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Myanmar unity government says it must be part of any ASEAN bid to end crisis

Myanmar unity government says it must be part of any ASEAN bid to end crisis

4/18/2021 10:40:00 AM

Myanmar unity government says it must be part of any ASEAN bid to end crisis

Myanmar's neighbours have to negotiate with a newly formed government of national unity if they want to help resolve the turmoil triggered a by a Feb. 1 military coup and they should not recognise the junta, a unity government official said.

The military has shown little willingness to engage with its neighbours and no sign of wanting to talk with the government it ousted.But in the first hint of progress for the grouping, junta chief Min Aung Hlaing will attend an ASEAN summit in Indonesia on April 24, a Thai government official said on Saturday.

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read moreIt will be the military chief's first known foreign trip and meeting with foreign leaders since he seized power. The junta has not commented on the ASEAN meeting.Moe Zaw Oo, a deputy minister of foreign affairs in a National Unity Government (NUG) set up last week, said ASEAN should not recognise the Myanmar junta.

"If ASEAN is considering action related to Myanmar affairs, I’d like to say it won’t succeed unless it negotiates with the NUG, which is supported by the people and has complete legitimacy," Moe Zaw Oo told Voice of America's Burmese-language service in an interview published on Sunday.

Pro-democracy politicians including ousted members of parliament from Suu Kyi's party announced the formation of the NUG on Friday. It includes Suu Kyi, who has been in detention since the coup, as well as leaders of the pro-democracy protests and ethnic minorities.

The NUG has called for international recognition as the legitimate authority and had requested an invitation to the ASEAN meeting in Min Aung Hlaing's place."It’s very important that the junta council is not recognised," Moe Zaw Oo told VOA, adding the unity government had not been invited to the meeting in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

Myanmar's security forces have killed 730 people in their efforts to end protests against the coup, activist group Assistance Association for Political Prisoners says, drawing condemnation from Western countries and unprecedented criticism from several members of ASEAN despite a bloc principle of not interfering in each other's affairs.

BLASTS, CLASHESIn Washington, U.S. President Joe Biden and visiting Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga condemned the violence by the Myanmar security forces against civilians."We ... commit to continue taking action to press for the immediate cessation of violence, the release of those who are detained, and a swift return to democracy," they said in a statement on Friday.

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The U.S. embassy posted the statement on Twitter on Sunday. It did not refer to the NUG.Crowds were out on the streets of several towns in Myanmar on Sunday to show support for the NUG.Security forces shot and killed two protesters in the ruby-mining town of Mogok on Saturday, a resident told Reuters.

Several small bombs went off in the main city of Yangon, killing one soldier and wounding several people, media outlets reported.There was no claim of responsibility for the blasts. The military has accused protesters of carrying out bomb attacks.The coup has also triggered clashes between the army and ethnic minority insurgents in the north and east who have expressed support for the protesters. Fighting has forced thousands of civilians from their homes in border regions.

The military has defended its coup alleging the result of November's election was fraudulent, although the election commission dismissed such objections.Suu Kyi faces various charges, including violating an official secrets act that could see her jailed for 14 years. Her lawyers reject the charges.

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Bago: All the fallen heroes in Spring Revolution are cremated in Martyrs' Mausoleum at Sin Phyu Kwin cemetery. Today Junta Terrorists called Free Funeral Service teams, and threatened them to remove the tombs. WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Apr18Coup Military seizes power claiming November election is fraudulent, kills hundreds of civilians, doesn't hold new elections. Obviously this isn't about fraudulent elections. I guess Myanmar isn't important like oil rich Iraq or strategically well placed Afghanistan

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poppymcp PleaseArrestMinAungHlaingInIndonesia WillBeAllianceNations ASEAN go ahead and detain Min Aung Hlaing Protest against Putin's Russian Government support for Myanmar Junta military council was held in front of the Russian embassy in Berlin, Germany today. WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Apr18Coup WeSupportNUG

poppymcp Hey ASEAN see this? NUGMyanmar must be involved in ending this crisis. Stop wasting time with a fire starter (cough! MAH) That’s down to China then as many ASEAN countries are puppets of China due to their economic influence Why is ASEAN inviting murderer-in-chief instead of NUG? They should not legitimize the terrorists. We strongly urge ASEAN to recognize the democratically & legally elected govt NUG who has the full public support. We’ll not accept any deals made with junta without including NUG.

ASEAN WhatsHapppeningInMyanmar WeSupportNUG April18Coup

poppymcp Myanmar Junta seizing power at all cost can drive the country towards becoming “Asia’s next failed state”. Cover in Asia this week NUG ASSEMBLE Apr18Coup WeSupportNUG WhatsHappeningInMyanmar poppymcp KyoukMyaung,Tarmwe, Yangon protested Against Dictatorship in the rain. Nothing can stop our protesting‼️ NUG ASSEMBLE Apr18Coup WeSupportNUG WhatsHappeningInMyanmar

poppymcp Non-Human strike was staged against Dictatorship in Karen National Union-controlled Dooplaya District in Karen State. NUG ASSEMBLE Apr18Coup Whatshappeninginmyanmar poppymcp Terrorists tried to abduct a 10th grade protester. But since they could not find the protester, they arrested her sister instead. Happened in 7th ward SouthOkalapa , Yangon around 1PM. NUG ASSEMBLE Apr18Coup WhatsHappeningInMyanmar

Yes...Without NUG , discuss abt Myanamr issues with the murder Min Aung Hlaing, is useless ! NaingSitThway We hope ASEAN respect the will of the people of Myanmar and its National Unity Government NUGMyanmar . Our GOVERNMENT is the one who will restore democracy way back to Myanmar as the will of the its people. We never accept Coup! WeSupportNUG WhatsHappeningInMyanmar

ASEANrejectSAC WeSupportNUG NUG ASSEMBLE Apr18Coup WeSupportNUG WhatsHappeningInMyanmar NUG ASSEMBLE Apr18Coup WeSupportNUG WhatsHappeningInMyanmar poppymcp People of MyitKyiNa,Kachin State marching and protesting ,showing their support to ⁦NUGMyanmar⁩ NUG ASSEMBLE WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Apr18Coup WeSupportNUG

poppymcp We agree and support NUG being a part of ASEAN meetings! They are our civilian elected government to restore democracy. WhatsHappeningInMyanmar WeSupportNUG Do the mean buy dogecoin ? Few protest on the street, but civil war is ongoing in north Myanmar.