My Wedding Cost $8,700 And Had 125 Guests; Here Are 14 Tips And Tricks I Used To Plan It

Classy, not trashy.

9/26/2021 2:38:00 PM

Classy, not trashy.

Classy, not trashy.

If we're talking about wedding regret, I regret this decision.I wish I had at least supplied some wine and beer or something. Luckily, since we got married at 21, an open bar definitely wasn't expected.If you decide to go the cash bar route, just make sure to tell your guests ahead of time.

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5.I bought my wedding dress online.Amie KiefferWho doesn't like trying on dresses at the store?! I loved trying on dresses but I didn't love the price tag. A dress at a normal wedding store would've cost me hundreds and hundreds of dollars, PLUS alterations on top of that.

I ended up browsingjust to check it out...and I ended up finding my dress for just $100!Alterations cost an additional $75–$100 (I added a bustle and shortened the length).Some notes about doing it this way:• I got my measurements taken prior to ordering.

• I read a LOT of customer reviews before I decided which dress to buy.• I allowed plenty of time for shipping. I knew it would take over a month for the dress to ship. Plus I needed time for alterations.• I chose a dress that tied up with ribbon as opposed to a zipper fastening so I wouldn't have to worry about it not fitting if my weight fluctuated.

6.And my husband bought cheap groom attire.Amie KiefferMy husband didn’t get his suit jacket and shoes until the day of the wedding. I must've forgotten to ask him about what he was gonna wear and just assumed he'd handle it himself 'cause I can't imagine ever being cool with that.

He told me he just stopped by some random department store first thing in the morning. I didn't even know about this until after the wedding 🙄. But if I thought nothing of it during the wedding, I'm sure no one else did either.7.In the name of efficiency, I opted to do a first look.

Amie KiefferA first look is when you see your spouse before the actual wedding ceremony. I chose this option for two reasons:I thought it'd be more cost-efficient.Doing a first look meant we could take a lot of the photos before the ceremony. This meant we wouldn't have to spend a chunk of time doing photos between the ceremony and reception. And we'd eliminate the need for a cocktail hour (aka additional cost for extra food and drink!).

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I thought it'd be more time-efficient.I didn't want guests to have to spend their whole day at the wedding, so I figured I'd just plan it so guests could jump from the ceremony to reception immediately. That decision was more personal preference as opposed to anything related to money.

8.For each purchase, asked myself,Will this be noticed?During wedding planning,a lotof things came up that I wondered if I"should have." I spent time debating whether I should rent chair covers to cover ugly chairs, have an aisle runner, get more decorations, create bigger centerpieces, buy plate chargers, make seat assignments, give out custom favors with our wedding date on them — and all sorts of little things that people just seem to have at weddings.

But I decided against having, like, all of that cause people I felt like generally don't notice those things. When I think back to the weddings I've been to, I can't for the life of me remember what their chairs looked like.9.I decided not to include wedding traditions I didn't care about.

Tap to play or pause GIFTap to play or pause GIFKelsea Ballerini / Via Giphy /giphy.comThere were a lot of wedding"traditions” my husband and I didn't care about: cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss, etc. That's not to say there's anything wrong with any of these things — if they're important to you, then great (no shame!) — but they just weren't a priority for me. So instead of planning for all those extras, I straight up didn’t have them.

Besides saving money, it kept the wedding simple since I didn't have to think about timing logistics.10.I used a fake cake for ~the look~ but served Costco cake.Amie KiefferI didn't want pictures of a ceremonial cake cutting so I figured why spend all that money on a real"wedding" cake? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As a wedding gift, my friend made me a fake cake out of Styrofoam and *magic*. I then bought two Costco cakes, which cost a total of $40, and kept them hidden in the back until it was time to serve the cake.11.When possible, I borrowed things instead of buying things.

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Amie KiefferYou'd be surprised how many people know other people who can help you out for your wedding. Just through everyday conversation, generous friends and family offered up their talents or connections once they found out I was planning a wedding.

For instance, my mother-in-law's friend's daughter had leftover fake flowers and candles from her wedding that they let me borrow for free. And I'd never even met this person before. How nice!I used her flowers for me and my bridesmaids' bouquets, as well as the table centerpieces: flowers in a vase on a mirror plate for ~elegance~, candles, and some petals. Easy peasy.

12.We hired a photographer from Craigslist and the videographer was a friend's coworker.Limpido / Getty ImagesI know they say that photos and videos will cost a ton and you'll regret it if you don't spend thousands on it. I get it but that just wasn't the case for me. TBH, I'm glad I didn't spend a huge amount on photography (ours cost around $800) because I barely look back at my wedding pics.

Our videographer was my friend's coworker, who was just starting out, so we spent around $500 on that.13.I sent online invitations instead of mailing them out. Read more: BuzzFeed »

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