World, Coronavirus Live Updates: Latest News And Cases From Around The World

World, Coronavirus Live Updates: Latest News And Cases From Around The World

Nancy Pelosi calls education secretary's comments on schools a 'dereliction of duty'

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls comments from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on schools reopening during the pandemic a 'dereliction of duty'

7/12/2020 6:23:00 PM

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls comments from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on schools reopening during the pandemic a 'dereliction of duty'

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.

Thousands protest government handling of coronavirus in Tel AvivFrom CNN's Oren LiebermannAriel Schalit/APThousands of Israelis filled Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square Saturday night to protest the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, angered by what they say is a critical lack of economic aid, predominantly for the self-employed.

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Protesters waved yellow and black signs that called the political leaders “disconnected” and saying “enough,” while others held up signs calling this an “economic war” and demanding the government “release the money.”“We are tired of hearing promises and press conferences,” organizer Daniel Tinder told CNN. “We want to see action, we want to see money in our accounts like all over the world. The health problem is still very severe. The economic problems are even worse. More severe than it was before.”

Following the demonstration, some protesters attempted to block roads in Tel Aviv and damaged public areas, according to Police Spokesman Micky Rosenfeld. Twelve suspects were arrested for causing public disturbances and blocking roads, Rosenfeld said, while three police officers were lightly injured.

Ariel Schalit/APSome context:Unemployment in Israel hit 21% Sunday morning, according to the Israel Employment Service, as new unemployment filings were more than double the number of people returning to work over the weekend. Since Thursday, 1,250 returned to work, according to the governmental agency, but 2,843 filed for unemployment.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Sunday morning that the government had approved up to 7,500 shekels (approx. $2,170) in “rapid assistance” to business owners and the self-employed with more steps ahead.“This support, this grant, is not dependent on legislation and we ordered that it will be enacted already today, the button will be pressed so that the money will arrive in the accounts in the next few days,” Netanyahu said at the weekly cabinet meeting.

With the economy in such a fragile state, Netanyahu has tried to avoid another complete closure, instead employing stricter social distancing restrictions and localized lockdowns to attempt to contain the second wave of coronavirus in Israel.Israel appeared to be on track to contain the coronavirus outbreak earlier this year, when new cases dipped as low as 20 per day in mid-May following a near-complete national lockdown. But two months later, new coronavirus cases have surged to more than 1,100 per day, raising fears of another lockdown, as the dire economic outlook has taken its toll on the public.

Tour guide Erez Deron says protesters like him are fed up with the abundance of words but the lack of action.“The government is dealing only with petty things like taxes and words between one another,” Deron told CNN. “[Netanyahu] doesn’t see the citizens. He only cares for himself, and I’m really furious about the time they are spending on foolish things.”

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During the first wave of coronavirus infections that began in late-March, Netanyahu appeared on television many nights to reassure the public that the country was doing well in its fight against Covid-19 and that he had everything under control. His approval ratings for his handling of coronavirus soared, hitting 74% in mid-May when the worst seemed to have passed. As cases have soared again in recent weeks, Netanyahu’s approval rating has tanked, dropping to 46% last week.

The crisis and the ensuing protests have exposed widening gaps within Israel’s national unity government. Read more: CNN Breaking News »

U.S. sanctions Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam for carrying out Chinese 'policies of suppression'

The Trump administration has been critical of Beijing's recent decision to pass a sweeping national security law aimed at limiting Hong Kong's autonomy and banning literature critical of the Chinese Communist Party.

How about you put a mask on and go work a REAL job? 😑 Stupid... keepourschoolssafe Michael Jackson is Alive? REMOTE WORKING LIVES K-12, LOCKED IN HOMES MONTHS, being TV & .com INDOCTRINATED w/RIOTS, LOOTING & DEATH by BLM ANTIFA/others. MILLIONS OF KIDS LIED to by MEDIA & POLITICIANS about how RACIST & brutal our police are. DEMs saw opportunity to INDOCTRINATE our 🇺🇸's youth❗

Nancy P. “2020” 'I've done a good job and you can't criticize me!' Like a child. If you can't solve the problem then let the problem go away. What about your dereliction of duty and disregard for the constitution? You’ve become a one woman Congress. Power corrupts and you are no exception to the rule. This country is so divided to the point that people cannot look past the divisions and focus on providing panaceas to the problems we face in this country. I don’t understand how the bickering bw the left and the right is solving any problem. Let’s start talking about solutions.

She looks like her face will so fall off. So.... what are you going to do about it? Actions please! She is bat shiz crazy Well pelosi should know - she's been doing it her entire political life How true,a real idiot I don't always agree with you, but you hit the nail on the head this time. 🤣😂🤣😂ok....the truth is Nancy, is in her job, is a dereliction of duty” TeamPelosi .

Somebody shut her up already, she's drunk again Dumb shit SpeakerPelosi Children have a higher death rate from the annual flu than COVID and multiple studies show kids do not spread the virus! Facts ppl. It’s all about politics. cnnfakenews PelosiMustGo Oh Nancy🤯🙄 I bet she was in drama class. Its treason to make threats over our rights to protect our children and teachers while still educating them till we can come up with a real and safe solution.

She’s been derelict her whole career Trump did this. He put her in that job just because somebody paid a lot of money to his campaign. We really deserve better, our children deserve better. Pandemic aside, the economic situation will probably not allow everyone to have kids ready for school environment.

Why can't we just get rid of both of them? The Hague remains an option for most in this administration. If they want the schools closed for COVID-19 then we should shut down every flu season since influenza causes more pediatric deaths. COVID19 COVIDー19 Prisoners like Manafort can't be in jail because if the virus but kids can be in school?

Take a pay cut DeVos the Derelict. How appropriate. Her dodgy creation scientist husband even worse. IRS needs to check out these non-Taxpayers making millions selling deVos doodoo. Well Nancy Pelosi we all think the same of you. worthless True. DeVos, listen to the experts and Science. Pot calling kettle black

Her depends are entirely to tight! America Kabuki Theatre Problem is, her main duty is to kiss Orange Sunshine's ass, so she's doing her duty by ignoring public health. Yay GOP! DeVos is just setting up the same scapegoat Trump used back in April when States asked the Fed for help with PPE & Ventilators. She keeps saying States will have to prepare themselves so once the disaster hits, Trump can turn and say, “We told you States should have prepared”.

Prisoners are being released because of the crowded conditions, but 45 and Devos want the schools open. Sounds as if 45 needs something to boast about before the election. He doesn't care about the children, or the ones in cages would be set free. It's all about him. Louisepru I agree Lol where does she come up with this BS? No one takes her seriously any more.... Just put her in the home where she belongs. She's embarrassing us all!

No real plan down here in Florida we are getting hammered the children and faculty’s safety is first. BESIDES what’s OSHA standards on face coverings for a 7 hour period ( FIT TEST?) SHUT DOWN FLORIDA The republicans just want their RNC The whole entire trump administration should be charged with Dereliction of Duty. Period.

Spoken by a true derelict. Says the relic. Pelosi the drunk talking about someone else Of course she would. 🙄 since when has SpeakerPelosi thought of anything other than what fancy Nancy wants “Dereliction of duty” is practically a job requirement for anyone in the Trump administration... Trumpett BetsyDeVosED is NOT an educator, never taught class, NOT qualified. Any IDIOT knows cramming kids AND teachers back in schools would be DANGEROUS w/COVID running amok. She & Trump just do NOT care about them, or their possible suffering or deaths from COVID. CNNSotu

The Speaker is not right! Our children need to go back to school, and the public needs to go back to work, and live their lives again. Pelosi told us to visit Chinatown. So is showing off a freezer full of gourmet ice cream at home when pelosi should have been call the House into session. She would know.

Nice fashion look, Nancy. Vanity looks good on you. Do you get to write off, or get a tax break, for the cost of these custom made matching masks for every outfit? Are the taxpayers paying for this? I don't have that privilege even though it is mandated that I wear one. I agree 100%-Devos and Trump have no regard for the teachers, parents, and grandparents that are involved with these children everyday during a school year! The elders especially mean nothing to Trump! They can die! It’s all about re-election/economy!

KeithOlbermann Nancy Piece'o'shitsy has no room to talk about anything. SpeakerPelosi Then Congress needs to pass legislation immediately mandating that appointment to Secretary of Education position REQUIRES a background in EDUCATION KeithOlbermann Have people never seen yellow shirts before other than Star Trek?

Go and rest your skin is already falling off your body and allow people who seek the good of America to work it out of these conspiracy virus against America NancyPelosi Look in the mirror Pelosi! Today ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. shatters national record with 15,300 new confirmed coronavirus cases. 'Gov. DeSantis said even with rising rates, he still wants the schools to reopen as scheduled next month, saying “The risk of corona, fortunately, for students is incredibly low.' WTH

Wtf is this? this is considered 'fake outrage' until you do something about this atrocity and put an end to the madness wyndovelh Obama's side questing for the Bush wedding is a criminal way to launder drug money for foreclosures. The only Derelictic is Pelosi Trump2020Landslide 😝What a ridiculous statement by the socialist speaker who is a disgrace to the country!!😝

here’s a link demanding that the Texas Education Agency (WHO IS BEING PAID TO WORK FROM HOME UNTIL JANUARY) to allow teachers to work from home. if it’s not safe for TEA it’s not safe for kids! DeVos needs to visit fla. at a school once they are open with no mask But she’s doing nothing to stop her DaVas wasn't even a teacher. What is she doing here besides nothing. She isn't smart enough to get out of her own way. Just another Trump( I'll say what you want me to Mr. President) stooge. Let's end thus madness in November. I can't take anymore of this.

devoshasgotstogo OMG, a witch! Dereliction of duty or incompetence? I would choose incompetence. I know a family that has a one-year-old who tested positive last month. However, never showed signs of symptoms during their quarantine (even after), the parents, siblings, grandparents, & even friends that had been around never showed signs of symptoms either or tested positive.

just say no to going back to school. Put creulla in jail please Wow, so helpful. You mean like your comments lately, SpeakerPelosi ? If anyone is neglecting their duties, sister, it’s YOU! Your comments of late have been atrocious and coming from someone who is supposed to be a leader of sorts! 🤣🤣 You are a joke!

Pelosi is correct DeVos DERELICT in duty. Her blind fealty to whatevr IMPEACHED IMBECILE says jst b/c he gave her a job SHE'S WOEFULLY WRONG for WorstAdministrationEver devos is a huge mistake; UNFIT & SUCKS AT THIS JOB Priority to students & staff not idiotinthewhitehouse Talk about a dereliction of duty! She should know

To all the trump supporters saying SpeakerPelosi has also been derelict & needs to step down, we completely agree but that's because we want a stronger person that will actually prosecute trump for all his crimes not just a few. You should be happy with her she's on your side. Unqualified people who are given jobs because they have rich friends in the Oval Office don't know what to do, haven't a clue. Dereliction of duty follows.

Where's the headline for this? And if anyone knows about dereliction of duty, it’s Nancy. Pelosi is totally right about DeVos! As Sec. Of Education, DeVos should be a champion for our schools, yet she is supporting Trump's defunding of schools if they refuse to ignore to virus!!! CNN IS FAKE NEWS. THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

U.S. Congress needs compromise to extend COVID-19 unemployment payments: PelosiDemocratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Sunday she believes U.S. lawmakers can find a compromise on extending jobless benefits and unemployment insurance for Americans struggling amid coronavirus pandemic shutdowns. There are still many people unemployed and struggling to meet basic expenses. Yes Countess Nancy Pelosi How do you do? Terminating augmented U.I. benefits will greatly damage and slow any impending consumer based economic recovery.

Pelosi blasts Roger Stone commutation as 'an act of staggering corruption' as Trump defends moveHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Saturday slammed President Donald Trump's decision to commute the prison sentence of his long-time friend and political adviser Roger Stone as 'an act of staggering corruption.' fuuny, she was pretty silent when Clinton pardoned Mark Rich and when Obama pardoned a terrorist.

Trump Defends Clemency For Roger Stone—But Pelosi Wants Law That Limits PardonsStone was the subject of an “illegal witch hunt that never should have taken place,” Trump says. That POTUS can pardon a convicted person is remanent privilege of Kings. SCOTUS and Congress must eliminate it by Law to avoid miss use like in R. Stone case by his buddy DT 🤔 No reason to explain SpeakerPelosi has only one 3 x 5 card for Trump's presidential actions. Pass a law that countermands the Constitution. This is called fodder for Fake News because She is in favor of a Democrat President doing anything they want. Nothing will be done. tt:ckchumley maggieNYT

Education Secretary wants U.S. schools open, offers no safety planEducation Secretary Betsy DeVos kept up the administration's push to reopen U.S. schools in the fall on Sunday, but failed to embrace any blueprint - including federal health guidelines - for how that could be done safely. Cruella is pure evil. yeah she wanted 8 yachts too hows that working out for ya

Education Secretary wants U.S. schools open, offers no safety planEducation Secretary Betsy DeVos kept up the administration's push to reopen U.S. schools in the fall on Sunday, but failed to embrace any blueprint - including federal health guidelines - for how that could be done safely. DeVos also downplayed the risk of children bringing the virus home to parents If kids can go to Walmart, they can go to school. Stop acting as if Covid is aireborne H I V. Tell BetsyDeVosED To ride her broomstick and get on one of her yachts now. She’s worthless. Cases are meaningless, how many hospitalized? No one gets Hospitalized unless they have mitigating circumstances, age, diabetes, obesity, cancer effecting lungs or blood.

Fmr. Education Secretary: ‘Encouraged, inspired’ by teachers, principals, superintendents“For all the…devastating lack of leadership at the federal level, I’m actually unbelievably encouraged and inspired by conversations I’ve had by teachers, principals, superintendents,” fmr. Education Secretary Arne Duncan says of reopening schools. NBC doctor = HOAX !!! Electing Trump is like employing a wolf to look after your flock of sheep and expecting the wolf to miraculously turned vegetarian. dont pay them and im sure they will want to work again really fast