Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi sentenced to four years in prison

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12/6/2021 9:06:00 AM

Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi sentenced to four years in prison in first verdict against the deposed civilian leader since the military seized power

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Wow the army is a dangerous force that tries to suffocate human dignity. Who is Aung San Suu🙄 Pro-democracy activists were charged with unlawful charges,sentenced to prison & sentenced to death by Military Terrorists.After Junta's seized the country since February,any civilians who against them are being abducted and charged.Where's fair Judiciary System for us?FckTheLaw

Wasnt she pals with Hillary,Soros and Obama? I don't care what happens to this creature. She had our support for decades, then when she gained some power she protected & defended the Military Regime as it committed genocide against the Rohingya people. She went from Hero to Zero. Let her rot in prison.

Remember when former US President Obama travelled there to praise them on becoming a Democratic country? 🤡🤡 Donald Trump is next! Why are not those few generals in jails for been traitors of their own people/ country? How can she be called been judged by whom? Somebody should invade myanmar and take care of its military junta once and for all !

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Please help me! My name is Lin donglong, an employee of China telecom fuzhou branch. Company manager huang fei (communist party of China) organized the leadership of the gang of evil forces brutal persecution: surveillance location, insult,abuse, framed to take nude photos of me What a farce, it's really time for the UN to send in help to the people of Myanmar, military aid to help bring back a civilian government. Who could run the government?

Where is the United States and United Kingdom in all of this? Where is the western media/press? Why are there no western women speaking out against her conviction and sentencing? 4 years or 40 years doesn't make a difference. She has been incarcerated for past 40 years. She will continue to fight for democracy for Myanmar people with the help of Myanmar people

The military gov seems didn't follow China's suggestion of peaceful talking among Myanmar's patties. Well done to the USA, China and other countries for using the false flag event known as; covid-19 to there gain. 💪 As a state head she not only remained silent but also sided with same military, when Rohingya minorities were being killed by them 2-3 years ago. Now it's her turn, she will have to pay through nose.

no justice no truth no rule of law FreeDawAungSanSuKyi FreeOurPresidentUWinMyint FreeAllDetaineesInMyanmar Dec6Coup WhatsHappeningInMyanmar TerroristsJunta AcceptNUG_RejectMilitary

Nice But not enough For those people saying she deserves it read first on what account she's charged with....also note that the military junta is the one who has been committing crimes against humanity to all in myanmar regardless of race religion or ethnic group..not jst to the Rohingyas FREEDOM FROM FEAR Dec6Coup TerroristsJunta WhatsHappeningInMyanmar

She's always caught Is it Princess Peach? The snake eating the snake. absurd!! Myanmar's king should be jailed for life term. This is purely they’re playing for religious, since she recently reconverted to Hindu, how Muslims minds works in a idiotic way, this is a best example,,,, ON WHAT ACCOUNT? Criminals all. Treat them as such.

What a disappointment for Democracy she became. You mean there’s corruption in politics?!! Holy shit, batman!! Sorry San. Hypocrisy Kills Ikn0Ihcas0 wake_sin Here is another Granny There are no winners here. She was bad, they are bad. 💔 Why am I not surprised! nobel peace prizes not lookin so hot this century