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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says 'Trump will be president long before 2024' at CPAC

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says 'Trump will be president long before 2024' at CPAC

3/1/2021 8:17:00 AM

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says 'Trump will be president long before 2024' at CPAC

'I have all the evidence of the machines,' Lindell said. 'We're getting more everyday. It's going to the Supreme Court.'

to ban his account for spreading election misinformation on January 25. Less than a week later, on February 1, the social media platform also permanently banned the official MyPillow account after Lindell attempted to use it to circumvent his personal ban.

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Dominion Voting Systems announced last week that it will file a defamation lawsuit againstLindell"immediately" for making false claims about the election process, one month after he urged the company to"please sue me."Lindell responded by once again claiming that he would welcome any lawsuits because a court case would make it easier for him to obtain evidence to prove his allegations."That would so make my day, because then they would have to go into discovery, and that would make my job a lot easier," Lindell told The Daily Beast."I will not stop until every single person on the planet knows, whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, what these machines did to us."

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Where is the evidence Mike? If you are stating something, show us the facts. You can't because it's all a lie right Mike? Nut job Wishing President Trump's good health . The heroin musta screwed up his brain cells bad Maybe not....jail is waiting. Cackle like a hen. What does that mean The delusions keep coming....🙄

You are truly mad. Are you and Mr Trump hoping for an other insurrection?. And he runs a company?, sad Maybe, Mike Liddell is about to find the 11,780 votes Trump was looking for in Georgia Damn that face hole could convert to a septic tank at no charge That's laughable! This dude is delusional. So what!! He needs meds

I am over this nut job, he can dream on. Trump lost. Clueless... Maybe someone needs to fill him in on how the government works. 🙄 Mental illness is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. This is not ok. Mike Lindell is a psycho. LoL in you dreams.... When will legitimate news sources stop with these ridiculous lies?

Crazy guy his business will go down Karma Some people will cling to a bad decision simply because they made it. It’s pride at its height. He needs to be repent and stop lying. It’s over. He has been swimming 🏊‍♂️ in Trumpaid again. He will drown in it just like the conspiracy theories and lies Trump spews. Time to round up the creepy clowns 🤡 into the clown 🤡 car 🚗 and take them to the padded room. StopTheCircus2024 QPAC2021 TrumpCPAC TrumpLies

I retweeted this to bring awareness to this statement. Not because I’m in favor of it. I’m in favor of keeping an eye on enemies and traitors. What a joke Why are you giving him any attention? 👺👺👺 😂😂 idiot. Anyone of these people ever read a word written in the constitution. STOP 🛑 giving these Nutjob any attention!

This guy sounds like he is doing that dam CRACK again! These people are fucking idiots. All getting sued for defamation When will he learn? A 1.3 billion dollar suit won't teach him. He in your pocket? We’ve seen the danger of the continued election fraud lies from the Jan 6th Capitol invasion. Why is it allowed to continue?

Another idiot What is with these goofs Like his Golden Idol he’s perpetuating the lie to con Republicans President of what...... President of the New Confederate States of America NCSA.. it will be the first virtual country and will attemp to overthrow and end the US.... dark days ahead MyPillow guy is delusional.

Lmfao Enter the Promo Code buffoon Do you think these morons actually truly believe this stuff? Stuff a pillow in it!!! Hmmmmm that's not how things work. Please spare us the nonsense. It’s over stop enabling insurrectionist with the articles that are published. It’s insulting Democracy. They let MyPillowGuy1776 speak? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

😂😂😂 President of what? Phhhh Delusional‼️ Lol! 체코는 일제때의 일본과 독일의 관계로 한국을 도운듯 현재는 그러한 일도 없을듯--한국내부적(이기*인듯)--다른 체재의 다툼인듯 보은은 바라지도 않을듯---더러운 년놈들이란 소리가 많은듯 독일식? 코---멕시코 체코등 많네요-피해 체코는 일제때의 일본과 독일의 관계로 한국을 도운듯 현재는 그러한 일도 없을듯--한국내부적(이기*인듯)--다른 체재의 다툼인듯 보은은 바라지도 않을듯---더러운 년놈들이란 소리가 많은듯 독일식? Stop giving these crazy idiots headlines please! 😡

You got to wonder what's in it for him saying all these crazy things? That’s his brain on crack!!!! Talking!!!! So full of shit And the craziness continue QANON NOTE TO MEDIA: It's a competition on who can regurgitate the most outlandish statements. Stop amplifying GOP propaganda. Of course Trump will be president again before 2024: we all expect him to storm capital hill again and with a bit of more planning take the presidency throug an insurrection! We all know what mad people are capable of.

Of course they refused to accept the election so hopefully they will go down the rabbit hole of sedition and treason Really bad when you lose your company over this one person. Suckers and losers Groundbreaking news please find some news to put out, we already know about this guys insane babbling.😪🥱😴😴

Man this guy is certifiable! These people wouldn't speak the truth if their lives depended on it...and they want to run the country. 🙄 In Mar a Lago Club Meaning?! He lives in his own dreamland. It's time to wake up to reality. Nuttier than squirrel shit!! Before 2024? Wtf LOL thats impossible.. trump is already guilty for his 2nd impeachment so he cant run president for 2024 or im reading it wrong or idk i was reading wikia website and it have more guilty votes than not guilty

Why do you fucking care!?! Delete this tweet and trash that story. Shame on you. This isn’t news we need! Jesus Christ. Madmen the lot of them..... He needs psychotropic medication He needs help. He is dumb as a doorknob! 🤣😘 There’s something this guy knows that must be pretty damning-otherwise you wouldn’t have the entire media trying to destroy him. I wonder what it is.

They'll both be in prison long before 2024. Is Pillow Guy threatening our government? FBI perhaps you should have a talk with him. How did we end up with so many loonies in the US? Trump will now try to widen his toxic power + influence. Hope that those will open lawsuits who couldn't do it while he was president. American people should boycott every company, bank +people supporting Trump. Hope 2024 he will be in jail, least for all his many other crimes

What planet did this dude come from Mr Pillow, that is the nicknamehe goes by? Sounds like a prison sex These Trump people are f**king crazy. Even Mike's dog has had enough Bring Trump into your company Mike and it will soon be in bankruptcy ! Trump bankrupted multiple casinos and Mike just makes pillows. Easy !

Is Lindell making a threat regarding March 4th? cc; SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer MayorBowser FBI FBIWFO CIA NationalGuard CapitolPolice DCPoliceDept POTUS VP GOPLeader LeaderMcConnell He’s batshit crazy! Yeah? Well, it BEEN to the Supreme Court already. Haven't you heard? what a cuckooooooo Lunatic

Whoever is monitoring his medications is not paying attention Cocaine is a hell of a drug. That's what happens when you stick your neck up some disgusting Asshole for a long time! Oh. My. God. I wish he would go so very far away. President of his State prison block, yes. PRESIDENT.....................of Mike Lindell's PANTS.

Why do you guys continually give them AIR? If I had a dollar for every fake account you have reposting and commenting on your fake news hype anti-trump anything I'd be able to pay the national debt. You guys are getting very sloppy with your smear campaigns. Easy to track ip and culprits. FBI watching. Glad.

What a bunch of morons convención hahaha MrTAchilles Did you know there’s a real news event happening in Jackson MS right now but this nonsense is blocking it all out? Pillow under head or over head And he will be broke by 2024. The lawsuits will be resolved against him and voting machine people by then. He’ll be found liable.

Delusional kiss ass 🤪🤡 Hyperiongangsta Mypillow guy says a lot of things. Few make sense. I'm just wondering who's going to be funding Fox News once Dominion takes all his money. Oh he means Mar 4th conspiracy 🙄 lol.. Man! America sure do need help from people with long term effects from drugs. 'Trump will be president long before 2024,' MyPillow Ceo Mike Lindell said, and then announced that he was making Trump honorary president of his floundering company.

The best nights sleep in the whole wild world visit MYBATHSALTS. Com Sleepy Hitler says what? Is this what happens when you overdose on toxic pillow foams? OK....I'm due back on planet Earth... He’s already President of his golf club. Completely batshit insane.