NASA’s Webb Telescope Packs Its Sunshield for a Million Mile Trip

Engineers working on NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope have successfully folded and packed its sunshield for its upcoming million-mile (roughly 1.5 million kilometer) journey, which begins later this year.

4/7/2021 6:20:00 PM

✅ Sunshield folding complete! ☀️ Engineers finished carefully packing the tennis-court-sized structure that will protect our NASAWebb telescope's optics. The sunshield will be stowed inside the rocket when the mission launches, and unfold in space:

Engineers working on NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope have successfully folded and packed its sunshield for its upcoming million-mile (roughly 1.5 million kilometer) journey, which begins later this year.


Webb What we are looking at is 2 000 000 years of human evolution ! Truly fascinating ! Webb honeycomb Webb The most amazing concepts are found within the structures built by NASA and friends... if I were Winnie the Pooh I may mistake the shape for a honey comb and try to climb inside!! Hugs!! 🚀🌈🦋🕳❤️🚀

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Webb So cool! Saw something similar at the NASA exhibit in Super Bowl park in Houston a few years back. Webb science and physics is why Webb man this thing is freaking huge Webb Quit faking the Martian surface you fraudulent fucks! Webb Bless the launching go well. Webb 5.....4.....3.....2...... Webb Why does it look like a giant screaming honeycomb?

Webb Oop Webb Webb Amazing how this uses the same hexagonal shape efficiency as a beehive! Webb It looks like an angry honey comb yelling at a slab of tin foil 😂🐝 Webb I hope that the observations from James Webb Space telescope will be of the same or higher quality than the hubble telescope . Webb Webb Webb 3

Webb Question: Why not have Webb be near the ISS in case it needs to be maintained? Webb Undisputed/Undisturbed,Device,Easy. Webb I have been waiting for years to see launch of James Webb telescope. Please no more delay 🙁 Webb Looks like the sun itself Webb Undisputed. Webb Am I the only one seeing the face? 😮

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Webb Excellent Webb Is there any plans to collaborate with space agencies oversees who are building leo stations to continue NASA experiments in orbit? Or are we focusing all funding on the Moon and beyond? Either way, Im so excited!! Webb My theory about 'what was around before the big bang' Webb so cute!

Webb They will be in Webs of disappointment if it doesn’t work. Ha ha? Not funny ik Webb First glances can really throw you off. I thought is was a modern art installment depicting Lisa Simpson. Great News that this important tool is getting closer to being deployed. I am waiting with breathless anticipation for what it will reveal of the Cosmos.

Webb I hope it is not delayed again.. Webb ✌ Webb Honeybees powering our ecosocial systems on earth.... AND in space! Webb Webb It's looks really good. Good job to the people who worked on this Webb Amazing technology Webb 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💙 Webb How is it that a telescope designed for a mission life of 10 years, still has not launched after 25 years?

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