NASA GLOBE Cloud Challenge 2022: Clouds in a Changing Climate

Will you look at clouds with us? ☁️ 🤳 Your observations will help us in our study of Earth’s climate. Become a citizen scientist by downloading the @GLOBEProgra Observer app and get started:

1/15/2022 6:41:00 PM

Will you look at clouds with us? ☁️ 🤳 Your observations will help us in our study of Earth’s climate. Become a citizen scientist by downloading the GLOBEProgra Observer app and get started:

NASA and The GLOBE Program, an international science and education program that engages students and the public in data collection and the scientific process, are once again calling on Earth's citizen scientists to help NASA investigate clouds during the NASA GLOBE Cloud Challenge 2022: Clouds in a Changing Climate.

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AND BECOME PART OF THE LIES .... OR IS THIS A COVER UP 🤔 Hello, I need help. I set my wallet for this address so that anyone who wants to help me can TUEBw663ZUAPPPARBuq44rBN6LwFre496V Tesla ,🤔 Clouds sometimes give you message.interesting to see.old people can tell you their meaning Incredible Use AI to draw vectors then get results. Humsnz can't compile so much data. Only if you want a narrative..

Looks like a beautiful von Karman vortex to me ❤️ Airflow creating a natural Tesla valve? This is incredible DietrichVFA41 😁

NASA Space Place Art Challenge! | NASA Space Place – NASA Science for KidsHEY KIDS! In honor of the upcoming launch of NOAA's GOES-T 🛰️, NASAspaceplace has a new art challenge! Prompt: Draw GOEST observing the weather near you. Challenge guidelines here: Spanish translations here:

Tesla valve Looking at clouds to try to find shapes ❌. Observing meteorological phenomenon to help NASA study the climate ✔️. テスラバルブだ! BE STILL GIVE THINKS Shooting star in daylight perhaps? astronomy sky skyart There's always an eye in the sky. 😉👋🇦🇺 Looks like something swimming in the clouds I saw similar in Cali several years ago and couldn't get a clear picture but it was really there others saw it too

Hmmmm, NASA you sure you don't got some behind the scenes tech company doing photoshop

House Dems pass NASA bill sending voting rights to certain Senate endThe House of Representatives voted along party lines Thursday to approve a bill that will serve as a vehicle for Senate Democrats to start debate on sweeping election reform measures.

Not gonna look if you're gonna post Photoshopped images. I am see strange thing in the cloudsalso I think its because global warming I see Do i get paid? What's the skunk looking thing bottom left Looking like some Bible Accurates Cool I am about to introduce you a precious GEM 💎 lying through the dust, all you have to know is that it represents a movement so don't hesitate. MAGACOIN_ MAGACOINSAFU MAGACOIN happynewyear2022 magacoinsafu magacoin trumpwon

Discoveries are increasing day by day... 8

2021 was hot as hell, NASA confirmsHeat triggered infernos and a spike in emergency room visits. Yet so many humans say..... Do you know what happened to my account the name is Gator Do you know what happened to my account Gator I got banned Activisio

via YouTube Nature gave a taste of its Power to Biden. US/EU inviting Spike in COVID by refusing to heed Nature. gives details. The Battle-Line is drawn. Outcome:Man is doomed to lose eventually. Bow & reduce Suffering for people! 🤷‍♂️ It is Looking like sir Nikola Tesla's invention My cousin’s (once removed) Phd advisor. I see scaling invariance of this fractal form. An aesthetic without intention, WAVEMECHANICSRULES_1:1.6 JannaLevin

💭 Yesterday I just saw a crying smiley face on the clouds VENUS 😉🤫 Yes, please. Yes. Thats what I'm doing. Did you know I get altitude sickness from looking at palm trees the wrong way. Or for too long. I've climbed one or so before but they are tall..and that's why I've been told Palm trees are dangerous in more than one way. Anyways an owl told me 2sayit.

NASA reports 2021 was sixth hottest year in historyAccording to NASA, 2021 was tied for the sixth warmest year on record for global temperatures. How can you know that, NASA? The world is only 5000 years old and you were around in the Bible times

What is the object in the front it is leaving a wake large ice berg or mountain the clouds are being pushed around that object CheemsInu 52k+ Holders in less than 2 Months. Memetools (Use Case Soon), Nfts out and Metaverse Game in Development. Bloomberg, Nasdaq, Yahoo and more articles released. In works for major exchange listings. CheemsInu

Reminds me of cloud swirls on Saturn. cHaoTIc FLoW Apple app & Google Play stores: GlobalObserver app last updated 2 years ago (year2019?). Please update your related NASA and GlobalObserver sites and apps listings. As is & two-year lapse: doesn't seem safe nor encourage participation Why dose that look a lot like a tesla valve

G Now we can have every commie left winger give us dire weather reports! Chile The Last place in The World

NASA Sets Coverage for Russian Spacewalk Outside Space Station💥 Don't miss the first spacewalk of 2022! On Wed, Jan. 19, two Roscosmos cosmonauts will work in the vacuum of space to ready the Space_Station's new Prichal module for future visiting spacecraft. 📺 Watch NASA TV live starting at 6am ET (11:00 UT): roscosmos Space_Station Probably will tbh but I’m glad knowing you’re out there on the clock. roscosmos Space_Station 🇺🇸👍🙏 roscosmos Space_Station Yayyy more money wasted on space instead of solving the systemic issues currently plaguing earth 🙄

Animals that have gone into space and are likely to survive the apocalypse, Scientists estimate that TARDIGRADES have been around for 600 million years, Aren't they attractive? trdg tardigrades asknasa what's up of tardigrades in space? Reminisce of Jupiter... How do clouds form like that I thought it would have been two but it's multiple swirls!

Gracias por las actualizaciones y lugares donde puede ser ampliada la información. Gracias por las recomendaciones y noticias actualizadas, incluyendo respecto del clima !!! Looks Photoshopped. Interesting Eckman spirals. Deserves an explanation Saw the moon today with the naked eye. Just before sunset, as a result of the reflection of the sun's rays on it. I can see it as it is

I'm now a staff of NASA TahoeVibe That looks like a Tesla valve. Amazing.

NASA, White House Initiative to Spur HBCU ScholarsWe're partnering with USEdGov on a new entrepreneurial initiative, hosting a virtual 'Space Tank' competition for HBCU students to pitch commercial applications for NASA_Technology. Learn more: usedgov _Technology Is that you, jayghosh27? usedgov _Technology Never do the bottom button up on a suit. usedgov _Technology A little Space City with a Movable Shield for the purpose of basic protection from space debris or deflection of rogue sattelites or rocket. May be partial obstruction for meteor's. Emergency escape inc. Visible space Fuel Station & position to planet earth some details. Enjoy!

Amazing Thanks NASA I like watching Clouds specially when it looks like UFO ships , in Caracas Venezuela u can see Maduros Video ...singing a rare clouds ....Believe ...many people 'Talk with strange clouds' Inspiration for bad 1990's tribal tattoo's Jan Mayen? That looks familiar I seen that before Tesla Valve And its as if the air is going around a mountain peak like what water does around a boulder in a river what else that's my best guess now I'll click to get the app👽Take me to your leader not the old one or young that Elon.M 🛸

Can yall pls use this link so I can get some doordash credits Don't be afraid to specify the name: von Kármán vortex street Is this real clouds or painting by MichaelAngelo Coriolis Effect Hello nasa, if you get to Mars, what would you do in Mars?

A beautiful sight of the sky there. Why do we maintain this delusion that we can't change the world into a utopia today? Why do we prioritize the delusion of economy over our own existence? Money did not build this world, people using their minds did. We, as humanity, can choose whatever world we want to live in.

Incompressible - non viscous - circulation - force vortex and doublet 😀 Downloaded. Good to go now..... An amazing von Kármán street. Strouhal number determines the frequency f of the detached swirling vortices: St=f*D/v ( Citizen scientists are one of the social problems in the world. You want to make more of these Karens?

There are entire .gov agencies devoted to is not NASA's mission. Just another whacked-out desperate attempt to shove 'climate change' up our asses. hey! where are all those amazing life changing photos from the Fa*got cam..... Wow

Done and happy to help. I'll take a look at your data. بسبب القمه الجبليه تؤدي لتكون دوامات تعرقل مسيرة السحاب باتجاهات عكسيه Any profit ?. I'm self appointed NASA Employee.✌️✌️✌️ Look similar like tesla valve. made by air crafts or is it ufo!! $jeffyjeff00 any money i get will go to my daughter medical bills/for new toys /diapers or food ect!

Loch Ness Monster? And some people will say it's the work of 'god'

17th moondance, make sure your armed and will have a few drinz. mish?what does that mean migos? Seems like a Tesla valve Mmm cloud bread Is that turbulent flow around a mountain? I've looked at clouds from both sides now From up and down and still somehow It's cloud illusions I recall I really don't know clouds at all - Join Mitchell

I would love to be part of the group😍 Naruto shipuden Looks like a Tesla valve. **Amazing Facts** cloud stitching

Mmmm wkwk bisa gitu Ok, boss! 👍 it has a pattern