NASA picks 10 new astronauts out of pool of more than 12,000 applicants

NASA received more than 12,000 applications to be an astronaut. Only 10 were selected.

12/7/2021 4:08:00 AM

NASA received more than 12,000 applications to be an astronaut. Only 10 were selected.

NASA announced its latest class of astronauts Monday, 10 men and women who will train for missions covering the expanse from Earth orbit to the moon.

:, 37• Christina BirchA decorated track cyclist for the U.S. National Team, Birch studied biochemistry and molecular biophysics before earning a doctorate in biological engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She also taught classes at the University of California and California Institute of Technology. She's from Gilbert, Arizona.

:, 42• Andre Douglas With several advanced engineering degrees ranging from mechanical to naval to computer engineering, Douglas served in the Coast Guard as an officer and oversaw damage control. He later joined the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, where he worked on robotics and and planetary defense missions for NASA. He considers Virginia home.

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