NASA to Announce America’s Next Class of Astronaut Candidates

After evaluating more than 12,000 applications, NASA will introduce its 2021 astronaut candidates at 12:30 p.m. EST Monday, Dec. 6, from Ellington Field near NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.


12/3/2021 2:14:00 AM

🌟 The time has come. We're ready to introduce the 2021 class of astronaut candidates. On Dec. 6, meet the individuals who'll train to become NASA_Astronauts, bound for missions to space, possibly the Moon. What would you like to know? Tag askNASA:

After evaluating more than 12,000 applications, NASA will introduce its 2021 astronaut candidates at 12:30 p.m. EST Monday, Dec. 6, from Ellington Field near NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

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_Astronauts Is there a blackhole lurking in our solar system ? Can we use it for sending signals back in time. Would the signals be receptive with rudimentary appliances and would the repient understand the codes . _Astronauts asknasa Do they play video games on the ISS? Are there any consoles onboard, Nintendo DS, etc...

_Johnson _Astronauts _Astronauts Great People _Astronauts Have you lost your phone in space before and what zodiac sign are you? Got to be a Virgo or sum us loners seem to migrate to those working environment? _Johnson _Astronauts 👏👏👏👏👏👏❤💋 _Astronauts Nice _Astronauts askNASA what plants will be grown on the moon/in space?

_Astronauts Serious question - which of the selected candidates has the most flight experience in KerbalSpaceP or other Spaceflight simulators askNASA _Astronauts _Astronauts

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_Astronauts good luck ! _Astronauts so exciting! _Astronauts Nice man _Astronauts at selena gomez there is a deccal inside who is controlled by the shuttle upstairs she is not deccal's daughter and my money because i killed his son devil deccal steal the buy things and voluts me thats not selena she is cleopatra with me ra horus selenagomez SpaceX

_Astronauts The ISS orbit was changed to evade a fragment of the American Pegasus rocket. I wonder why there are no loud Nasa screams? Or does this American democratic garbage do no harm? Then why do we need an ISS correction? _Astronauts T H E T H T A R W CC° K R C✴ T L7 J✴☀️🌹🔔Yℹℹ A S O🔔 H🎹🎹⚫ PR ⚪🎹🎹 J ☀️D ☆ U🟠🔥🟢 ♏ 🔴🔥🔵 Y🌹A/G\\ N D E R S ♎ L7 V E T !i! M🌎HC O J D 🌞 A MA🍖HP E VA U T B T H🐝E H ETNAPHSEEEEE L7 O V E🐝 🌜🟣🌛B A L7 A W AW!i!FYSWOEWOEWOESUL7DGH

_Astronauts L7 M A D !i! E L7 🎩👌R Y A B N O ☆ D TTT😈!I! A♎ U U R /G\\ S K N E 👂🌽 S U CC° H A S !i!🥨 J ✴☀️ B E C🤫A M A E 😇 Y🌹🔔 L7 E T A C A S !i! T M E M W⚫T E R N⚪ M U P E J T A L7 BOMB!i! A N D E R D N🟠 🟢H!i!BTTSCOL7 O B 🔴 🔵R T T O FFG M A _Astronauts MISSIONSPACEWALK ENTRANCINGLY ENCHANTING ❤SPACEWALK💏🌏 GREETINGS❤astroMarshburn 🌏❤🍷🌹🌺AWESOME🌏❤🌹astrokaylabarron❤🎆AMOROUSLY👌🌎❤💘🌹🌅RESPLENDENT🌏🔥🏙💋👄💝❤ MULTIVERSALLY GALACTIC💟💋🌅💝🌎 TRANSCENDLY🌏GLITTERING💏💋GoSpaceX❤🌌GoNasa💝🌌🌅🔥

_Astronauts Watch CCP does not steal USA technology of war and space ever again. God bless America _Astronauts askNASA how did the tradition of class names begin & how is a class name chosen? For ex 2013 class was eight balls. Astro_Jessica

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_Astronauts ^ - ^ _Astronauts 核戦争より怖い脅威 地球温暖化 風水害は山間部や河川部でのみ発生するものと考えがちです。しかし近年では、集中豪雨により都市部のライフラインが壊され、地下室に水が流れ込んで死者が出るなど、新しい水害も生じています _Astronauts This is a post-space question, but what kind of mental changes does staying in outer space, which is completely different from the laws on earth, bring about in humans? I respect the courage and effort of all astronauts.

_Astronauts What time do I need to present myself for 🙂 _Astronauts Hello NASA _Astronauts AskNASA how long the training time of astronauts? _Astronauts OMG _Astronauts OMG _Astronauts AskNASA Is there any type of resistance or pressure on a spacecraft as it's moving through space? And on a astronaut when they're outside the ship? And would there be a sonic boom if the ship is moving so fast with space?

_Astronauts While we are going into the Future,please do not forget in the Past!

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_Astronauts Shoutout to all NFT artists’ KEEP on Going NASA! Great Job _Astronauts Can’t wait for NASA to go back to the closest planet, the moon!

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