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N95 Masks vs. KN95 Masks: Experts Weigh In On Which Masks Are Best for Travel

Vaccinations may be going up but don’t drop that mask just yet. Researchers say an N95 mask is still the most effective form of protection as coronavirus concerns continue to linger

7/21/2021 8:28:00 PM

Vaccinations may be going up but don’t drop that mask just yet. Researchers say an N95 mask is still the most effective form of protection as coronavirus concerns continue to linger.

Vaccinations may be going up but don’t drop that mask just yet. Researchers say an N95 mask is still the most effective form of protection as coronavirus concerns continue to linger

Companies like N95 Mask Co. are makingN95 masksavailable to the public, but the lingering question remains: With stories of hospitals and frontline workers needing masks, will selling them to the public deplete stock for those who require it most?Amin says WellBefore continues to prioritize those who need the masks first. “Giving back is an essential part in everything that I do and core to how I was raised,” he says. “Every single week we make donations to non-profits, businesses, religious organizations and people in need because it’s our duty to help where we can. We’ve collectively donated almost 100,000 PPE products to multiple organizations around the U.S., and we plan to keep going.” Still, he says his company’s ability to secure large quantities of masks has made it easier for him to sell them for

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just $1.99 per mask, when other companies have been — in his words — “price gouging.”Sultan says earlier logistical problems that clogged production times for making masks have now cleared up, and health-care workers have been able to receive the masks they need. “As supply chains have normalized and institutions no longer face the shortages seen early in the pandemic, we believe it makes sense to expand the percentage of the general population who are able to protect themselves at a higher level in an effort to further slow the spread of Covid-19,” she says, adding that the company has donated thousands of masks out of pocket to hospitals across the country.

Kelly, from PPE America, agrees that it’s a “top priority” for the federal government to “replenish stockpiles for military, FEMA, and state and local governments who then may distribute those supplies to local health-care systems.” Still, he says, there has been a rise in companies manufacturing N95 masks in large quantities, effectively ensuring that those who need — and want — the masks will be able to receive them. “There’s no doubt that health-care workers should be the number-one priority for N95 mask deliveries,” Kelly says. “[But] things are improving, and I don’t believe there’s a need for this drastic action since there’s plenty of N95 product available now or will be [available] in the coming months.”

As for those who question whether sites should be selling N95 masks for profit, Kelly insists it’s no different from what health-care and “big pharma” companies have been doing for years. “Are these companies not in business to generate a profit for their shareholders?” he asks. “Since inception, PPE of America was not established to be a not-for-profit company, and we have every right to generate a profit. If we did not, we could not be in business doing what we do best — assisting those who are procuring quality PPE products at fair market prices.”

“Everyday we do our part to help fight Covid-19 by supplying access to PPE products to those who need them the most,” Kelly says, citing a recent donation of “tens of thousands” of surgical masks to hospitals and medical organizations. “As we continue to grow and expand our services, we will continue to do our best to be there for those who need our assistance during these stressful times.”

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