NASA to Host Coverage, Briefing for Webb Telescope’s Final Unfolding

NASA will provide live coverage and host a media briefing Saturday, Jan. 8, for the conclusion of the James Webb Space Telescope’s major spacecraft deployments.


1/8/2022 2:11:00 AM

On Jan. 8, NASAWebb will fully deploy its primary mirror, marking the end of the most complex space telescope deployment in history. Watch live coverage from mission control starting at ~9am ET (14:00 UTC): Drop expert questions below! UnfoldTheUniverse

NASA will provide live coverage and host a media briefing Saturday, Jan. 8, for the conclusion of the James Webb Space Telescope’s major spacecraft deployments.


Transcript: Dr. Scott Gottlieb on 'Face the Nation,' January 9, 2022

The following is a transcript of an interview with former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb that aired Sunday, January 9, 2022, on 'Face the Nation.'

Webb What's protecting the mirror from space junk? Webb I AM THE EMPEROR OF MY GRAND SIRE SRI KRISHNA HIS CROWN CORONA AND HIS DIVINE WEAPONS SUDHARANA CHAKRA COVID THE NUCLEAR WEAPONS WARFARES MAHABHARATA MAHABHARATA MAHABHARATA MAHABHARATA MAHABHARATA MAHABHARATA MAHABHARATA MAHABHARATA CannonGreg Webb Do u have a replica of it back on earth to test out commands b4 transmitting to the real one like with with the mars rovers?

Webb So awesome it is hard to believe! Webb Well done Webb I read that they connected a bus around the time the secondary mirror was locked or the radiator popped out are there any more connections to be completed? Webb During such harsh winters? 🥶 Equipment might freeze and waste the whole effort Ok it was a joke

Webb Uhu webb👋🏼👋🏼I have me Camera back !✊🏼🙏 Webb A view of all these places that we are too far away to travel to. We see it, marvel at it and dream 'What if'. Webb Show us the space crafts already. There's too much evidence for to deny it. Don't hold out on us like our government. They are impeding on our right to freedom, and simply want us caged on this planet for control. If you care about ascending to the cosmos, then find out.

Webb Will the joint lines be visible

NASA to Host Coverage, Briefing for Webb Telescope’s Final UnfoldingGet ready for NASAWebb's final unfolding! We'll have live coverage on social media and NASA TV as Webb deploys its second and final primary mirror wing, with our broadcast beginning no earlier than 9am ET (14:00 UTC) Sat., Jan. 8: UnfoldTheUniverse Webb Making History ! Webb Webb Awesome My friend.. good going..all the very best

Webb 👍 Webb Question: I hear that James Webb has a lifespan of 10 years, mainly due to limitation of fuel to keep the telescope in L2 orbit, We know that Voyager 1&2 are powered by nuclear, why didn't you do the same for James Webb, considering refuelling is almost impossible 4 that distance Webb question for ilahy or SMS messenger names

Webb How many years will active cooling be possible? Webb Nothing is beautiful and wonderful in killing earth, NASA Must stop all its activities, also other space projects companies, as they are the main reason of pollution and killing life on earth, consuming hydrogen and oxygen from our atmosphere and burning it outside our atmosphere

Webb I noticed there are a lot of mirrors between primary and sensor, what's the efficiency of the mirrors, how much light is lost? Webb only_mission_helios Webb Congratulations to humanity, Waiting for its discoveries. Webb Congratulations! I'm really excited whit this project!!!!!!!! Webb

Gorgeous HD Footage Shows Humanity's Final View of The James Webb Space TelescopeWe can all breathe a bit easier now. In spite of a launch bedeviled by problem after problem, NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is finally in space, making its way to its new home. Are they blowing it up?

physicsJ Webb If I like to know how does it keep its certain position on one of Lagrange points, I’ll directly read it on Wikipedia.😅 What else to ask?🤔 BobMcGwier_N4HY Webb I can’t wait to see what might be discovered. I just hope the feed doesn’t “magically” go out the minute something we don’t understand might come into view.

Webb And Voyager 2 just passed 12 billion miles a few minutes ago big day Webb Will there ever be reason to re-focus the mirror segments, or are they good to go for the life of the mission after the initial alignment and focusing? Webb Will you be able to look with greater resolution at the cmb? And to look at possible indicators of black hole collisions in a previous universe - with respect to Professor Penrose’s CCC model?

physicsJ Webb When the JWST runs out of fuel sometime in the future and perhaps begins to drift away from the L2 point, is it still possible to collect fresh images and data from it? Webb Awesome! Webb Webb is positioned at L2 for good reason. However, L2 is an unstable Lagrange point. How large should we imagine the area in which Webb must be positioned?

Webb Do you plan to 'revisit' everything Hubble saw with Webb? Webb Frecklegalaxy01 $AngieFitz01

The Physics of the James Webb Space TelescopeHumanity has a new eye in the sky, with infrared sensors that will peer into the farthest reaches of the cosmos. Here’s how it works.

Webb pikaso_me screenshot this Webb 👏👏👏 MicheleHelmink Webb How big is Webb from tip to tip Webb Beyond great 👍 Webb Wow wow Webb Can’t wait to see the first images in the coming months ! Webb Would the telescope be able to function with only the one half unfolded? Webb This is a super dumb question, but why is it yellow instead of clear mirror? 'Cause of its material? Do you have to color correct that away when doing spectrometry?

Webb I'll be there Webb NASA, Can you explain me how you refill fuel after 10 years?

The James Webb Space Telescope has fully unfurled its complex, massive sunshieldAwe-inspiring science reporting, technology news, and DIY projects. Skunks to space robots, primates to climates. That's Popular Science, 145 years strong. Good To Hear! Wouldn’t it be ironic if someone’s long hair was sitting on the lens….lol

Webb So Webb finds ALIEN LIFE…what then? Webb Yayyy! Space is the Final Frontier!beammeup Webb This is it let’s go baby!!💫 Webb hi space command center Webb UnfoldTheUniverse the team behind this is incredible. I am excited for what jameswebbtelescope promises to my imagination. Hope it can confirm multi-verse

Webb If no one has yet; before or after the unfolding, can we compare the images? If we can, what can we know from it? UnfoldTheUniverse Webb Go Webb!! Webb How did JWST avoid dust and other forms of micro-contamination (including from the thrusters) on the mirrors during launch and deployment? And how did you test that? asknasa

Webb This is an exciting news. Webb This I gotta watch setting timer T-minus 11 hours

The James Webb telescope could help solve the mystery of dark matterObservations by NASA’s recently launched James Webb Space Telescope could hint that many black holes formed during the birth of the universe. As soon as you actually find some let us know. Other than Black Holes that we all know about. Imagine it does Dark Matter (and Dark Energy)

Webb Amaze Webb LETS GOOO JAMES WEBB SPACE TELESCOPE,im very excited for JWST to send it first picture🎉🎉🎇🎇😃😄 Webb Too soon! Knock on wood. Webb Our Most Luminous🌎🏙🏞❤PROJECTBLUEXOPLANETS🌎🏙🏞 Resplendent Transcendently Glittering,Lustrous Flourescent,Amorously Entrancing 🌺❤HAPPYNEWYEARGREETINGS2022 S🏞🎂💝CosmicGalacticNewYear2022 Celebrations🏞💟💏COSMICLIGHTSPEED💋❤ETERNALMULTIVERSALCOSMICBIGBANGBASH💏

Webb UnfoldTheUniverse what is planned first look of 13.5 billion years of deep space to be ? Webb Will Webb fly by any other probes or satellites that can send a picture of Webb back to Earth? Webb What informed the decision to put so much time between deploying each wing of the primary mirror? Webb What an amazing time to be alive.

Webb What happens if something goes wrong. How would you go about fixing it? Do you have to bring it back or? Webb 😀

COVID evolution and the Webb telescope — the week in infographicsNature highlights three key infographics from the week in science and research. Humans are the Virus Bowl where virus strains battle it out for dominance.

Webb Expecting to view some spectacular space images !!!! Webb Since the amount of fuel for Webb is related to the lifetime of the science operation, why not carry a little more fuel? I remember bringing around 2-300 kg of fuel, and compared to a 6-ton telescope,its doesn't feel like a big deal. right?

Webb Is there a possibility the telescope can operate for much longer than the ten year plan? UnfoldTheUniverse Webb nice CGI, you're the best at it NASA:) Webb GoWebb ! JamesWebbSpaceTelescope Webb Yeah 👍! anyway WEBB will succeed 100%.good luck WEBB! Webb What do you think will see 👀🤙 Webb 'This' is your thing . Stop building rockets. Let it go. It's over.

Webb UnfoldTheUniverse What lubricants are used on the JWSP moving parts? At -200 degrees C, even the lightest oils turn to sludge. Webb You guys looked through it first this time... Right? Remember last time. UnfoldTheUniverse

Webb 好! Webb Webb What are you trying to see first? Webb VENUS Webb Good luck! Webb there will be a problem you will be able to solve Webb How do you phase up the segments? Based on the PSF shape, or interferometrically? How many degrees of freedom does each segment have? What do you do with the unphased segments while phasing up the others? Do you phase them up one at a time or in sets?

Webb Wow, how exciting! Webb Question: Why are the telescope’s primary and secondary mirrors positioned vertically as opposed to horizontally, with its sun shield blocking the Sun while in its orbit? Webb BABY FOUND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET MOTHER CHARGED VIDEO ON MEDIAPLATWORLD

Webb YUHUY!!!!! ---- Webb we'll be there Webb January 8th is my birthday :3 Webb hello sir I have prepared NFTs describing your space studies and I would like to present them to you. please like if you see it.. Webb I hope I see me Webb How do you keep telescope pointed at the object during exposure? Gyros?

Webb Congrats, what an amazing engineering feat achieved! Webb Webb all i have to say is -“good job!” so far. Webb All renderings show the 'primary to secondary' path aligned parallel to the shields. Why that alignment? Transport reasons, targeting reasons, thermal reasons or some other constraint? More generally, does the telescope aim independently of the shields?

Webb The arm with is excruciating.. when can we get the first pics Hubble revolutionized our vision into space. This is going it change the definition of revolutionizing ! Webb Can you answer this: Webb Q1 How do you schedule the science, most important things first or do you build up to the big experiments? Q2 how long roughly could it take Webb to peak back 13 billion years? A day? A week? I assume it will take much longer to make sense of the data

Webb How do NASA engineers determine the orientation of telescope in the space so far away from the earth? Is it only temperature sensor? UnfoldTheUniverse Webb Webb As each mirror is adjustable, does this mean that spherical aberration which plagued Hubble, is something that Webb will not have to worry about?

Webb Love the tech, dislike the name. Webb Why is the backup antenna made out of aluminium and not carbon fiber? Webb How are the control systems and procedures designed to avoid human error on the ground accidently sending instructions that cause the telescope to become unusable? Webb Is there any chance that the telescope will be fully operational sooner?

Webb How many things can go wrong at this point? Webb RemindMe_OfThis 1/8/2022 1400 UTC Webb Wow, congrats . Excited to see what this telescope finds Webb u guys get me nervous😅 Webb Webb Approximately how many sensors have been feeding data back from Webb during deployment?