NASA’s Europa Clipper Builds Hardware, Moves Toward Assembly

Jupiter’s moon Europa may have the potential to harbor life. The spacecraft will use multiple flybys of the moon to investigate the habitability of this ocean world.

4/1/2021 9:04:00 PM

✅ Our Europa Clipper mission completed its Critical Design Review, and is now able to finish hardware & begin assembly. On track for launch in 2024, it'll investigate Jupiter's moon Europa, which has an internal ocean & may have potential to harbor life:

Jupiter’s moon Europa may have the potential to harbor life. The spacecraft will use multiple flybys of the moon to investigate the habitability of this ocean world.


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would be amazing to land vehicles on the surface on these type of missions. Are there any plans for it? Brilliant. As Sir Patrick Moore said on life in the Universe ..... 'We cannot be the only instance of a race, we just can't be'. He has a scientific experiment to prove the existence of life on the moon, But I am a first-year student in the Department of Geology, I can't save money for a NASA system, Please Help Because the experience is worth proof.

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Just before final review slip in plans for a rover, drone, balloon and submarine and assemble those too. Thanks. But we're not suppose to set foot there. Perhaps if there is an ocean under all that ice, we could build underwater cities on Europa. Imagine that 🤔 Will the plan be to land and explore the surface as well, or will it only perform orbital observations?

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