NASA Takes Steps to Reduce Aviation Emissions, Invigorate US Economy

NASA is seeking proposals for ground and flight demonstrations of integrated megawatt-class powertrain systems for subsonic aircraft.

2/24/2021 2:25:00 AM

✈️ We're partnering with U.S. industry to develop technologies to reduce aviation emissions, and grow the economy. About the new request for proposals from NASAAero:

NASA is seeking proposals for ground and flight demonstrations of integrated megawatt-class powertrain systems for subsonic aircraft.


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aero I hope you will be taking BWB aircraft seriously for this and design it such it can be an airliner or freighter or transport with a few modifications aero Once you perfect it we should try to get this to go world wide. Jet engines are so bad for our atmosphere. We should only use them on rockets and in extreme cases which I hope don't happen often. I know they are cool and make things faster, its that or our planet.

aero Omg you guys and girls are my heroes. Thank you for making our world and universe a better place. Go NASA! aero Styles aero The Real Flying Saucer via YouTube You should consider this aero Тю! До 35 року ще треба дожити. aero Me alegro! aero Where is the plane going Right now I don't need aid...😘 Thanks MaM.........................🎼

aero By revisiting 1930s technology? aero Why don't we use hydrogen as jet fuel? The byproduct of burning hydrogen is water. No co2 or methane emissions. The storage and temperature issues can be engineered around. aero Justice 4 TIGRAY!!! Justice 4 Tegaru!!! Delayed justice is INJUSTICE !! TIGRAY LIVES MATTER !!

aero Sharpn0000jar aero That means less check ups right🤔? How could y'all like this this many times. aero 👍💯✅ aero We don't need your studies. Ban new aircraft that require lead FAANews aero Remember the Lego air car 🤣, that was a good one. aero Huh aero ok aero With a paltry budget progress will be eye-rollingly slow. The first “A” in NASA is Aeronautics! Yet the Aero program runs on budget scraps! F... that. America needs to dominate aircraft research and lead the world. So redirect $$S to this priority and stop screwing around!!!

aero How about start using commercial planes instead of using private jets, nasa aero Wow, that is a powerful support. aero like share subscribe to my channel aero Hydrogen Aircraft Solution✈️ aero Sounds exciting aero but which are these than ? aero Like Tesla u mean or actually helping emissions? aero stay away from boeing please

aero New photos of the planet Mars keep coming back :v aero A hydrogen-powered plane would be ideal. Another reasonable option would be the electric engines powered by graphene batteries recharged by solar plates in the fuselage and wings aero Green hydrogen fuelled planes and or battery hybrid here we come

aero AeroportoD quero ver os que falam mal do ATR agora... nave da nasa aero Serious question. Did you guys sabotage the Hindenburg so you could sell jet fuel for winged flight. aero I developed a green turbine with zero carbon emissions and a method to launch satellite's into space using zero fuel. aero Use $gevo

aero siento que los vídeos de la Perseverance pudieron haber sido mejores, no sé, más amplios o con un angulo de visión mayor. Creo que quedan a deber. Vamos, chicos, ustedes pueden hacer mejor las cosas! aero Green Hydrogen will do with no emissions, it works on earth, the moon, Mars, and beyond. These great companies can do PlugPowerInc and BallardPwr

aero Go with GEVO Inc! Change our world for the better!! aero Neat aero What are the goals and objectives towards carbon capture technology? aero My aunt is working with you on this from Canada and I'm helping her from Morocco aero 地球から宇宙へ! aero nice aero Best way to reduce the aviation emissions is by flying less airplanes around the world! ClimateAction

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