NASA Seeks Next Flight Directors for Human Spaceflight Missions

NASA is looking for leaders for one of the best jobs on Earth for human spaceflight – including missions to the Moon – the position of flight director in mission control at the agency’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.


12/3/2021 8:45:00 PM

We're looking for the next class of flight directors. Working in mission control, you'll manage astronaut flights to the Space_Station, Artemis missions to the Moon, and eventually Mars. Applications are open now through Dec. 16:

NASA is looking for leaders for one of the best jobs on Earth for human spaceflight – including missions to the Moon – the position of flight director in mission control at the agency’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

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NASA astronauts complete spacewalk which was postponed due to debris riskTwo NASA astronauts completed an hours-long spacewalk on Thursday morning that was earlier postponed due to a risk of space debris. I’m sorry, but anytime someone just does their job, it isn’t a news story….The president signs an executive order. The trash gets dumped by the trash company. The papers get filed by the secretary. It’s not news.

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NASA: You Are GoingOur Artemis I rocket launch is right around the corner. Parents & kids can join the adventure! We just released our newest children’s book, “You Are Going,” which takes the reader to the Moon with future NASA Artemis missions. Download a free copy here: Artemis Great ✨ Artemis Around the corner is b not visible from here Artemis NoachisTerraToken NTT NoachisTerra

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NASA Spacewalk to Replace Space Station AntennaSet a reminder to watch NASA_Astronauts on a spacewalk! AstroMarshburn & Kayla Barron will venture outside the Space_Station starting at ~7:10am ET (12:10 UTC) to replace an antenna system. How to watch: _Astronauts AstroMarshburn Space_Station Floating in space I think is the most exciting experience ever. Of course they are working for all of us ... but Lucky them :) _Astronauts AstroMarshburn Space_Station Can you reschedule it? I don't wake up that early. Thanks in advance! _Astronauts AstroMarshburn Space_Station ✨

We Asked a NASA Expert: What’s it Like Landing on Mars?What’s it like landing on Mars? Tough! But every time we land, we learn more. When NASAPersevere landed on Mars, its temperature & pressure sensors collected critical data about entry & landing conditions. Engineer Alex Scammell explains: Persevere What can i Do, that u go follow me .? Im biggest Fan of the universe!!😍 Persevere Wow, interesting Persevere Interesting.

NASA Astronauts Replace Antenna System Ending Spacewalk“It was awesome!” Astronauts Kayla Barron and AstroMarshburn concluded today’s spacewalk at 12:47pm ET (17:47 UTC). The duo replaced a faulty antenna and did some get-ahead tasks for future spacewalks: AstroMarshburn 👍🙌 AstroMarshburn Good work 🙋‍♀️🇩🇪 AstroMarshburn