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N.R.A. Gets Results on Gun Laws in One Phone Call With Trump

After talking with Wayne LaPierre, the group’s chief executive, President Trump’s interest in new gun laws fades and he repeats many of its longtime positions.


President Trump spent at least 30 minutes yesterday on the phone with Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the NRA . The call ended the way that LaPierre had hoped it would: with Trump espousing NRA talking points.

After talking with Wayne LaPierre, the group’s chief executive, President Trump’s interest in new gun laws fades and he repeats many of its longtime positions.

Updated 10:37 a.m. ET President Trump spent at least 30 minutes on the phone Tuesday with Wayne LaPierre, the chief executive of the National Rifle Association, the latest conversation in an aggressive campaign by gun rights advocates to influence the White House in the weeks since the back-to-back mass shootings in Texas and Ohio. The call ended the way that Mr. LaPierre had hoped it would: with Mr. Trump espousing N.R.A. talking points in the Oval Office and warning of the radical steps he said Democrats wanted to take in violation of the Second Amendment. “We have very, very strong background checks right now, but we have sort of missing areas and areas that don’t complete the whole circle,” the president told reporters Tuesday afternoon, adding, “I have to tell you that it’s a mental problem.” “Democrats would, I believe, give up the Second Amendment,” Mr. Trump said. “A lot of the people that put me where I am are strong believers in the Second Amendment, and I am also.” For Mr. Trump, his dealings with Mr. LaPierre and other gun rights advocates in recent weeks have been a reminder that even if his initial instinct after the mass shootings this month was to say he would press for aggressive gun legislation, any such push would be seen as a betrayal of the N.R.A. members who helped elect him. At the N.R.A.’s annual convention in 2017, Mr. Trump assured the group’s members, “You came through for me, and I am going to come through for you.” And that is what he was doing on his call with Mr. LaPierre, according to two people familiar with their conversation, assuring Mr. LaPierre that even after another round of mass shootings, he was not interested in legislation establishing universal background checks and that his focus would be on the mental health of the gunmen, not their guns. Mr. Trump — who did most of the talking on the call with Mr. LaPierre, according to those briefed on the conversation — made it clear that he thinks there are ways to scrutinize people’s fitness for gun ownership other than the current proposals. But his latest comments on guns were the strongest sign to date that he is unlikely to make bipartisan gun legislation a priority this fall, when Congress returns from its summer recess. Without his backing, congressional Republicans said, any chance of a bipartisan bill passing the Senate is likely to be dead on arrival. Instead, the president told Mr. LaPierre that he wanted to focus on mental health and access to juvenile criminal records. Those measures fall far short of the sweeping new restrictions that Democrats sought and that Mr. Trump said he was prepared to endorse in the immediate aftermath of the mass shootings on Aug. 3 and 4 that left more than 30 dead. The president’s remarks also demonstrated how the N.R.A., which spent $30 million on Mr. Trump’s campaign in 2016 and stuck with him when other Republicans wavered in their support, still wields great influence over the White House, even as its own future is in question. The organization has been mired in investigations into its finances by two attorneys general, in New York and Washington, as well as a legal battle with its former advertising firm and calls from its own board members for change. But those problems have not diminished the group’s influence in the West Wing, despite Mr. Trump’s frequent insistence to aides that Mr. LaPierre and his team are “going bankrupt.” Image A video of Wayne LaPierre, the president of the N.R.A., at the organization’s annual meeting in Dallas last year. Credit Justin Sullivan/Getty Images In a statement, Mr. LaPierre expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the call. “I spoke to the president today,” he said. “We discussed the best ways to prevent these types of tragedies. President Trump is a strong 2A President and supports our right to keep and bear arms!” Aides to Mr. Trump insist that he is still seeking legislative action. But they acknowledge that the president’s definition of background checks is different from the type of universal background checks that Democrats have urged him to pursue. And the type of sweeping bill he is discussing — which at the moment is loosely defined and could contain several different piecemeal proposals — would be viewed warily by a number of Republican senators, as well as Democrats, who would consider it either too much or too little. The weakening of Mr. Trump’s stated interest in pursuing what he had described this month as “very meaningful background checks” fits a pattern of behavior. In the past, when Mr. Trump has shown a willingness to compromise on gun legislation after a mass shooting, some West Wing officials have made sure to secure an audience with the president for Mr. LaPierre and Christopher W. Cox, the N.R.A.’s former top lobbyist, who resigned in June . After the February 2018 mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla., in which 17 students and staff members were killed, Mr. Trump expressed support for universal background checks, keeping guns away from mentally ill people and restricting gun sales for some young adults. But that support quickly evaporated after a late-night Oval Office meeting with N.R.A. officials . Mr. Trump later threatened to veto a background check bill. The N.R.A. has not been pressing its case alone. Mr. Trump has heard from a wide range of conservative allies who have warned him that he will imperil his re-election chances if he makes a deal with Democrats on guns. The country’s leading gun group has been embattled this year amid Read more: The New York Times

Fake news Why is Trump consulting with LaPierre regarding gun safety for Americans?! LaPierre, a Putin-puppet, is so corrupt that he steals from NRA members, while pushing for extreme positions that even most NRA members do not agree with and recognize endanger Americans. noNRAmoney We need to Dump the Trump

Or...maybe the 'longtime positions' are time studied truths and the President has a brain and can see the truth. Gun control doesn't work. Period. Did you speak to LaPierre and he said this to you? Or are you assuming? Someone block the NRA numbers at the WH, please! So what’s your point? The NRA has done nothing wrong!! Trump has done nothing wrong by talking to him!

NRA. Is NOT the problem. Lawmakers make the laws so you can not blame the guns or the NRA?!? Change the law to protect peeps from those not deserving to carry said gun! Well since universal background checks have nothing to do with background checks and everything to do with total gun control what did you expect?

You forgot to mention how racist everyone is! You are Fake News.

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Are you sure it was 30 minutes? Did anyone get a recording? Did anyone get shot? FAKENews again... I’m guessing you were in on the call Illegal wire tap much? How does the nytimes know what was said on the phone ? Just be fake news! Petty tabloid Did you get this from an ‘anonymous source’? He made up his own mind before any call. Liars.

Looks like the twitterbots are at it again. So , are you still spying 🕵️‍♀️ on President Trump? How much did they donate too his re-election campaign? TRUMP 2020!

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That’s what DIALOGUE does. Apple CEO did a few months ago. If you asshole liberals would talk to Trump instead of trying to take him down things could actually get done. So, good for the NRA to “talk” with the leader of the Free World. Better than calling him a racist! Winning the flip flapper!! so expected!!

IDEA: Congress should ban NRA from communications with the public in any way because they're holding Representatives hostage. CNN ABC CBS NBC MSNBC maddow wapo latimes jaketapper SpeakerPelosi RepSwalwell RepAdamSchiff RepJerryNadler RepMaxineWaters NY Times isn’t exactly a reliable source for news on Trump or the NRA

See they just have to input talking points into his pea brain which can hold only so much for short periods due to the vast amounts of crazy taking up space BilldeBlasio I spent around 30 mins on the phone with realDonaldTrump the other day. I told him I was an addict for 10 years and now I’m not. He then congratulated me many times and texted me a 👍🏻 emoji after our convo. Brilliant and smart man MakeAmericaSoberAgain

When the POTUS is bat 💩 crazy - 'Good boy, Donnie.' Trump never intended on strengthening gun laws TrumpNationalSecurityThreat

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I'm so shocked, aren't you ... The strings are visible as they get pulled Funny how he can’t read a teleprompter, but when a donor tells him what to say, it’s as accurate as a reading by Olivier. NRA kills children 👶 I don't see that as a negative result. Why do you not only vilify Donald Trump, but also the NRA, consistently? The rational objective with bearing arms is to not permit lunatics to own them. I believe Donald Trump has repeatedly asserted this. DV

We had a boss like POTUS You always wanted to be the last to talk to him, because that was the position he’d take. He had no backbone either. Cowardly president atDavidHoffman He's got dementia on top of his other psychiatric issues and that's what dementia patients do... they go with whatever was the last bit of information he received. This morning he's back to hedging.

Who serviced or threatened who?

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And did Putin join for a three way talk And no one is surprised Just like she said, he’s a puppet. Adios GOP! So you are ran by the NRA? Not one person in office seems to have the balls to say' your political power end at me', to the NRA. I'm not anti guns but anti assault guns and lack of good background checks and gun show with no accountability. I thought you could do this

Trump had a phone conversation with the Deep State. bloodontrumpshands DisloyalToTrump LaPierre was probably giving realDonaldTrump a run down of all the dirt Russia has on both of them. That could take a while. PutinsPuppet Trump is the NRA's bitch.90 % of the country wants background checks. He brazenly changes his mind with no accountability to anyone. FLIP FLOP! PING PONG! LIKE THE BALL IN A PINBALL MACHINE HERE AND THERE AND EVERYWHERE!!!!! IMPEACH NOW!


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Of course it did. Trump is a wimp. Imagine that... actually talking to the President to produce results instead of bitching about it on social media and accomplishing nothing. 🤔 beverlynichols STOP referring to this idiot as a 'president.' He is anything but. Call a spade a spade and let a plethora of adjectives begin... GO!

The issue... they need the NRA to funnel Russian Olig Money to realDonaldTrump and GOP ..its not about the GD guns..its about the MONEY.. FBI THIS IS LAUNDERING..wth is up... they need to be shut Lets see the out come!!! Why is it there can't be enough Laws to Restrict (Secure) the Vote & our Elections! But When It Comes to Guns Any Law to Restrict (Secure) the Gun & The Population is A Problem? Both are Constitutional Rights which should be Protected Equally!

🔥🔥 Well again POTUS will have blood on his hands Vomit

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That's why Hillary Clinton called him a puppet. Trump is so easily manipulated. Fire them both COWARD 45 is easily manipulated. No wonder Putin preferred him over Hillary Clinton. Trump tive you no Ilhan Ilhan is me okay respect ! The good man Mr Trump... After the El Paso shootings, Trump claimed he wanted background checks. Now he is flipped after talking to the NRA. How many more innocent Americans need to die from assault weapons before Republicans wake up. Let's remove all who accept campaign contributions from the NRA.

Nothing new here.The NRA calls the shots on Trump and every other republican in both the house of Reps and the senate. Surprise? Donald Trump, a wholly owned subsidiary of the NRA.

Cowards gonna coward.. Once again the NRA is running the country. To hell with background checks right Donnie? Let people keeping killing and carrying A14 assault rifles. It's a good ol boy nation and the hell with innocent children and adults. Why have we lost what we need most, COMMON SENSE. This the same moron who has conveniently forgotten about Russia invading Crimea AND downing a commercial airliner! They are not forgotten. They are not forgiven. Russia should never get back into the G7, until they get out of Crimea, and get out of our elections. MoscowMitch

Was Trump asking Wayne about where to get some Italian suits or where to get a new mansion? NRAPuppet FatNixon NoLivesMatter The nra knows what everyone else knows. It's not that hard to snooker a complete narcissist who craves/ is addicted to praise. I guess Trump showed LaPierre whose boss. NRA (National Rightwing Army).

Weak. The New York Times officially becomes a joke newspaper And Trump cares how much much for the victims and family members of mass shootings? NOT A DAMN. The blood is on Trump’s hands. TrumpIsEvil

realDonaldTrump conveniently fits in the LaPierre pocket.

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