NASA Introduces 2022 Class of Flight Directors

NASA has selected seven new additions to the team of flight directors to oversee operations of the International Space Station, commercial crew, and Artemis missions to the Moon.

6/22/2022 10:40:00 PM

Ready for liftoff! We've selected seven new flight directors to oversee NASA's future missions to the Space_Station, the Moon, and beyond from NASA_Johnson's Mission Control Center. Meet the crew:

NASA has selected seven new additions to the team of flight directors to oversee operations of the International Space Station, commercial crew, and Artemis missions to the Moon.

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Mega moon rocket's latest trial results will determine final launch day to moonAfter a successful fourth attempt of a crucial prelaunch test Monday, NASA's Artemis team is taking time to study the data that will determine when the moon rocket launches.

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NASA fuels moon rocket for 1st time in countdown rehearsalNASA fueled its huge moon rocket for the first time Monday and went ahead with a critical countdown test despite a fuel line leak. Fix are ozone layers first by walking barefoot and thank mother earth keeping us alive its easy

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NASA finally fuels moon rocket, but first launch remains a questionNASA finally fully fueled its massive moon rocket on Wednesday, but a hydrogen leak forced the agency to cut short a simulated countdown.

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Space_Station _Johnson Hey , can one of you clear something up for me? Do your vehicles (such as Artemis) fly in space? There's a guy saying things don't fly in space and I'm a language pedant Space_Station _Johnson Watch out Nasa, wokeness says this pic is bad mmkay Space_Station _Johnson Congratulations

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NASA shortlists designs for nuclear fission reactors on the MoonNuclear fission reactors can be small and lightweight to be blasted off to space and reliable even under environmental constraints. Hopefully no more major timeline setbacks if you wanna make that deadline. if we could send fissile matter in the sky we would have sent our nuclear wastes !!! this can not be done because if 1 over 1 million chance of an incident, radioactive material would be spread all over earth atmosphere

Space_Station _Johnson I've read about each of your new directors, their backgrounds, education, experiences and work experience with NASA. They were selected from current NASA employees who worked their way through the ranks, then applied. Congratulations to the phenomenal men and women! Space_Station _Johnson The one on the left is Tom Cruise?

Space_Station _Johnson Hi everybody 360 Space_Station _Johnson NASA chooes seven Directors to Artemis missions Artemis its differant apollo because Artemis to colonization the Moon Space_Station _Johnson We have a belief on them ❤️ Space_Station _Johnson We believe them for the next innovative future of Space Technology

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NASA fuels moon rocket for 1st time in countdown rehearsalNASA has fueled its huge moon rocket for the first time and completed a countdown test despite a fuel line leak.

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NASA finally fully fueled up its Artemis moon rocketIn a test at Florida's Kennedy Space Center, a NASA crew filled the moon rocket with 700,000 pounds of cryogenic propellant.

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Space_Station _Johnson Space_Station _Johnson Lol seven flight directors who will just push pencils because space is fake and we can’t go to the moon Space_Station _Johnson Chances are we'll never have the technology to get much beyond our solar system where the really interesting stuff is likely to be, such as habitable planets in the goldilocks zone. Apart from earth, our solar system is devoid of life, other than perhaps bacteria.

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