Namor: Does Marvel Have Big Plans for the Sub-Mariner?

Does Marvel have big #MCU plans for #Namor?

1/16/2022 7:08:00 AM

Does Marvel have big MCU plans for Namor?

Principal photography has picked back up on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever as the film powers [...]

Long-time comics website Bleeding Cool is now dipping its toes into scooping the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with a new report suggesting Marvel Studios is preparing to give the character his own franchise—just like what they did with Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) appearing first in the events of Captain America: Civil War.

The live-action rights have long been the subject of curiosity, with Universal previously holding solo movie rights, much like what the outfit did with The Incredible Hulk. To date, those rights still remain a big question mark. There was a time in 2017 Marvel creative Joe Quesada claimed the rights had returned to Marvel Studios, but studio head Kevin Feige said the rights weren't cut and dry as recently as 2018.


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Then get Henry Golding ready I heard u need a um.. namor Hope's so? Marvel could need a hero with water superpower. Namor His introduction into the MCU is wayyyyyyy overdue