids☄️ repeatedly. The hyperMach objects atomize SolidH2O/N/O/hydrocarbons/etc. Then, smash into Moons/Planets. 🤔🖖🏽♻️ Have a look at this really good explanation time for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter LRO

Biden wishes Elon Musk 'lots of luck' on Moon trip that NASA is fundingBiden should definitely want them to have good luck. why nasa funding for someone who is the richest person in the world, i mean pay for your own trips NASA was only receiving a kick in the ass due to Elon Elon Musk Elon not returning thats a one way trip.

Watch NASA roll its huge Artemis 1 moon rocket back to the launch pad tonightRollout is expected to begin Monday (June 6) at 12:01 a.m. EDT (0401 GMT). Super cool 😃 Seems very legit Waste of the taxpayers money,why don’t you use Elon musk’s rockets

Margaret Hamilton: Pioneering Software Engineer Who Saved the Moon LandingWhen Margaret Hamilton was put in charge of writing the software that would fly the Apollo astronauts to the moon, no one had ever done anything like this before, so she invented software engineering to get it done.

Biden wishes Elon Musk 'luck' on moon trip after job cut plansU.S. President Joe Biden compared Tesla unfavorably to Ford on Friday, while sarcastically wishing Chief Executive Elon Musk 'lots of luck' on his 'trip to the moon' after the billionaire expressed reservations about the economy. 有一天我在教室里指着世界地图发出一个疑问:“为什么世界这么小?” I would hope so, because the moon trip will be flying American astronauts. Awesome, a guy who has never created a job in his life and has only set other peoples $ on 🔥 is throwing shade at the richest dude on the planet LetsGoBrandon

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