NASA Might Be a Few Astronauts Short to Complete Its Ambitious Missions

Many of its esteemed astronauts have now retired.

Engineering, Nasa

1/15/2022 7:30:00 PM

It currently has one of the smallest cadres of astronauts in the past 20 years. 👨‍🚀 engineering

Many of its esteemed astronauts have now retired.

Now, however, there is some bad news surfacing for NASA's famed astronauts. According to anew reportreleased by the agency’s Office of Investigator General, there currently aren't enough of them."As NASA enters a new era of human space flight, including returning to the Moon and eventually landing humans on Mars, effective management of its astronaut corps — the people who fly its space flight missions — is critical to the Agency’s success. Astronauts serve as the face and voice of the Agency’s efforts to inspire the next generation of explorers, scientists, and engineers. After reaching its peak of nearly 150 astronauts in 2000, the size of the corps diminished with the end of Space Shuttle missions in 2011 and now stands at 44, one of the smallest cadres of astronauts in the past 20 years," stated the report.

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