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Nancy Pelosi says 'data, evidence, science' will determine when the coronavirus lockdown ends and economy opens up

Nancy Pelosi says 'data, evidence, science' will determine when the coronavirus lockdown ends and economy opens up

4/10/2020 4:26:00 PM

Nancy Pelosi says 'data, evidence, science' will determine when the coronavirus lockdown ends and economy opens up

The government needs to focus on coronavirus testing and other measures to address the pandemic, such as developing treatments to get the country moving, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.

that he believes the economy could be open again by May.In contrast, Pelosi did not give a clear timeline and emphasized that the decision must be based on"science" and"testing" to protect public health, as per the transcript."Let's have it be science-based, based on testing so we know what the challenge is, that we have an idea of – we don't know, even though they say they do, but scientists tell me we do not know that if you have contracted this virus and you recover from it, whether you are immune to it in the future," she said.

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"We just don't have those facts. So if somebody has had it, is that person immune? Is that a person we can use as a resource for prevention of others? Or is that a person who is contagious, again, infectious?"The government needs to focus on coronavirus testing and other measures to address the pandemic such as developing treatments to get the country moving, Pelosi said.

"And the health side will have a direct relationship to how we open up the economic side, and the economic side assault, is a big one," she said."And one that we should use as an opportunity to say, we will use this opportunity of the coronavirus challenge to our economy to be one that does not solidify or ossify the disparity and access to capital, but one that alleviates that, and that would be real progress for our country.

"I have to, though, measure who is infected by this, and that will be by testing. So, again, data, data, data, evidence, science. That is the answer to when we can go back."Pelosi said the decision to reopen the U.S. economy had to be based on science

Chip Somodevilla/Getty ImagesWhen asked about whether the U.S. could experience a depression, Pelosi said it was a possibility."Well, we could have a depression because so many people are out of work," she said."And that is why we have to get the system really energized and working. Let's get out those unemployment checks. Let's get out those direct payments. Let's get these loans freed up, let the banks be the friends to this whole system that they are.

"This is an era of entrepreneurship like none we've ever seen before because of the challenge to small businesses. Let's recognize what that is, that optimism is to America. I don't think anybody can tell you a date unless we just take—we get a time. But let's be hopeful that it will be soon."

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Yeah, don’t think Nancy has a clue First coherent thing that the Speaker has said in months! Ay, you cannot move her. Data according to who? Data,evidence and science about what exactly?!!! Such a buffoon...the country is mis-classifying coronavirus deaths,relying on models that are wrong,can't estimate how many people have recovered from the disease, says there is a social distancing lockdown but we can go to Walmat

hcmujica Si no modifican su actitud e intereses los banqueros y financistas frente a la pandemia, dejando de lado el egoísmo, avaricia, ambición, codicia y egolatría de manipular política y económicamente el problema, no será nunca más el planeta igual que antes. She is not president, she is nit a gov, shes a vendictive vile women who should be removed from office,

This is code for she is for whatever is the opposite of Trump You see all these keys they're from my job that I have to use can I use them to work from home Unless the vaccine is found the virus would not be stopped Pelosi is like a sneaky rat, every bill that’s going to help Americans, the rat adds money for art , abortions, solar panels discounts, illegal aliens, sanctuary cities, nothing she says to the news, the rat just adds these selfish projects in the Bills.

Never mattered before. Medicare for all is cheaper and covers anyone. Science tells all that climate change is real, but the green new is tabled. And here is an actual expert on viruses. It's time to open. If we have to wait for her, we’ll have sign over millions of dollars (again) to her priorities (special interests) or she ain’t budging 🤬 She’d love to ruin our economy further and blame Trump.

What a reasonable stance. She also said go to Chinatown on February 24 Why the media did not criticize Obama during the swine flu pandemic, despite the death of more than 13,000 Americans, simply because it is a media funded by the Democratic Party I don't know when the correct time is to get back to work. But I do know the Democrats have a vested political interest in making things as miserable as possible right up to November.

That kind if talk is so refreshing to hear I foresee some protests in the near future if these programs meant for the taxpayers don’t start working

Pelosi: more small business spending alone would not pass U.S. HouseU.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Wednesday that $250 billion in coronavirus relief for small businesses desired by Republicans could not pass the House of Representatives on its own under current procedures, which require a unanimous vote of those present while most of Congress is out of town. ...”without election fraud being allowed into the bill” It needs to come with measures to keep Trump's family fingers out of the cookie jar. You know they're licking their chops at all the money flying around in chaos. Tailor made for them. Keep a special eye on Jared. I trust him as far as I could spit a rat.

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Pelosi warns Trump not to reopen country too soonPelosi says the House is unlikely to return to session later this month due to coronavirus He might just try to do that to spite her. Pelosi has no intention of helping America. lmao failed state

'We could have a depression': Pelosi warns about coronavirus economic falloutSpeaker Pelosi warns the economic ramifications of the coronavirus outbreak could lead the U.S. into a depression. We are well aware of this pelosi Pelosi and pals want the economy to crash! adamboultonSKY Has the looting began yet

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