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N Korea confirms missile test designed for submarine launch

North Korea has confirmed that it tested a missile designed to be launched from a submarine, the first such weapons test in two years. Pyongyang continues to press Washington and Seoul to abandon what the North sees as hostile policies.

10/20/2021 5:09:00 AM

North Korea has confirmed that it tested a missile designed to be launched from a submarine, the first such weapons test in two years. Pyongyang continues to press Washington and Seoul to abandon what the North sees as hostile policies.

SEOUL , South Korea (AP) — North Korea announced Wednesday that it had tested a newly developed missile designed to be launched from a submarine, the first such weapons test in two years and one it says will bolster its military’s underwater operational capability.

KCNA said Tuesday’s launch was made from “the same 8.24 Yongung ship,” a submarine that North Korea said it used to conduct its first submarine-launched strategic ballistic missile test in 2016. Photos published by North Korea show a missile rising and spewing bright flames above a cloud of smoke from the sea. One image shows the upper parts of what looks like a submarine on the surface of the sea.

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Tuesday’s launch is the most high-profile weapons test by North Korea since U.S. President Joe Biden took office in January. The Biden administration has repeatedly said it’s open to resuming nuclear diplomacy with North Korea “anywhere and at any time” without preconditions. The North has so far rebuffed such overtures, saying U.S. hostility remains unchanged.

The launch came days before Sung Kim, Biden’s special envoy on North Korea, was to travel to Seoul to discuss with allies the possibility of reviving diplomacy with Pyongyang.At a meeting in Washington with his South Korean and Japanese counterparts, Kim emphasized U.S. condemnation of the launch, which violates multiple U.N. Security Council resolutions, and urged Pyongyang to refrain from further provocations and “engage in sustained and substantive dialogue,” the State Department said.

The U.N. Security Council scheduled emergency closed consultations on North Korea on Wednesday afternoon at the request of the United States and United Kingdom.Kim Dong-yub, a professor at Seoul’s University of North Korean Studies, said the North Korean weapon tested Tuesday was likely derived from its land-based, nuclear-capable KN-23 missile whose highly maneuverable and lower-trajectory flight provides it with greater chances of evading missile defense systems.

He said the new missile was likely a small-sized weapon displayed during a defense exhibition last week. The professor said North Korea likely plans to load this missile on a new submarine it disclosed in 2019 while placing bigger SLBMs on larger submarines it is pushing to build in the future.

Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi had said Tuesday that the North Korean missile flew on “an irregular trajectory” while traveling as far as 600 kilometers (360 miles).Nuclear negotiations between the U.S. and North Korea have been stalled for more than two years because of disagreements over an easing of crippling U.S.-led sanctions against North Korea in exchange for denuclearization steps by the North.

Some experts say North Korea might continue its weapons tests for a couple of more months until it halts them in consideration of the Winter Olympics slated for February in China, its last major ally and economic pipeline. They say the North may even test-launch long-range missiles directly threatening the U.S. mainland in a breach of a 2018 self-imposed moratorium on such weapons tests to maximize its pressure campaign.

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North Korea has been pushing hard for years to acquire the ability to fire nuclear-armed missiles from submarines, the next key piece in an arsenal that includes a variety of weapons including ones with the potential range to reach American soil.Acquiring submarine-launched missiles would be a worrying development because that would make it harder for the North’s rivals to detect launches and provide the country with retaliatory attack capability. Still, experts say it would take years, large amounts of resources and major technological improvements for the heavily sanctioned nation to build at least several submarines that could travel quietly in seas and reliably execute strikes.

North Korea last tested a submarine-launched ballistic missile in October 2019.In a report this month on North Korea’s military capabilities, the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency said the North’s pursuit of submarine-launched ballistic missile capabilities along with its steady development of land-based mobile long-range weapons highlight Pyongyang’s intentions to “build a survivable, reliable nuclear delivery capability.”

It said “It is possible we could see a test of a long range missile (by North Korea) over the next year.”___Associated Press writer Matthew Lee in Washington contributed to this report. Read more: The Associated Press »

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The way U.S. surprised WW2 with a nuke, the U.S. is geared to surprise WW3 with an energy that'll reset the game. BREAKING: 'We are getting our first images of the North Korean submarine'

North Korea fired an unidentified projectile into the sea, South Korea saysThe office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff did not immediately say what Pyongyang fired or how far the projectile flew. Wow - the world is really on guard if they don't even know'if' where or how... This guy likes the attention. thanks

Seoul says North Korea tested submarine-launched ballistic missile North Korea fires a ballistic missile into waters off Japan shortly after US and South Korea n envoys met in Washington to discuss the nuclear standoff with Pyongyang

China says Korea tensions at 'critical stage' as North Korea conducts another missile testThe launch spurred South Korea n authorities to voice 'deep regret' over continued weapons tests from the North despite its efforts to smooth over tensions. Very Kool! Go DPRK!

North Korea fires submarine-launched ballistic missile, South saysIt would be the latest weapons test by the country, which has pressed ahead with military development in the face of international sanctions.

N.Korea fires one ballistic missile off its east coast, S.Korea military says North Korea fired one ballistic missile off its east coast on Tuesday, South Korea 's Joint Chiefs of Staff said, as Seoul opens a major arms fair, spy chiefs meet to discuss the nuclear standoff, and South Korea prepares to launch a space rocket. Why are they allowed to continually pollute the ocean with missiles?

North Korea fires at least one ballistic missile North Korea fired at least one ballistic missile from its eastern coast on Tuesday morning, according to South Korea n and Japanese officials. Who cares? So Joe’s keeping up the good relationship Trump started.. Just in: Water is wet.