NASA’s Artemis Rover to Land Near Nobile Region of Moon’s South Pole

In 2023, NASA’s Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER) will land near the western edge of the Nobile Crater at the Moon’s South Pole to map and explore the region’s surface and subsurface for water and other resources.

9/21/2021 1:02:00 AM

🌒 News: Our robotic VIPER rover will land near the western edge of the Nobile Crater at the Moon’s South Pole. The site has never been explored from the lunar surface. There, it will search for water & resources to support Artemis missions:

In 2023, NASA’s Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER) will land near the western edge of the Nobile Crater at the Moon’s South Pole to map and explore the region’s surface and subsurface for water and other resources.


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NASA to Announce Landing Site for Artemis Lunar Robotic Rover📍 We're announcing the landing site for a resource-mapping robot on the Moon! Our NASAAmes VIPER rover will scout for water ice and other materials for future Artemis missions. Tune in Mon., Sept. 20, at 4pm ET (20:00 UT): Ames when every photo you post is photoshopped, it's hard to believe you've ever been there. Ames Ames Oh !

How many years you need to find water in moon. Nasa has failed. Why hasn't it got tracks instead of 4 wheels? You know, the skid steer type vehicles. Good Very informative Interesting انترنت_غير_محدود_فى_مصر USA must make moon accessible to everyone. Pakistan will soon unfurl our flag there. Inshallah! Islam will conquer moon as well.

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NASA TV to Air Landsat 9 Launch, Prelaunch ActivitiesNASA will provide coverage of the upcoming prelaunch and launch activities for the Landsat 9 satellite, a joint NASA and U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) mission that will continue the legacy of monitoring Earth’s land and coastal regions that began with the first Landsat satellite in 1972. 💙💙 Obama Vs Trump Im not accustomed to seeing unbalanced satellites

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The Last Full Moon of Summer, The Harvest Moon, Is About To Illuminate the SkyIt marks the beginning of autumn.

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That’s awesome but I still don’t think there is water on the moon. según yo la luna en poco será total mente explorada e invadida. haya se puede construir en la tierra no. Dope

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