NASA Chief Scientist Jim Green to Retire in 2022

NASA’s Chief Scientist Jim Green has announced that he will retire in early 2022 after more than 40 years of service at NASA.

9/17/2021 6:44:00 PM

💫 “In many ways, NASA is not a job. It’s a way of life.” After more than 40 years of service, our Chief Scientist Jim Green announces he will retire in 2022. Learn about his contributions to exploration and our understanding of the solar system:

NASA’s Chief Scientist Jim Green has announced that he will retire in early 2022 after more than 40 years of service at NASA.


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Astro_CabanaBob IntrplnetSarah Is that your retirement ride? Noooo has going 😭😭 Nice. I love. Of. Chile. Sir, ? Atmosphere gas toyer possible I think I've seen that rover in the Mad Max Movie As long as he is happy right Uhm... NASA...sorry I can't see or hear anything over that man-bait vehicular candy in that pic.

Can i have his Job? The moment its not a job then the pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. Congratulations chief scientist Jim Green Does anyone know where the center of the universe is located.

We Asked a NASA Scientist – Does NASA Know About All the Asteroids?Do we know about ALL the asteroids? We know about the vast majority of larger ones and none of those pose a threat, but space is big, so we're always on the lookout. Our AsteroidWatch expert Dr. Amy Mainzer explains: AsteroidWatch All I know is I had them once and they're super painful AsteroidWatch biden promised to imprison all threatening assteroids AsteroidWatch 🤩🤩

Tự lập, nghiê494m túc What's that SUV in the background? That SUV would be perfect for our roads in India. Is this car in the back for sale? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Congo for next innings sr.. definitely NASA is the way of life . Nice good morning for you sir Congrats on the well earned retirement Jim! My favorite memory is a tossup between your visit to the NC naturalsciences museum or listening your explanation of the UE serial number on the Jupiter C that launched Explorer 1 outside the KSC press center. (hint: Huntsville)

Real Iron Man. 💪 ❤️❤️ Yess ! It’s a way of life I know !😜

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NASA Career Service Recognition Awards after 10 yrs: transporter after 20 yrs: phaser after 30 yrs: moonrock after 40 yrs: MRVN I'd be smiling too! Thanks, Jim Green! Still remember his press conference at NASA HQ in Washington when the MIP probe onboard ISRO's Chandrayaan-1 found water on the Moon. Such a delight listening to him to this day. Happy retirement Jim!

Oh man! I'll miss working with you Jim! I will miss your clear and enthusiastic descriptions of the marvelous science accomplishments and on-going work that NASA does. Well done, Jim! dogecoin Ahh, has almost always made time for an interview when I've asked. All the best next year Jim. Well done Jim! Not really done much since 1969 have you? NASA = never a straight answer

An SpaceX. Time to reveal all ! ufotwitter

NASA Enables Commercial Crew, Private Astronaut MissionsThe flight embodies the agency’s vision and work to foster a strong space economy, with private companies providing commercial transportation to space for people and cargo as well as creating future commercial destinations in space. What about other planets such as mas Our blue marble looks fking beautiful. Yas but make sure it doesn't go wrong...

Một a Top biết yêu thương, chugn thủy và 125quan tâm lẫn nhau. TMong tin các anh Nice car We will miss you.😔 Best wishes to my friend Jim Greene. On to your next chapter!! 0xed52d233416903fa721066d59819b08ef00fe4b0 New token Inspiration4x de space x Équipage de Elon Musk Projet new good potential... Is his 'job' up for grabs? How do I apply? From Mexico, should you need to know...

A great man. Well played! 👏🇺🇸 Help me reach 100 followers. I promise I follow back 👍 Great services💐💐💜💜

NASA Statement on National Aerospace Week“Today, technologies once developed in NASA’s facilities are used in every U.S. aircraft – commercial & military – & every air traffic control facility, to keep the crowded skies safe.' - Administrator SenBillNelson's statement on National Aerospace Week: SenBillNelson Hay. Can I get a, “hi” back? SenBillNelson Looks like someone gave Concorde a bigger nose. SenBillNelson X-59 QueSST (right this time )

Best wishes to Sir Didn't work out guys take care How come Jim Green as scientific scientist never taken to next evolution levels of scientific sciences in Quantum mechanics physics Rules 132multi dimensional universes? How fast does that thing go I'm looking at the vehicle behind him, it's beautiful. 40 years in the space industry is impressive. All the best for him.

Would this be a story if let's say, he was black or a Moslem? Does he get to keep that buggy thing as a retirement gift?! 👍 I have loved listening to every single episode of Jim Green's GravityAssist podcast. His unrivaled enthusiasm for space science and exploration can be heard in the tone of his voice in every single sentence he utters! ♥️ NASA

NASA Confirms Thousands of Massive, Ancient Volcanic Eruptions on MarsVolcanoes on Mars? 🌋 Evidence has been found that a region of northern Mars has experienced thousands of “super eruptions,” blasting the equivalent of 400 million Olympic-sized swimming pools of molten rock & gas, over 500-million years. Discover more: Wow Americans, they will use anything to measure but the metric system 🙃 Osm

Nice Got the chance to meet Jim at nasa HQ during a NASAsocial in Oct. 2019. Love his “Gravity Assist” podcasts! Congrats in your retirement Jim! Sad for us. Well done Jim. We will wait for it🤗🤗 You have inspired many Jim If I’d have known nasa was actually building warthogs I’d have tried much harder to work for them. Is the covenant a real concern now?

That's amazing! I dont know him but i loved his enthusiasm when he spoke about Artemis. Be was quirky. Seems like a really nice guy. yeah just don't say the word 'fuck' on social media you know, the important issues Usteded no tienen nunca edad de jubilacion mientras disfruten de lo que esten haciendo . Saludos

NASA to Announce Landing Site for Artemis Lunar Robotic Rover🌝 Our VIPER rover will search for water & resources on the Moon, helping pave the way for a sustainable presence with Artemis astronauts. 🧐 But where will it land? Find out Mon., Sept. 21 in a news event at 4pm ET (20:00 UT): It looks real because it's so FAKE. No va a aterrizar,.... Va a alunizar creo yo que sería correcto decir.... Ouuu yesss

If I tell you that ALL the phyla that appeared during the Cambrian explosion came as microscopic zooplankton frozen in one or more comets that hit our planet, of course you would think that that is an absolutely crazy hypothesis. For those who are wondering That Rover in the back is called MRVN. I don't know a lot about it, just know its called MRVN

My dream job will be complete Insha Allah.... Master Chief called, he wants his car back. I had an incredible opportunity to ask him some questions, was a lot of fun and very insightful Dope little rover and congratulations on retirement 👏 Congrats Dr. Green! So cool! i wanna know more about the rover or whatever that is in the back

is this a M-35?

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