Asia, Myanmar Doctors İn Hiding And Hunted By The Junta As Covid Crisis Ravages The Country - Cnn

Asia, Myanmar Doctors İn Hiding And Hunted By The Junta As Covid Crisis Ravages The Country - Cnn

Myanmar doctors in hiding and hunted by the junta as Covid crisis ravages the country

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7/22/2021 1:20:00 PM

A severe Covid-19 wave is devastating Myanmar -- a country already on its knees following February's military coup -- with the seriously ill dying at home because they are too scared to visit understaffed, ill-equipped hospitals.

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Mynmar need financial help Don't know why? But all the people living next to me believe that I am the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I also feel that I am a person with holy spirit. Myanmar is like the hell. We, the people of Myanmar, are sufferring both from Covid19 and the inhumane crimes committed by the military. The Military Junta is weaponizing Covid19.Volunteer doctors are daily being arrested by the military. WhatsHappeningInMyanmar July22Coup

Seth Meyers Pulls Apart Brian Kilmeade's Bizarre COVID-19 Vaccine Rant On Fox NewsThe 'Fox & Friends' host said it's not the government's job to protect people. ØkBøøzer 🍸🍹🍸 So continues the ongoing battle between Kilmeade and Doocy for Top F&F Fuckwit. Kilmeade definitely won this round. It's a persons job too look after themselves if u need the government to be your go too then freedom clearly isn't a thing u would miss in your life as u will find out soon enough ...people are thick as shit it's right there to see what's happening ffs

Opinion | Fox News' Covid vaccine lies deserve real consequencesOpinion | DeanObeidallah: The current misinformation campaign about the Covid-19 vaccine from some of Fox News’ most popular hosts demands more than a typical response given lives are on the line. My hope is that the FTC takes the steps. - MSNBCDaily DeanObeidallah Daily However, the strangest thing is no one is filing a complaint against China who developed this deadly virus ? DeanObeidallah Daily Didn’t you say the lab leak theory from Wuhan was a conspiracy theory just last month? How do you know what’s real and what’s not? Why are you the one to decide what true DeanObeidallah Daily There is not one thing in your article that is a lie told by Fox News. What you don't like is that Fox doesn't carry the water for the DemocratPlantation

Fox News Can’t Get Its Story Straight on COVID VaccinesThe network’s biggest stars are still beating the anti-vax drum, but its office is reportedly embracing a version of “vaccine passports,” and some on-air messaging is becoming more ambiguous. What? The people at Fox News are hypocrites? That can't be. /s

Biden tiptoes around Fox News amid pushback on Covid vaccine disinfoThe White House has so far taken an arms-length approach to Fox News, despite its strong following among Trump supporters, who watch the network regularly and are less likely to be vaccinated than the average American The head of Newsmax is now pro-vaccine, Fox has no excuse How do you know they are less likely to be vaccinated? Everyone I know that watches FNC is vaxxed. I think you are making some very broad assumptions…. It’s time to get more prescriptive Mandate vax for -airline travel -university/college -military -hc Encourage it for others via tax incentive of some federal lotto

Viruses are landing kids in the ICU this summer, but it's not all COVID-19Viruses typically seen in the winter, including respiratory syncytial virus and croup, are surging among children at the height of summer. Well, this is not unusual. But don’t overload the system with unnecessary hospitalizations because of COVID-19. We must eliminate CIVID-19 cases. Just take the damn vaccine!

India’s Covid-19 Death Toll Is Likely in the Millions, Study FindsThe true tally of Covid-19 deaths in India following a spring surge is likely close to 10 times higher than the country’s official count, marking the pandemic as one of the worst tragedies to ever hit the South Asia n nation, according to a new study Dr. Luc Montagnier reveals how Covid-19 is a lab accident He was awarded the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for the identification AIDS.He currently works at University in China The accident was said to have taken place in the Wuhan National Biosafety lab Throw that study in the dust bin. It is totally biased, because that study is based on its belief that a 'third-world' country with a huge population cannot have fewer deaths than the great US. Fale news!!