NASA Honors William Shatner with Distinguished Public Service Medal

🖖 @WilliamShatner We wish you all the best on your flight to space. You are, and always shall be, our friend.

10/13/2021 3:57:00 PM

🖖 WilliamShatner We wish you all the best on your flight to space. You are, and always shall be, our friend.

Acclaimed actor and director William Shatner was honored with NASA’s Distinguished Public Service medal, the highest award bestowed by the agency to non-government personnel.


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SenBillNelson WilliamShatner Why didn't you take mr. Shatner to space then if you were friends? Don't make the same mistake with Picard! :P WilliamShatner Godspeed and WilliamShatner Cmdr_Hadfield WilliamShatner I will never get tired of hearing his response when he landed! WilliamShatner I have been a fan of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock since 1967 and am still a huge fan today. Space, the final frontier!

WilliamShatner I may not be space tourism's greatest fan, for environmental reasons, but if it had to be anyone, it HAD to be Captain Kirk! Congratulations Mr Shatner & well done Mr Bezos WilliamShatner First man dreams of a thing, and then it shall happen. WilliamShatner beam me up scotty WilliamShatner Lemme see aliens pls

WilliamShatner روعه WilliamShatner William Shatner NASA and your whole group was awesome WilliamShatner ❤

Blue Origin prepares to beam William Shatner and crew into space WednesdayWilliam Shatner 'Capt. Kirk' set to launch into space Wednesday Nothing to lose & everything to gain, At 90, Shatner’s a ‘Star’ nobody dare tame! Appropriate choice for this ‘Trek’ and thrilling ride, This geriatric cadet should be ‘beaming’ with pride! For all he’s entertained for years & years, Vicarious thrills will will accompany cheers! Wgaf! They’re beaming him…. the long way around. Actually hurling his body into space, as opposed to turning his organic matter into energy, sending it via a data stream, then reassembling it on the other end.

WilliamShatner OmGosh! I'm so proud of you for going to space!(and back)! Glad you're home! Your words gave me pause to reflect on our Lord's creation and our duty to take care of our planet! Love you and God bless you! WilliamShatner Wow you really get live you r dream out , save travel their amd back amen in the name of Jesus

WilliamShatner Was awesome to see you go where “few men & women have gone before “!!! You will always be our Captain !!! WilliamShatner WilliamShatner William the amazing emotion to be in space and observe earth is from that though the earth is awesome and was here before us we have managed to conquer its barriers ,we who supposedly evolved from apes ,may god bless you take care live long & prosper

WilliamShatner Understand what you did to save this habitable Earth and spend millions of dollars researching uninhabitable planets Your scientific development is now in vain WilliamShatner I Captain . WilliamShatner I captain. take us out of orbit. WilliamShatner Finally gets to really be in space..

WilliamShatner Please Captain Kirk don't ever go to space alone the Remulan empire is after you with a disruptur,. .....that made in China hahaha

Neil deGrasse Tyson Says Space Flight Won't Mess Up William Shatner Despite AgeNeil DeGrasse Tyson says space flight won't take its toll on William Shatner despite his age. He may come back looking 50yrs younger 👽 What do you mean?Who doesnt have a heartattack doing that?! I’d never want2go2space”OKAY SO, we’re gonna strapU2Amissile&shoot U into space,NOW,in the past,sometimes they explode even though we spend billions making them,not2worry”Id be terrifiedout of mymind,from start to finish

WilliamShatner The NASA project must be destroyed before it destroys the Earth WilliamShatner Just watching Star Trek ..Not life as you know it Jim..where no nonogarian has been before...big respect! WilliamShatner Who else can’t believe williamshatner at 90? The man looks 50 👀 (mentally too). Keep on sky rock’n my man!! AwesomeCrazy

SenBillNelson WilliamShatner Hi WilliamShatner of Star Trek Hello SenBillNelson of NASA James Webb destroyed too many lives to be allowed to be the namesake for OUR new telescope. Please change the name to something inspirational, instead of continuing to foment this crap, Thanks!! WilliamShatner ,

WilliamShatner Super WilliamShatner NASA Will willl you out Shatner if you need it. You don't need to be the first man to die in space too. Trekkies are alive we want the future. Thanks for being a good captain and a role model. United federations of planets... In our lifetime, the upgrade to the UN? lifegoals

WilliamShatner GARBAGE, SCAM, AND FRAUD BY GANGS OF LYING, AND MASS DECEIVING SATANIC WORSHIPING CRIMINALS LIKE NASA AND THE CANADIAN AND USA GOVERNMENTS FOR EXAMPLE KnowTheAbsoluteTruth Mankind_DoesNot_BelongTo_TheAnimal_Kingdom KnowingGod_ourFather_in_heavens_is_eternal_life Earth_Is_Flat WilliamShatner Way to go NASA.

WilliamShatner 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻

Blue Origin preps flight with William Shatner'Star Trek' actor William Shatner, 90, is scheduled to launch aboard a rocket and capsule developed by Blue Origin. If successful, the trip will make Shatner the oldest person to reach space. Wait a minute ...he's 90!!!! damn he looks good for this age Nothing to lose & everything to gain, At 90, Shatner’s a ‘Star’ nobody dare tame! Appropriate choice for this ‘Trek’ and thrilling ride, This geriatric cadet should be ‘beaming’ with pride! For all he’s entertained for years & years, Vicarious thrills will will accompany cheers!

WilliamShatner Well I would say thank you for this aspect, although I have not yet been on board this flight you are referring to. Well maybe one day, ok thanks.🤗✍️👉🇬🇶👈 WilliamShatner 晕 WilliamShatner al infinito y más allá WilliamShatner R.I.P.🌹 Mr Spock ✌☝🐸😇 WilliamShatner Thanks for Your Move to Texas Patriot 🇺🇸☝🐸✌

WilliamShatner You should’ve been the first to boldly go into space, but how exciting that you got to go anyway. WilliamShatner Youre finally going where no man has gone before... well not many. WilliamShatner Fckoff WilliamShatner perfect! paid that much money, thousands of families could live from for years! respectable! what a move! 🥱

WilliamShatner God speed, going no man has ever been, so glad you got to go after so many shows you preformed in to date. Outstanding

William Shatner channels Captain Kirk for historic space flightWilliam Shatner will make history as he boldly goes where few have gone before while aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard. What happens to a syrup in zero G? Beam Him Up BlueOrigin WilliamShatner I hope he breaks out his Starfleet Admiral's uniform during the flight.

WilliamShatner 🖖💫💞 WilliamShatner Wow WilliamShatner Rebel Quill ⚡ Socrates Sonic Sail 🌀 Surf'n Shore Warp'n Will ⭕ Kirk Kick Spock Spin 💫 Shekhina Shine robert_zubrin WilliamShatner WilliamShatner StarTrek Inspiring! From the movie set to outer space! To boldly go.... WilliamShatner Was waiting for a tweet to rookisaacman

WilliamShatner That is why commercials have taken a back seat, training and testing, great job. WilliamShatner Denny Crane. WilliamShatner Like WilliamShatner WilliamShatner מה אתה אומר על אלה שטוענים שכדור הארץ שטוח ואינו כדור?

William Shatner can't escape 'Star Trek,' but his voyage has gone well beyond itShatner will always be best remembered for the iconic role of Captain Kirk. But he managed to mount a third act to his career that has been truly impressive, in part by leaning into the character's swaggering, swashbuckling image and laughing at himself.

WilliamShatner Nasa😀👏👏 WilliamShatner Good project Ahsan2075 LemonKh57324156 AshikMa74573071 WilliamShatner Best of luck!!!😇😇😇 WilliamShatner SHIBa everyone take your place there is news of my burn zero will be wiped🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀 WilliamShatner Great life of WILLIAM SHATNER. WilliamShatner Congratulations to NASA and WILLIAM SHATNER.YESTERDAY CNN BROADCAST AT 8 .OO EST BLU ORIGIN FLY TO SPACE WITH WILLIAM SHATNER AND 3 Astronauts and return to Texas desert. The second blue origin fly is great success.conguratulations to william SHATNER and 3 Astronauts.

WilliamShatner It was really great listening to the interview Mr. William Shatner gave to the Media on the experience he got as a participant into Space. The emotions felt was heard through his tearful cries finally being in actual outer space. I salute you Sir and also to Capt. James T. Kirk. WilliamShatner You’ll reach “The final frontier “ !! Good luck on your voyage !!

WilliamShatner WilliamShatner Peace and Long Life.

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WilliamShatner WilliamShatner WilliamShatner I once told someone if you have an actual dream about Freddy Krueger, you make that horror character closer to being real, at least in part, well, you made Captain Kirk, a bit more real, way to go Bill! WilliamShatner Captain Kirk, Report to Admiral Smith of Starfleet Command. Your flight with NASA of the past, has altered the timeline. You have violated the prime directive Jim, it is only fitting you assemble a crew, travel back in time, and correct your mistake.

WilliamShatner Scotty, we need Warp Speed in 2 minutes or we are done for! Captain, I have got to have 30 minutes! Scotty, we don't have 30 minutes! Jim, I can't change the law of physics! No excuses Scotty, just do it! There may be a way, get Spock down here! WilliamShatner They should have had one of Shatner's fellow Astronauts fitted with Vulcan ears for the flight. That would have been a nice touch.

WilliamShatner Ya well done for burning tons of fuel just for your fun undoing all what good caring people are trying to fix but hay our grandkids and there kids will fix it or clean it up while dealing with changing weather and Ingreast desaster ya glad you watch out the window at the smoke ya WilliamShatner up up to the sky =) beam me up scotty ^^

WilliamShatner He doesn't look 90. WilliamShatner This made me cry just a little bit Awesome stuff.

WilliamShatner He was in deep space 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 WilliamShatner For a 90-year-old, he can be quite childish. I sent him a friendly and helpful comment about a youtube channel that was trying to repair their relationship with them (he had blocked them) so he insta-blocked me. WilliamShatner im very proud of him i have StarTrekVideos and StartrekpinBadge and i watch StarTrekOrigionalSeries i wish it back on HorrorChannelIT at 8 clock in the morning im missing it

WilliamShatner Always my hero go well WilliamShatner You took our imagination way beyond... to boldly go where no imagination has gone before! WilliamShatner هيئة الزكاه والدخل عليك مبلغ في الضريبه القيمه المضافة وصعب تسدد الحل عندي تخفيض الزكاه تقديم اعتراض الحل عندي شغل مضمون تصفيرضريبة القيمه المضافه غرامات لضبط الميداني غرامات التآخير تقديم اقرارات اصفرها لك واصدر لك شهاده تعاب بعدانجاز966583465213

WilliamShatner Every time I see blue origin's rocket i think about this 🤣 WilliamShatner Wish u all journey mercy and good luck WilliamShatner He is still a live WilliamShatner Hmm

WilliamShatner should have joined nasa for mission specialist and be able to into space for FREE OF CHARGE. Yes it makes me angry that few % ever do go into space as it would inspire imagination in the individual but closest is swimming pool I am frowned 😦 WilliamShatner Having grown up watching James T Kirk make green women blush I have to say that this was rather cool.

WilliamShatner Too bad he let the desires of one outweigh the needs of the many. WilliamShatner 'Right, Mr. Shatner, just a few insurance waivers to, that's for my niece, how did that get in there!...' WilliamShatner Yaaayyyy Captain! You finally made it! Congrats!!!

WilliamShatner Get to the ! WilliamShatner Pass my greetings to Angel Gabriel.... WilliamShatner You guy‘s should watch out for the first dezentral Space Project here ….Missionhelios elonmusk WilliamShatner He’s going up in a rocket that looks like a giant penis and a lot of his ex cast mates would also think that was very fitting..

WilliamShatner ♥️

WilliamShatner 🖖🖖🏻🖖🏼🖖🏽🖖🏾🖖🏿🖖🏾🖖🏽🖖🏼🖖🏻🖖 WilliamShatner Who in their right mind cares about him going to space? If so, find a new hobby. WilliamShatner You guys rock! WilliamShatner Im happy to have lived to see these historic flights. and none more fitting than Captain Kirk! WilliamShatner fernando, no one calls you William, Mark, Eric, Andrej, Andrew and André. Move on!

WilliamShatner Captain Kirk WilliamShatner Congratulations, I remember 'Start Trek' 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻 WilliamShatner 'Third star to the left' WilliamShatner Proud mom of a NASA intern 💕 WilliamShatner God Speed Sir!

WilliamShatner am an American and I will give my life for Taiwan if China invades Taiwan Freedom WilliamShatner to boldly go where no man has gone before WilliamShatner Get it Captain.....📈📈📈♥️♥️♥️ WilliamShatner Me encantó! Rlbyer WilliamShatner Hey TheEconomist - didn’t hide the answer behind a paywall! They confirmed he went to space! Jokes on you nerds. Going to keep taking the copy from the dentists office a few floors below ours. keep cheerleading! Maybe one day you can be a billionaire and go to space

WilliamShatner Can we just send all the rich people towards the sun WilliamShatner Going where you’ve never gone before I’m a huge fan of your show WilliamShatner You guys realize Shatner helped take some of the first step to making you obsolete… right? WilliamShatner Live Long and Prosper Captain 🖖

WilliamShatner Que triste que la NASA se convierta en filial de Uber para subsistir. Son el taxi que lleva pasajeros para una experiencia de ingravidez. 🙈. Vanidad de vanidades 😔

WilliamShatner Wish him all the best WilliamShatner Love you man just wish you went up in SpaceX ship its worthy of your presence WilliamShatner Mi dragón Electrónica elector INE Huellas WilliamShatner LenaMarieHull WilliamShatner “Will Shatner” is the perfect actor to play the role of someone in “space”, huh? What’s your endgame?

WilliamShatner Then when will humans be able to start a colony on Mars ? 😑 WilliamShatner Will this have to be paid for with Doge WilliamShatner This may be the healthiest 90+ year old on Earth, but it's still a completely pointless trip. Scroll out on Google Earth mate, good enough lol. WilliamShatner He is a moron sending a 90+ year old man into that gforce. William is a tough bloke but he ain't being fully informed. It is very dangerous for him. I wish you all the best pal. But they ain't informing you properly. What fighter pilot is 90+.

WilliamShatner Ah, never send an object even a molekula to space without the Authorization from the Russian Spacial Martial Court! In the mean time or while, your home is Australia and it's safer for you all to move to Sydney (Australia not USA), or Melbourne (Australia not USA).

WilliamShatner this bloke and his crew helped me deal with the Cold War - and nuclear armageddon - when I was a kid; Rodenberry did, too, of course; I'm happy as Larry that he got into space at last, and returned safe; love ya, Shatner, live longer and prosper! WilliamShatner 😍😎👊💕💓💖🍷🍹🍸Can I get a HELL YEAH! Check out Sanshu updates on Twitter page SanshuToken. Tell them Cryptoshi Cryptomoto sent you.

WilliamShatner I'm thinking only one of these four people are coming back alive from the away mission. WilliamShatner He went to space 😂😂😂😂 WilliamShatner Scotty is up there in dust. WilliamShatner Bring a Tribble for 0G next time! WilliamShatner “First Star on the right and straight on till morning”

WilliamShatner Ah tote dis mufuh done be in spaze, Ain' you nevah seed Stah Drek? WilliamShatner WilliamShatner elonmusk ' Go where no man has gone before ' ASAP ' Let's do it ' WilliamShatner Oldest Jew in Space since Jesus

WilliamShatner Lol, yall know full well this is bullshit..... WilliamShatner Pogchamp ♡♡ WilliamShatner When you come back. ..I will be happy. WilliamShatner Interrupting bezos says what WilliamShatner Well done Will WilliamShatner 💙🚀 WilliamShatner I hope he's not going there to die. WilliamShatner Bill and the rest of the Star Trek crew are the reason I and many thousands if not millions of others, became interested in science and engineering. Humanity owes a lot to people like Bill for inspiring us. Live even longer and prosper Bill.

WilliamShatner We are both wondering what happened to his leg!🤔 WilliamShatner Shame markhamill didnt go too... StarTrek and StarWars 🤩🤩👍🥂

WilliamShatner That actually made me sad. :( WilliamShatner nice... WilliamShatner What a waste of rocket fuel and pollution to the world for putting one person in space had nothing to do with science WilliamShatner To seek out new life..... To boldly go where no man has gone before. WilliamShatner WilliamShatner Mon idol dd jeunesse🙂

WilliamShatner Attention Hound strikes again WilliamShatner Guys i need help please visit my profile And retweet my tweet 'i have been a victim of a lakh rupees fraud' Need your support to get the fraudsters arrested please retweet my tweets WilliamShatner You really are Captain Kirk and Captain Kirk really is William Shatner! 💫🌏✨

WilliamShatner Remember, thrusters only while in space dock…

WilliamShatner Hello WilliamShatner Godspeed indeed. Safe travels WilliamShatner 🖖 WilliamShatner ✨ WilliamShatner Whats William Shatner doing at NASA. Auditioning for the next moon landing video maybe? WilliamShatner RoboWolf8 wspp gwspp NFT bsc DeFi NFTs binance polygon BNB staking nftcollector smartDeFi

WilliamShatner William Shatner has broken down so many barriers in his life time! As captain of Star Trek and the controversial episodes that aired in the 60s/70s and now he's set an other trend! Lifetime achievement award for him! WilliamShatner Warp speed mr sulu!!!! Tonight, I’ll be watching the stars WilliamShatner

WilliamShatner To the moon!!!! StaySafe Godspeed WilliamShatner Full thrusters, Captain

WilliamShatner fingers crossed for some Galaxy Quest stuff to go down, and he returns on an alien-replica Enterprise WilliamShatner Sound like a jealous ex gf commenting on a wedding picture lol WilliamShatner Aow thats sweet WilliamShatner Energise! WilliamShatner Courteeners is a racist band! Cancelled my ticket because of my skin color!

WilliamShatner 😭😭😭 WilliamShatner He should’ve been the first Civilian to go, but I guess better late than never. WilliamShatner CONGRATS CAPTAIN KIRK!! WilliamShatner Dear, Neither Jeff Bezo's nor William Shatner pay taxes which your department is funded by. Yet, you call him your friend? Signed, American's who do pay their taxes.

WilliamShatner Let's go to the moon! bitcoin $BTC crypto

WilliamShatner That was are still an extra are HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN WilliamShatner Send me a NASA jacket Bravo NASA! WilliamShatner Good job today Captain Kirk! WilliamShatner William shatner you will be alive in our dreams WilliamShatner Godspeed WilliamShatner Tình hình là bạn bè lập gia đìn945h gần hết rồi nên muốn tìm thêm bạn mới bổ sung, tiêu chí đơn giản: cảm thấy hợp cạ và độc thân (mình đang độc thân mà, biết đâu đấy...hj)

WilliamShatner 🖖 WilliamShatner Good job Captain Kirk 👍 WilliamShatner SHIB ❤️ shibainu 👍🚀 ShibaSwap 🧨🧨🧨 shibabone 🌹🌹🌸🌸 SHIBARMY❤️ shibainu 👍🚀 ShibaSwap 🧨🧨🧨 leash 🌹🌹🌸🌸 SHIBARMY❤️ shibainu 👍🚀 ShibaSwap 🧨🧨🧨 SHIBA_INU_COIN🌹🌹🌸🌸 💎💎 shiba 💎💎

WilliamShatner Looking good William 👍 👌 WilliamShatner 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 WilliamShatner What an absolute legend, gods speed. WilliamShatner I wonder why none of the minorities from star trek get to go? SYSTEMIC SPACE RACISM! WilliamShatner WilliamShatner WilliamShatner Livelong and prosper Captain

GerberKawasaki WilliamShatner The oldest man to go to space, is a Canadian! WilliamShatner If you find Spock bring him back to Earth WilliamShatner Gooo Captain Kirk,warp speed sulo

WilliamShatner 'Space' WilliamShatner Godspeed WilliamShatner 'Space,' 'The Final Frontier,' 'These are the Voyages of Blueship Enterprise,' 'To Boldly Go, Where No Man Has Gone Before!' 'Congratulations Mr. Shatner on your Voyage!🤵🚀🌌 ⭐🌍🌕💫 📺 🇺🇸 😛👋😃👋👋☺👋👋😉👋👋 👩🏻‍🦰Sperch🎤🤵🍾 WilliamShatner William Shatner describes his emotion upon returning from space. “It was so moving to me,” he says. 'This is experience was something unbelievable.”

WilliamShatner 🖖 🖖 🖖 WilliamShatner Congratulation to the flight in the space. Maybe Captain find Alien 👽. WilliamShatner WENT TO SPACE ON AMAZON ROCKET WilliamShatner Captain Kirk has made it back safely from Andromeda 🤣🤣🤣🤣 WilliamShatner Welcome back WilliamShatner! 🙏 Glad everything went well.

WilliamShatner Sorry I'm going to have to disagree. Privatizing space travel is unamerican. Without a disgusting oligarchy that lets people starve on the streets homeless vin this country..... the narcissist wouldn't be playing space games and asking this other idiot narcissist to join him.

WilliamShatner happy travels, bill WilliamShatner 👍🏻 WilliamShatner I think Jeff needs to paint his rocket pink. WilliamShatner He may be 91 years old by the time he’s launched 🚀😎 WilliamShatner 🥺 WilliamShatner Yes he's 90. Yes he looks 50. Well done. WilliamShatner He crying but trending hope they'll fly now

WilliamShatner Just keep going - not too many intelligent life forms remaining here. WilliamShatner Good luck buddy WilliamShatner Star Trek Wrath of Khan.... Probably the best of the TOS movies out of them all (with Undiscovered Country being second).... Spock's death scene was heartbreaking.

WilliamShatner 🖖 WilliamShatner Space… The Final Frontier. Godspeed Captain. WilliamShatner Boldy go, Captain. WilliamShatner i wish you a good flight with the captain WilliamShatner rip WilliamShatner James spader is going with him? 🚩 WilliamShatner Questa volta nello spazio ci va veramente Capitan Kirk…🚀🚀🪐

WilliamShatner I hope he survives the lack of competence of bezos. 🤔 WilliamShatner NOT A GOOD QUOTE TO USE IN THIS CONTEXT, WilliamShatner Of all the government agencies I have encountered in my travels, NASA is the most…human.

WilliamShatner Thank you Captain James Tiberius Kirk of the Starship Enterprise! WilliamShatner 😭🤧💓 WilliamShatner WilliamShatner 🚀🚀👍👍🍺🍺 WilliamShatner ‘Nervous? did ya Shatner pants?’ WilliamShatner May the Force be with you. WilliamShatner WilliamShatner May the force be with you! WilliamShatner Awesome 🚀

WilliamShatner 🖖🏻❤

WilliamShatner Fly safe Captain! WilliamShatner Come back with superpowers William. WilliamShatner ...👋🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡... When did that guy come into my life?