NASA’s New IXPE Mission Begins Science Operations

'One thing is certain: we can expect the unexpected.' After launching into orbit last month, our #IXPE observatory is taking its first look at the polarized X-rays of our universe—starting with the supernova remnant Cassiopeia A:


1/12/2022 4:33:00 AM

'One thing is certain: we can expect the unexpected.' After launching into orbit last month, our IXPE observatory is taking its first look at the polarized X-rays of our universe—starting with the supernova remnant Cassiopeia A:

NASA’s newest X-ray eyes are open and ready for discovery! Having spent just over a month in space, the Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer ( IXPE ) is working and already zeroing in on some of the hottest, most energetic objects in the universe.

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I think this is a Chandra image. Eager for IXPE Q onda perrossssssssssss I have a question. Is there anything in space can move from straight position into 90⁰ curve in short time i saw it moving in the sky around 4:50am 3 to 4 weeks current place when i saw it was in the Philippines. James webb zero price

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NASA's newly launched X-ray space telescope is ready to start observing the cosmosThe IXPE satellite's commissioning phase is over. IXPE Arn’t you rushing things Backbone of Milky Way to be checked for arthritis, calcification, and nougat.

Follow me for more information on how to make money on cryptocurrency platform 💸📊📈📉 I think the deeper NASA goes the less I wanna know. Lol. Spectacular. I've heard the word Cassiopeia so many times In astronomy classes in high school. But I could never imagine she would be so beautiful. I can't wait to see more.

Man that looks so Beautiful I bet it’s Hot Beautiful Here's a physics equation: m5+m5=m9. RE_mokon_lol Good 👍 Incredible

James Webb Space Telescope Unfolds Its Primary Mirror | Digital TrendsThe James Webb Space Telescope has been fully deployed, marking an important milestone in preparing the observatory for science operations. How dafuq is this a “digital trend”?

Pwetty Just Wow.. I love seeing & learning about the world we live in.. 🤔 I sometimes wonder am I the only one that wishes.. that sometimes I could know EVERYTHING🧐 lol GHC is not good, Chinese community manager kicking people, irresponsible, time to change, chilling Wow that's amazing!!!😃😮 Awesome! Worlds biggest super nova is HOINGA in x ray it's diameter is 4.4 degrees and it covers an area of 90 times bigger than the size of full moon

waaoovvw Looks like a deep sea creature... fantastic dark

Landmark Webb Observatory Is Now Officially a TelescopeAfter several tense days of unfurling and clicking its various parts into place, the biggest and most sophisticated space telescope ever launched is now complete. JWST We science communicators use to complain at poor/wrong artworks representing science/tech. That said, and considering the function and purpose of the JWST 5-layered sunshield, why is the artist putting all that light in the picture, lighting up the mirrors as a Xmas tree? Now the adjustments and cool down. Pictures that will rock science due in June... We will be the first generation to see this far into the cosmos. In all likelihood, Webb Space Telescope will not hit the L2 Lagrange point due to the drop in cruising speed. If the flight trajectory is not corrected, it will turn into an 'eternal wanderer'.

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Landmark Webb observatory is now officially a telescopeThe observatory has flawlessly unfurled its mirrors and sunshield — although more steps are needed before the science can begin.

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‘Peacemaker’: John Cena a hilarious bonehead on twisted superhero seriesThe HBO Max show 'Peacemaker' sends the politically incorrect brute from ‘The Suicide Squad’ on a bloody new mission, writes RichardERoeper.

Wow this is Amazing, its this gonna became an NFT? Beautiful jacksfh 🤍 This is so pretty😍 It's the phoenix force. :) Wondering what we are trying to accomplish other than the cool pictures. Remarkably similar to the Human brain. Er, that makes it expected.. تابعوني

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Not only revealing but also visible the magnetic containment failure that breeched into a Supernova explosion is shadowed in the residence or so it appears. That's clear as the universe A beautiful capture of a literal 'Kiss of Life'! Very cool. sun nice 👍👍 Great

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astounding 🎇🌌 The universe and multiverse and a bunch of other stuff. Also you clearly missed the several supernovas from the Sun in this solar system in past few weeks. Wow! 🥰

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Wow 😳 Subhanallah. Allah is the greatest creator. Congratulations. We are witness you were making unexpected to expected. The whole team deserves a call of clapping👏 It's amazing. Cassiopeia A is beautiful The enhancement is amazing Looks like an eyeball. Where we r 👀 just feels so so tiny/small when I see this stuff 👁️🔭🌌✌️☮️

Wow! So beautiful!! LISTEN TO ME GOD IS NOT JOKE

Can't wait to see all the images coming in. Good​ Morning, Sir ♥️​☕ Let's see what is published? Cute picture , so this is actually how space looks like , thought those film images where all lies. Mind blowing🤯🖖 Cas a should be interesting. Nearest black hole isn't it? Hi How are you en YouTube agallon space station into the moon on the planet Mars

认主的来 The universe continues to surprise us, thanks very cool is this a real image of cassiopeia A? is it from IXPE? or another telescope? if so, which one?

Who made that quote? That’s beautiful. Beyond brilliant! DEEPSPACE 🚀 This ine looks like its been magnetized 😍 Super interesting Oh this is breathtakingly beautiful. Is this a hint for Aliens? It’s getting boring here on earth. Progression is slow. We could use some humble cosmos intervention and education 😕

Sigh. 🥰 Isn’t she lovely?

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looks like... bacteria

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😳 One thing is definitely certain, we do love, don't we. Beautiful photo.